TV News – NBC Reignites Friday Night Lights and Adds 4 New Shows!

That’s right people. NBC has announced, 4 days before their official day, that they have renewed Friday Night Lights for a 2nd season! Congrats to all you fans! Along with the sophomore show, they have announced the pickup of 4 of their pilots:

1: The Bionic Woman, starring Chris Bowers (Larry Bird on Rescue Me), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica!), Mae Whitman (Ann on Arrested Development), Miguel Ferrer (Dr. Macy on Crossing Jordan) & Molly Price (Officer/Detective Faith Yokas on Third Watch).

Struggling as a bartender and surrogate mom to her teen-aged sister, Jamie Sommers didn’t think life could get much harder. But when a devastating car accident leaves her at death’s door, Jamie’s only hope of survival is through a cutting-edge, top-secret technology that comes at a hefty price. With a whole new existence and a debt to repay, Jamie must figure out how to use her extraordinary abilities for good, while weighing the personal sacrifices she will have to make. Ultimately, it’s Jamie’s journey of self-discovery and inner strength that will help her embrace her new life as…The Bionic Woman. (*NOTE* What does this mean for Dr. Macy on Crossing Jordan?? 🙁 )

2: Journeyman, starring Reed Diamond (Mike Kellerman on Homicide: Life On the Streets!), Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus on Rome) & Moon Bloodgood (Rita Shelten on Day Break).

Dan Vassar thought he had it all: a loving wife, a great son and a steady job. But life suddenly throws him a curve ball. Dan finds himself traveling into the past with a purpose – impacting people’s lives for the better – and sometimes the worse. While doing so, Dan reconnects with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancée whom he lost in a mysterious plane crash. Now armed with the knowledge of the present, will he be able to save her? What would that mean to his own future? And how would it change a man who thought he had it all?

3: Chuck, starring Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb on Firefly/Chad Shelten on Day Break), Sarah Lancaster (Dr. Marjorie Seaver on What About Brian/Madison Kellner on Everwood) & Zachary Levi (Kipp Steadman on Less Than Perfect).

Chuck Bartowski is just your average computer-whiz-next-door. He spends his days working for Buy-More with his band of nerdy cohorts, longing to find a woman who can appreciate him. But when an old friend, who happens to be a CIA agent, sends Chuck a mysterious encoded email, the world’s greatest spy secrets are embedded into his brain. He never asked to become the government’s most powerful weapon, but the fate of the country suddenly lies in his unlikely hands. Hopefully, this won’t take away from his video game time! International terrorist plots, sexy spies and cold pizza – it’s all in a day’s work for our trusty hero…Chuck.

4: Life, starring Adam Arkin (Stanley Keyworth on The West Wing), Benjamin Benitez (Gardez on Tru Calling), Matt Gerald (Tommy Hisk on The Shield, Melissa Sagemiller (Gayle on Sleeper Cell), Damian Lewis (Richard D. Winters on Band of Brothers), Sarah Shahi (Carmen de la Pica Morales on The L Word) & Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane on Deadwood).

Meet Detective Charlie Crews. Behind him sit tough years of hard prison time for a crime he didn’t commit. Ahead of him lie the challenges of a world that’s moved on without him. Now it’s time to walk through the painful cobwebs of his past and re-enter the scorn-filled halls of a job he loves. It’s no easy task, especially when his reluctant new partner is as jaded as Dani Reese. Charlie’s appreciation for life’s details not only offers up unique insights into each crime, it reminds us of all the little things we take for granted.

You can find more info on all of those shows at: The Futon Critic

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