TV Clips – Bones Episode 3.10; House Episode 4.09

Here’s some great info and clips for the new episodes of Bones and House airing tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 27th (Happy Birthday Mom!). Beware, there are spoilers, so everything will be after the jump for you spoiler-phobes. 😉

‘Tis the Season for Murder as the Team Investigates the Death of a Santa Impersonator
(Ryan O’Neal and John Francis Daley Guest Star)

The body of a man with a white beard and a tailor-made Santa costume is discovered in the sewer near a D.C. mall just three days before Christmas. As the team gathers forensic evidence, the victim seems to match the legend more closely each step of the way. Booth and Brennan discover the man, whose legal name was Kristopher Kringle, was a well respected Santa Claus impersonator, employed by a local “Rent-A-Santa” business. When Booth and Brennan inspect Kris’ apartment, not only do they find his place decked out with holiday cheer, but they also find thousands of dollars stashed in a dresser drawer. As Christmas Day approaches, the Jeffersonian team works to find out who would have wanted this true-to-myth Santa dead. Meanwhile, Brennan visits her father in jail and plots a not-so-traditional Christmas reunion, and Booth and Brennan find themselves in close quarters with the mistletoe just overhead in “The Santa in the Slush” episode of Bones airing Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 8/7c on FOX.

You can check out the great clip with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanez talking about the big event here: (If they don’t play for you, let me know. It took me a bit to figure out how!)




Cuddy Orders House to Make a Final Decision on his Team
When Cuddy puts the pressure on House to choose the final members of his team, House deliberately assigns the candidates to a particularly challenging case – an uncooperative, over-the-hill former punk rock star with a history of drug abuse and civil disobedience. House informs the candidates their potential future depends on correctly diagnosing the patient. As the candidates race to find out if the patient is ailing due to drug abuse, an underlying disease or an unknown condition, House keeps a running tally of their efforts, making a few arbitrary point deductions along the way. Meanwhile, Wilson informs a former patient whom he had previously diagnosed with terminal cancer that he is going to live, and the news throws a wrench in the man’s carpe-diem lifestyle in the “Games” episode of House.

Clip 1 is a preview of Cameron introducing House to the difficult patient:


Clip 2 is a preview of House asking Cuddy for her opinion on which candidates to hire:

House needs help with picking his new interns.


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