This Week on TV – 12/2/07-12/8/07

Welcome to a new week for This Week on TV! Welcome also to the first week of December! Let’s see what’s on this week, ok? (Btw, thanks to tedder for the info on the new shows I’m putting in!) Jump with me to see this week’s schedule!


Sunday is a night of great specials and finales. First up is a great 2-hour tv movie called Pictures of Hollis Woods on CBS at 9/8c. It’s about a 12-year-old girl who lives her life in the foster care system until she meets a former art teacher who understands her and gives her unconditional love. It stars Alfre Woodard (Betty Applewhite on Desperate Housewives), James Tupper (Jack on Men in Trees!), Sissy Spacek, Jodelle Ferland (from the movie Silent Hill and guest star on quite a few shows, such as Stargate SG-1 as Adria at age 7) & Ridge Canipe (a young Dean on Supernatural).

Next is the 1-hour Comedy Central special, Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’07 starring Lewis Black, at 10/9c. Comics reflect on the past year; hosted by Lewis Black.

The last special tonight is the first 2-hours of the 3-part mini-series on SciFi called Tin Man at 9/8c. From The Futon Critic: “A sometimes psychedelic, often twisted and always bizarre take on ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ SCI FI’s Tin Man is the epic tale of DG, a young woman plucked from her humdrum life and thrust into The Outer Zone (the O.Z.) – a fantastical realm rife with wonder, but oppressed by dark magic. In the adventure of a lifetime, DG discovers her true identity, battles evil winged-monkey-bats, and attempts to fulfill her destiny. Her perilous journey begins on the fabled Old Road that leads to a wizard known as the Mystic Man. Along the way, she is joined by a decidedly strange trio of companions – “Glitch,” an odd man missing half his brain; “Raw,” a quietly powerful wolverine-like creature longing for inner courage, and “Cain,” a heroic former policeman (who are known in the O.Z. as “Tin Men”) seeking vengeance for his scarred heart. Ultimately, DG’s destiny leads her to an emotional and terrifying showdown with the scintillatingly wicked sorceress Azkadellia, whose ties to DG are closer than anyone could have imagined. DG’s life, as well as the very future of the O.Z., hang in the balance.” This should be awesome. I’ve heard it described as a combination of Battlestar Galactica, Heroes and Pushing Daisies. haha Excellent!

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Brotherhood – Showtime @ 10/9c
  • *Season Finale*Keeping Up with the Kardashians – E! @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *Special*Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’07 – Comedy Central @ 10/9c (1-Hour Special)
  • *Special*Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project – HBO @ 8/7c (90-Minute Special)
  • *Special*Pictures of Hollis Woods – CBS @ 9/8c (2-Hour TV Movie)
  • *Special*Tin Man – SciFi @ 9/8c (2-Hour 1st Part of 3-Part MiniSeries)
  • *Sports*Football Night in America – NBC @ 7/6c
  • *Sports*Sunday Night Football: Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – NBC @ 8:15/7:15c
  • *New*American Dad – FOX @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*America’s Funniest Home Videos – ABC @ 7/6c
  • *New*America’s Most Smartest Model – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*Brothers & Sisters – ABC @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *New*CW Now – CW @ 7/6c
  • *New*Desperate Housewives – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Dexter – Showtime @ 9/8c
  • *New*Extreme Makeover Home Edition – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Life Is Wild – CW @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Amazing Race – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Shot – VH1 @ 10/9c


Monday is the 2-hour Christmas special for The Closer on TNT at 8/7c! Brenda and Fritz search for a gang that killed two guards during an armored-car heist; Brenda’s family wants to spend Christmas together. This should be fantastic, as most of the squad gets in on the action. πŸ˜€

Following that is the winter premiere of Saving Grace on TNT at 10/9c. Grace becomes trapped with a victim at a disaster site.

Finally, if you are a fan of the newly-picked up Life, check out a new episode on a special night on NBC tonight at 10:01/9:01c. Crews and Reese track the killer of a Zen master who was buried alive 10 years earlier; Crews uncovers evidence that Jack Reese may have been involved in the murders for which Crews was imprisoned.

Also on tonight:

  • *Winter Premiere*Saving Grace – TNT @ 10/9c (Winter Premiere)
  • *Special*Santa’s Funniest Moments – My Network TV @ 8/7c
  • *Special*The Closer – TNT @ 8/7c (2-Hour Christmas Special)
  • *Special*Tin Man – SciFi @ 9/8c (2-Hour 2nd Part of 3-Part MiniSeries)
  • *New*Chuck – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Gotti’s Way – VH1 @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Heroes – NBC @ 9/8c (Last Episode Before the Strike)
  • *New*I Love New York – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*K-Ville – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*Life – NBC @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *New*Notes From the Underbelly – ABC @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*October Road – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Samantha Who? – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Hills – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Salt n Pepa Show – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Soup – E! @ 10/9c


Tuesday is the season finale of Beauty and the Geek on the CW at 8/7c. The 10 teams reunite; viewers’ votes determine the winning team.

Tonight is also the season premiere of 2 shows on the Oxygen network. First up is The Bad Girls Club at 10/9c. The seven new roommates get off to an explosive start when there isn’t enough free stuff to go around.

Following that is the premiere of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency at 10:30/9:30c. Janice hurries to find the hottest Latino faces in Los Angeles.

Something different that you might be interested in is Mind Control on A&E at 5/4c today. It’s a documentary where interviews and hidden-camera footage expose methods of Meade Ministries and House of Yahweh Bible groups.

Lastly, tonight is the 1-hour special, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS at 10/9c. Women model lingerie at the annual event in Los Angeles; the Spice Girls, Seal and are scheduled to perform.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Beauty and the Geek – CW @ 8/7c
  • *Season Premiere*The Bad Girls Club – Oxygen @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency – Oxygen @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *Special*Mind Control – A&E @ 5/4c (1-Hour Special)
  • *Special*The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – CBS @ 10/9c (1-Hour Special)
  • *Special*Tin Man – SciFi @ 9/8c (2-Hour 3rd Part of a 3-Part MiniSeries)
  • *New*A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Boston Legal – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Frank TV – TBS @ 11/10c
  • *New*Law & Order: SVU – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Nip/Tuck – FX @ 10/9c
  • *New*Reaper – CW @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Biggest Loser – NBC @ 8/7c – (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*The Real Housewives of Orange County – Bravo @ 10/9c


Wednesday is the return of new episodes of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne on TBS. There are 4 new episodes, starting at 9/8c.

Tonight is also the 1-hour Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special on VH1 at 9/8c. Larry pays tribute to Christmas with a variety of parodies, sketches, animation and man-on-the-street bits. Filmed in the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Also on tonight:

  • *Special*Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*America’s Next Top Model – CW @ 8/7c
  • *New*Deal or No Deal – NBC @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Dirty Sexy Money – ABC @ 10:02/9:02c
  • *New*Gossip Girl – CW @ 9/8c
  • *New*Kid Nation – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*Life – NBC @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *New*Project Runway – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*Private Practice – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Real World – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Tyler Perry’s House of Payne – TBS @ 9/8c, 9:30/8:30c, 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (4 New Episodes)


Thursday is the 300th episode of ER on NBC at 10:01/9:01c. Luka and Abby make plans to go to Croatia after his father dies; a man (Peter Fonda) comes to the hospital after his wife’s car accident and meets someone from his past; Julia holds a service to bless the ER and patients who have been lost.

It’s also the 1-hour Top Chef: Holiday Special on Bravo at 9/8c. From Season One: Stephen Asprinio & Tiffani Faison. From Season Two: Betty Fraser, Marcel Vigneron & Josie Smith-Malave. From Season 3: Chris β€œCJ” Jacobson, β€œTre” Wilcox & Sandee Birdsong. They will compete for a $20,000 prize.

Finally, tonight is the Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 special on ABC at 10:02/9:02c. The journalist interviews newsmakers including Victoria and David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Hudson, and President Bill Clinton.

Also on tonight:

  • *Special*Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007 – ABC @ 10:02/9:02c
  • *Special*Top Chef: Holiday Special – Bravo @ 9/8c
  • *New*30 Rock – NBC @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*CSI – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*Don’t Forget the Lyrics – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*ER – ER @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *New*Grey’s Anatomy – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Law & Order: Criminal Intent – USA @ 10/9c
  • *New*My Name is Earl – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Run’s House – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Scrubs – NBC @ 9:31/8:31c
  • *New*Survivor – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*The First 48 – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*Ugly Betty – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Without a Trace – CBS @ 10/9c


Friday is a 1-hour Christmas special of Monk on USA at 9/8c. Monk shoots a man who is dressed as Santa.

Following that is a 1-hour Christmas special of Psych at 10/9c. Gus’ dad is the prime suspect when a neighbor is found dead.

Tonight is also the fall finale of Stargate: Atlantis on SciFi at 10/9c. When a mysterious drone crashes into the city, the Atlantis team’s worst fears may be realized.

Finally, tonight has a 2-hour special on CBS starting at 9/8c called Movies Rock. The first annual MOVIES ROCK is a two-hour live event television special that will celebrate every dimension of music’s leading role in moviemaking, from singing starlets to scene-stealing rappers, to directors whose indelible musical tastes redefine the way we listen to music and watch films. Emily Deschanel, Jenna Fischer, Josh Duhamel, Quentin Tarantino & Rita Moreno among others will appear as presenters and Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Tony Bennett, Queen Latifah & Usher among others will be performing.

Also on tonight:

  • *Fall Season Finale*Stargate: Atlantis – SciFi @ 10/9c
  • *Special*Monk – USA @ 9/8c (1-Hour Christmas Special)
  • *Special*Movies Rock – CBS @ 9/8c (2-Hour Special)
  • *Special*Psych – USA @ 10/9c (1-Hour Christmas Special)
  • *New*Deal or No Deal – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Friday Night Lights – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Las Vegas – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Men in Trees – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Next Great American Band – FOX @ 9/8c (New Time Slot)
  • *New*The Soup – E! @ 9/8c
  • *New*Women’s Murder Club – ABC @ 9/8c


Saturday is 2 new episodes of Kaya on MTV starting at 10/9c, which includes the season finale at 10:30/9:30c. (I find 2 different things on my sources… There may be 1 ep, there may be 2. Either the season finale is at 10/9c or it’s like I said above, that there are 2 eps with the finale at 10:30/9:30c. Eesh.)

Also tonight is the 2-hour tv movie on Lifetime at 9/8c called Lost Holiday starring Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) and Jami Gertz (Still Standing), about an estranged couple caught in a snowstorm. I love both of them, so I plan on tuning in. πŸ˜€

Finally, check out comedian Dave Attell on the 1-hour HBO special, Dave Attell: Captain Miserable on HBO at 10/9c. The comic performs at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Kaya – MTV @ 10/9c (& maybe 10:30/9:30c)
  • *Special*Dave Attell: Captain Miserable – HBO @ 10/9c (1-Hour Special)
  • *Special*Lost Holiday – Lifetime @ 9/8c (2-Hour TV Movie)
  • *New*Control Room Presents – My Network TV @ 9/8c

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy all the terrific new episodes while we have them! We’re already feeling the affects of the strike but I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t last much longer for everybody’s sake!

— Jenny

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3 Responses to This Week on TV – 12/2/07-12/8/07

  1. tedder says:

    thanks Jenny. Sure wish the strike was over..

  2. Alex says:

    I was just wondering if anyone knew when the new episodes are going to stop due to the strike? I am a devoted Desperate Housewives viewer and with sunday’s episodes I would think it would be a shame not only to me but to alot of DH watchers to stop now… I also seen on that next sunday it shows something else in the DH time frame… IDK I just wondered if anyone knew…

  3. Jenny says:

    Here’s an answer sort of to your question from Ausiello, Alex:

    Question: Did Lynette’s husband die in the tornado? The promos said “a friend and a husband” would die. Is it Tom? Who is the friend? I’m so confused. When are new episodes coming back? β€” Amy

    Ausiello: Actually, it’s episode, not episodes. The conclusion to Sunday’s two-parter is the only remaining episode in the can. And my guess is ABC is holding onto it as long as possible.

    Other than that, you can check out this list: Ausiello on TVGuide