TV News – Return Dates for Shows

Ausiello over at TV Guide has his After the Strike: When Your Favorites Will Return! chart. I took most of the info and arranged it by date so you can see when they return easily. If you don’t see your show on my list, check his. Shows that aren’t returning or don’t have a date yet, I did not put on my list. I will continue to update it when the need arises.

March 13th:

  • Reaper (3 pre-strike episodes plus 5 new episodes starting 4/22)
  • Smallville (3 pre-strike episodes in March plus 6 new episodes beginnig 4/17)

March 16th:

  • Aliens in America (2 new episodes to air 3/16 & 3/23 then 4 more starting 4/27)
  • Everybody Hates Chris (11 pre-strike episodes began airing March 2)

March 17th:

  • How I Met Your Mother (9 new episodes)
  • The Big Bang Theory (9 new episodes)
  • Two and a Half Men (9 new episodes)

March 18th:

  • The Riches (7 new episodes)

March 23rd:

  • The Game (4 pre-strike episodes plus 9 new episodes)

March 24th:

  • CSI: Miami (8 new episodes)
  • Greek (12 new episodes)

March 25th:

  • ‘Til Death (last pre-strike episode plus more new episodes starting 4/16)

March 30th:

  • Cold Case (5 new episodes)

April 2nd:

  • Criminal Minds (7 new episodes)
  • CSI: NY (7 new episodes)

April 3rd:

  • CSI (6 new episodes)
  • My Name Is Earl (9 new episodes)
  • Without a Trace (6 new episodes)

April 4th:

  • Battlestar Galactica (1st 10 or so episodes now, final 10 undecided date yet)
  • Ghost Whisperer (6 new episodes)
  • Numbers (6 new episodes)

April 7th:

  • Samantha Who? (6 new episodes, including the 3 pre-strike episodes)

April 8th:

  • Boston Legal (6 new episodes)
  • NCIS (7 new episodes)

April 10th:

  • 30 Rock (6-7 new episodes)
  • ER (6 new episodes)
  • Scrubs (5 pre-strike episodes plus up to 4 new episodes?)
  • The Office (6 new episodes)

April 13th:

  • Desperate Housewives (6 new episodes, including 2-hour finale)

April 14th:

  • Bones (6 total episodes – 4 pre-strike & 2 new)
  • One Tree Hill (6 new episodes plus any remaining pre-strike episodes)
  • Rules of Engagement (6 new episodes)

April 15th:

  • Law & Order: SVU (5 new episodes)

April 16th:

  • Back to You (Up to 8 new episodes)

April 20th:

  • Brothers & Sisters (4 new episodes)

April 21st:

  • Gossip Girl (5 new episodes)

April 23rd:

  • Law & Order (5 new episodes)

April 24th:

  • Grey’s Anatomy (5 new episodes)
  • Lost (5 new episodes plus any remaining pre-strike episodes)
  • Supernatural (4 new episodes)
  • Ugly Betty (5 new episodes)

April 25th:

  • Moonlight (4 new episodes)

April 28th:

  • House (4 new episodes, moving to Monday)
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2 Responses to TV News – Return Dates for Shows

  1. Haley says:

    YAY for HIMYM, Criminal Minds, Samantha Who, Gossip Girl, Bones & Grey’s Anatomy 🙂 !! Can’t wait.

    I guess Women’s Murder Club won’t be coming back anytime soon, if ever… sigh ! And I’m still pissed off that the 7th season of 24 was pushed back for AN ENTIRE YEAR (!!!) but I’m just rambling here, lol.

    Thanks a lot for the update !

    (oh and by the way, I checked out “Eli Stone” after reading your little review. I looooved it, very good show ! Are we going to have a full 22-episodes season, or at least a few more ?)

  2. Jenny says:

    Women’s Murder Club
    Expected to shoot three new episodes to air in April/May. Future beyond that TBD.

    That’s what Ausiello says about WMC. That we are going to see new episodes is a good thing! Hopefully it means that ABC is really going to give it more of a chance. 🙂

    There are (or should be) 12 or 13 episodes for Eli Stone. We have seen about half of them, I think. 🙂