Interview with David Boreanaz from Bones

David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth

I had the opportunity, along with reps from other media such as, the Boston Herald, & more, to speak with David Boreanaz, who plays Seely Booth on Fox’s Bones. (Talk about make me sweat! He sounds just as gorgeous on the phone as I know he is on tv! lol) He talked about the effect the strike had on the show and the storylines, how much he had to do with making his character who he is and the chemistry between himself and Emily (Deschanel, “Temperance Brennan/Bones”). So check it out!

David was asked about the relationship between Booth and Bones, if he thought it was a good idea to have the characters get together and if it would continue in the future and he replied,

I think they already are. I don’t think that they necessarily were ever apart. The function of the relationship really is the function of the show in a lot of ways. These two characters drive these plot lines; they drive these shows. They put them in circumstances or in areas that they not necessarily wouldn’t think they would be in and it brings them closer together as characters or it pulls them apart.

You know, the kiss, for example, on Christmas. You know, it was a dare and they both knew it was coming and it brought them closer. Obviously, it won’t affect them greatly, but they know that the kiss happened and I think it happened smartly the way they did it. I think, though, we’ll start putting ourselves into those situations and those areas, but we’re not going to go to a place where it’s completely hole nine; we’ll keep teasing and flirting with the audience. I don’t think that’s a problem at all.

The writers’ strike was hard for all the fans, as well as being hard for the actors and crews on all the shows, and David dished on how it affected the storylines of Bones, saying,

… As far as [the serial killer] story line is concerned and what Hart and Stephen [Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan, Executive Producers], wanted to do with it, you would have to ask them more specifically as far as the dynamics of that is concerned. But I think, obviously, that was affected and the way we will pretty much wrap that up and how we’ll wrap it up, which is pretty much a part of a two-parter that we shot before the writers’ strike.

We shot a potential season ender, which was a big cliff hanger and very dangerous and detrimental to a character and in the second part we finished that up in a way that I think will keep the audience guessing and we’ll at the same time see how the relationships between these two get better.

But as far as, obviously, there are stories that probably wanted to tell that we couldn’t because of only getting six episodes in now and future plans for other episodes, [click if you want to see a possible spoiler!] you may see us shooting in a different part of the world, who knows? That might be a possibility.

Speaking of the serial killer storyline, David definitely had an opinion when asked if he had liked that storyline and if he thought it was a big part of the show.

No, not at all. For me, I’ve always maintained that the show is the relationship, maintained that the show is about the characters and I maintain that the show is about the two of us learning through the crimes and that journey that we take. That, to me, is the most important part.

Most actors bring at least a little bit of themselves to their character, but David said he had a big part of making Booth who he is today.

Well, I was given the pilot. I read the pilot and I created everything that you’re seeing on screen as far as that character is concerned, what you see physically. And it can’t happen without the words, obviously, but as far as the physicalities and as far as the belt buckle, all the stuff that you see is stuff that I brought to that character.

Part of the character of Booth is his job as an FBI agent. David had a definite hand in that part of the character as well.

Everything that they told me about the FBI I threw out the door in a lot of ways. I respected it. I went through the idea of it. I took the approach of the military aspect of the guy working for the FBI rather than a guy who came right out of Harvard and he’s a penny loafer and pencil pusher guy who gets kicked around and who is afraid to get his feet wet.

For me, it was more interesting from that angle with the military guy who was a blue collar guy. And from there, everything exploded. So, you know, I highly, highly respect what they do. When it comes to using any kind of firearms or entries into buildings, I don’t mess around with. I do it as cleanly and as professionally as I can the way they would do it. I work with a great guy, Mike Grasso on the show who is with the LAPD who is fantastic so for me, that is very, very authentic to a T, but there is stuff, character stuff that I like to bring.

As fans know, Bones has now moved to ANOTHER time slot, on Mondays at 8/7c. When asked how the show moving around affected him and the show itself, David replied,

it’s difficult because you find yourself; we were also the show, oh, put us after [American Idol] and we did better before [American Idol] than we did after [American Idol]. If there is a crystal ball; I don’t place the show or tell you where the show should be placed. That’s not my job. My job as an actor is to come in and portray a character and do the best that I can.

I can’t get caught up in what time slot it’s at or where they’re moving it to or who it’s paired with. I do know that the shows are of the best quality and I think the best on television as far as a relationship show is concerned I think it’s the best. And if you take these two, the new shows that are coming out, especially these new fresh six shows that are coming and you’ll see the relationship just take off.

Unfortunately we had a writers’ strike that kind of intercepted what I thought was the start of a great, great third season and we’ll finish off a fantastic third season, which we believe there are just unbelievable shows that are going to just expand these characters and this relationship. There is no show out there that has a therapist that has to deal with a couple’s counseling for them to deal with each other in the work force. That’s not on television.

Most of the storylines on the show are fairly dark and sad. David was asked how he kept those from affecting him and he again referred to the relationship bettwen the characters of Booth and Brennan.

Well, I think I kind of tap into the relationship, again. I always go back to Brennan and Bones and our relationship if it gets too crazy. You know, and I think that’s that other flip side of the show, the darkness of the show and the crimes and how horrific they are and then cut to the humor of the show, which is the relationship. And we can go and banter over crimes and then we get there and it’s like, oh oh, this is some pretty heavy stuff that we’re looking at.

So there is a fine line there and it’s an interesting balance for our show. Anything to do with children is very difficult, obviously, and the scenes can be horrific, yes. But you just kind of have to block that out.

Not only are there dark and sad storylines, some of the scenes can be, well, a bit disgusting and nasty. So does David get squeamish around that stuff?

No, not me. I kind of know, because I’m so tuned into my relationship with her and so tuned in to the character work, that I sometimes forget about where I’m standing over, to be quite honest with you. Obviously, Booth’s perspective is that he’s squeamish to begin with so that helps when I have to go there, so it does work.

I admire David’s comedic timing (something we saw in Angel sometimes as well) and asked David about the dialogue between he and Emily, whether or not it was ad-libbed or all scripted. He told me something that really impressed me and showed me their dedication to their roles.

We work on every episode on the weekends with Ivana Chubbuck, who is an acting coach out here. Her credits are huge and very respected and she helps us find a lot of those moments. So we work on the scripts on the weekends for every scene, every moment during the week. So we come in pretty much with an improvisational arc, knowing where we are going to add stuff, where we’re going to take things.

So, by the time we show up and rehearse, we throw that down so when we’re shooting we just, we kind of throw it all out on the table. All this stuff comes out, but I think that’s the beauty of our relationship and our chemistry is really solid and it’s only getting better.

We did a scene yesterday, which was just so much fun. We really started pushing each other’s buttons and it was fun to have the ability to go there with a co-star who does that with you and also being in the freedom zone of a third season instead of thinking, oh, well, you know, this show has got x amount of years left so I don’t have to really work hard because it’s just a show.

Well, it’s quite the opposite because now you have the beauty and the freedom to do stuff as a producer to allow yourself to go to those places that you weren’t allowed to in the first season, which makes the show even better.

Also, fans will be glad to know we should hopefully see some of that comedy side of David come out on the 3rd Season DVDs when they come out. He was great on the blooper reel from the Season 2 DVD so I told him he needed to do an episode commentary for Season 3 and he said he definitely would!

David was asked whether or not Dr. Lance Sweets would be sticking around and if Booth and Bones were going to be in therapy throughout the rest of the episodes this season.

Yes, I think having that other perspective, that third eye, that point on the two counterpoints works in a show like this and he fills that void perfectly. We tried it before with a couple of other characters that just didn’t really sing as hard as they could have been maybe. There was a love interest of the past and they had just gone on and focused on their characters, where they are.

But I think with Lance Sweets, he fits perfectly; a) physically; b) what he brings to the table and how it affects their relationship and I think that’s a stronghold, to go through therapy and help bring us together. I think it’s a great idea.

Fans will remember from previous episodes that Booth is constantly making wisecracks about Dr. Sweets’s age. Where he and Emily work hard on their dialogue, his cracks about the young age are all David.

That’s me. It’s funny because we’ll do a lot of improvisation when I’m in that therapy session they’ll be you’ve got to just do one that’s scripted maybe a little bit. Because it just becomes, it’s just so great to be part of and you’re having so much fun so, yes, a lot of those young comments, I’ve got to come up with some new stuff. Some new arsenal is coming out soon.

David was asked which episode of Bones was his favorite and he again pointed to the relationship between his and Emily D’s characters.

I really enjoy anything I do with Emily, obviously, any scenes. As far as one complete episode is concerned I like the Halloween episode this year. It was a lot of fun. I got to play a Nerd. That was fun. I also liked the season opener of season two, which was a lot of fun. I loved the pilot. I mean, that’s the pilot, really; you have to go back to the pilot because that’s like the fresh, new, the possibilities are endless, you know what I’m saying? So, it’s kind of hard to always answer those kinds of questions.

My friend Amrie asked David what his favorite things and not-so-favorite things about his character are and he was honest about it.

There’s a lot of things I do like about him since I relatively work from the inside in my experiences. There are a lot of things I don’t like about him. His stubbornness can be a bit unattractive at times. Seeing it one way and not the other can be annoying. I think that’s pretty much it with him.

I mean he’s a real blue collar guy so he’s always been that type of guy and that I’ve really embraced and I keep learning a lot through this character. So it’s been an interesting process with him and I embrace my socks because I wear the same socks. I embrace a lot of the stuff he does. Booth is, obviously, a little bit more Catholic than I am and I wish I was more of a practicing Catholic, but I’m not. I guess that would be one thing I dislike about myself sometimes is I’m not very religious.

In case you are a spoilerphobe, this question and answer definitely skirt the spoiler line. So don’t click if you don’t want to know!

There are rumors about a couple of episodes being filmed in England for later this season and/or bringing back Stephen Fry (Booth’s original therapist after shooting the clown). It was talked about before the strike and David talked about the possibilities now that the strike is over.

I know that there have been some talks about that. I hope that that happens. I’m pretty confident that the trip somewhere will occur for a couple of shows. That’s the exciting part as far as that is concerned. And as far as Stephen Fry is concerned, I know we’d love to have him back on the show because he was great to work with and it was a really great character. And see him even interact with Sweets, if that would be possible it would be great.

David has plans to hopefully direct an episode next season and talked a bit about his plans.

You know, it’s just a great opportunity to embrace and you take that for what it’s worth and have fun with an episode. I don’t know what the episode is going to be like yet. I have a lot of original ideas that I’ve actually pitched to Hart that I kind of would love to be a part of as far as the fruition of an idea and even put my pen to paper and even do some writing.

But those are opportunities you have to take advantage of as an artist if you’re in that position and use it. I mean you’d be foolish not to. I think that if you’re in the medium and you have a possibility or an opportunity to do it then you should go for it.

Catch all new episodes of Bones on FOX in its new day & time on Mondays at 8/7c! And thanks David, for taking the time out of your schedule to give us fans some insight into you, your character and the great stories of the show!

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    I think that David Boreanaz is the hottest guy that there is on the face of the earth!If I had a kissing scene with him in a movie I would keep messing up just so I could keep kissing him again and again!! He is a great and very funny person,I would give anything of mine up just so that I could meet he in person!!He plays his parts in movies soo great that he is the person he is playing in the films. David Boreanaz is so YUMMY that I could just eat him up!!!

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    I’d just like to say I’ve watched bones since it first hit the air. I think its a brilliant show and I watch it not only for David but aslo because of the forensic side to it too. I hope the show doesn’t end.