Pilot Review – “Californication” on Showtime

Storyline: This comedy centers on novelist Hank Moody who struggles to raise his 13-year-old daughter, while still carrying a torch for his ex-girlfriend Karen. His obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior — drinks, drugs and relationships — are both destroying and enriching his career. Source: Showtime

Cast: David Duchovny as Hank Moody, Natascha McElhone as ex-girlfriend Karen, Madeleine Martin as daughter Becca, Madeline Zima as one-night stand Mia & Evan Handler as Hank’s best friend & agent Charlie.

Review: I never watched The X-Files, so not having any idea about David Duchovny onscreen, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do I see his bare behind but his sense of timing and humor are great. He’s a single father of a young teenaged girl who is sassy herself and he is a playboy writer who likes to shag other men’s wives, girlfriends or virtually any female, as we see in the pilot.

Being on Showtime, Californication has plenty of adult language, adult situations (drinking, etc) and LOTS of sex and nudity. The characters are interesting, but to me, the story-line is fairly cliche. The ex (boyfriend in this case) who loves to have sex with anything that moves, the ex-wife that threatens to take away his custody and the daughter that has seen and knows too much about her parents and their private lives.

My favorite scene is one where he goes to the movies and deals with a rude guy with a cell phone in a way that we all wish we could sometimes. Other than that, it seemed rather dark and depressing with a few bits of humor thrown in throughout.

I don’t have Showtime, so I won’t be watching the show, but even if I did get it, I’m not sure I would be watching then either. I am all for dark and depressing but this to me seemed a bit too much.

Californication begins August 13th at 10:30/9:30c on Showtime.

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