Answers to the Heartland Scrubs Trivia about Treat Williams

We have a small group of people that answered all of the trivia questions correctly. They have all been emailed the tie-breaker question, so wish them luck! Here are the answers to the quiz for your info:

1) What was Treat’s character’s name and occupation on the show Everwood?
Dr. Andrew (Andy) Brown – Neurosurgeon turned General Practitioner

2) In 1981, Treat narrated a documentary about which famous actor?
James Cagney

3) Treat played the lead role in the movie Hair in 1971 after being the understudy and moving up to the lead role in what other famous Broadway musical?

4) What magazine did Treat do an interview (called Sex in Cinema) for in 1986?

5) Besides being an actor, Treat is also a professional what?

6) What actor has been in one episode of Everwood & 2 episodes of Heartland with Treat?
Ryan Hurst (Ed Carnahan in Everwood, episode “Across the Lines”, & Mark Evans in Heartland, Episodes 1 & 2)

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