TV News – Drive Streams On; Army Wives Sticking Around; Supernatural’s New Sexy Demon Hunter Cast

FOX has announced that the final 2 episodes of Drive will be streamed on the FOX MySpace page. Check it out here (but beware there are potential spoilers about October Road mentioned here too): Watch with Kristin @ EOnline


Ausiello reports that Army Wives has been picked up by Lifetime for an 18-episode season 2. Read about it here: Ausiello Report


Ausiello is also reporting that “Katie Cassidy — the 20-year-old daughter of ’70s teen idol David Cassidy — has been tapped to play Ruby, a fellow demon hunter Sam and Dean meet in the show’s third season premiere. In the casting breakdown, the character is described as ‘sexy, brutal and ruthless.'” Check it out here: Ausiello Report

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