TV News – Enrico Colantoni Guests on Numb3rs; ER May Go Another Year; Weeds Renewed for 4th Season

Good news for all Veronica Mars fans! V’s dad, Enrico Colantoni is set up to do a major guest spot on Numb3rs in mid-December (already in production, so not affected by the strike). More info here: Ausiello Report


Variety is reporting that the Exec Producer of ER, John Wells, is all set to go another year if he and NBC can come to terms (mainly getting the cost per episode down from the current $5 million it is now). More info here:


Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter says that Showtime has renewed Weeds for a 4th season, to begin production in April with a summer debut. All dependent on the strike, of course. More info here: The Hollywood Reporter

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