TV News – Watch the First Episode of K-Ville FREE!

FOX has graciously provided the first episode of the new show K-Ville streaming for your pleasure! Prison Break has been pulled early and K-Ville has been extended through September 6th!

K-Ville logo
K-Ville is a heroic police drama set – and filmed – in New Orleans. Two years after Katrina, parts of the city are still in chaos, but hope has emerged. Battling an upsurge of violence, understaffing of police forces and a lack of crime labs and other facilities, the cops who remain in the New Orleans Police Department have courage to burn and a passion to reclaim and rebuild their city. It stars Anthony Anderson (guest starred in The Shield, ‘Til Death & his first starring tv role years ago was in Hang Time) and Cole Hauser (films such as White Oleander, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Dazed and Confused). Catch the first episode until 9/6 here: K-VILLE PREMIERE EPISODE.

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