TV News – Lauren Cohan Cast as 2nd Female Demon Hunter on Supernatural ; Recasts on Life, Bionic Woman, Eight Days a Week & Lipstick Jungle ; Danny Glover Guest-Stars on Brothers & Sisters!

Supernatural’s 2nd female demon hunter (& potential love interest for Dean?) has been cast: Lauren Cohan (Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj) Read more here: Watch with Kristin @ EOnline


There have been recasts of 4 new shows for this coming season. On Bionic Woman, the role of the deaf little sister has been recast with Lucy Hale (played Robin’s little sister on How I Met Your Mother) and is also now a computer hacker rather than deaf. (I dunno how you switch from that to that, but ok…) The original sister was Mae Whitman.

On Life, the role of Constance Griffiths, the lawyer who helps Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) overturn his conviction, has been recast with … well, unknown so far. It is known that Melissa Sagemiller is out.

On Lipstick Jungle, Robert Buckley (American Heiress) is taking over for Will Toale in the role of Kirby, a possible love interest for Kim Raver’s character. Also, Christopher Wiehl, who was originally in the role of Brooke Shield’s character’s husband, is out. They are still searching for someone to play him.

Finally, on the CW’s Eight Days a Week, coming midseason, Justin Hartley (Green Arrow on Smallville!) is replacing Johnny Lewis as Ben, the musician/assistant to Rosa Blasi’s character.

You can read more about all the recasts here: The Futon Critic


Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon & ER) has been cast as Senator McCallister’s presidential campaign manager on Brothers & Sisters, as a new love interest for Sally Field’s character. See more info here: The Futon Critic

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