TV News – Grey’s Fires Isaiah Washington

Wow! I figured this was coming but still! In the latest Ausiello Report, Michael Ausiello says that Grey’s has decided not to renew Isaiah Washington’s (Burke) contract. You can read more about it at the above link, but there ARE spoilers if you haven’t seen the finale, so be warned. 🙂

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3 Responses to TV News – Grey’s Fires Isaiah Washington

  1. Bev says:

    This reaks. Him saying those slurs was dumb on his part, and taking ONLY his actions in consideration, yeah I would fire him. But just thinking of whats best for the show? No. Burke was one of the best characters especially his relationship with Cristina. They were my favourite couple to follow.

  2. tal says:

    i don’t think this will change the show that much after he was shot the character was less interesting plus even if isaiah washington wasn’t leaving burk and christina are over he left her at the alter
    and if it was either t.r knight stays or isaiah washington stays i vote for tr anyday there is a much more interesting story there and as i have sayed they closed the interesting storylines involving burk
    if he would have come back it would have been too weird

  3. Grey's Anatomy Fan says:

    I am Glad Burke is leaving he really wasn’t one of my Favorite Characters on the Show. The whole Christina and Burke thing I didn’t like either I am more of a MerDer Fan they are my Favorite Couple and Characters. I know they broke up but hopefully they will get back together. So for me the Show has changed a lot and I am going to like it without Burke. I definitely plan to watch Next Season.