Burma: It Can’t Wait Campaign

I usually don’t post things like this, but not only is it a great cause, the current video features our very own “Rita” from Dexter! Check out the email I got from Jackie then be sure & watch Julie Benz in the video below.

“My name is Jackie, and I was just browsing around your column which is awesome [ed. note: Thanks Jackie!] – I’m a huge Dexter addict! I work for a website called Fanista and we’ve just launched a campaign called Burma: It Can’t Wait with the US Campaign for Burma and the Human Rights Action Center. Julie Benz graciously did a REALLY amazing short film spot for us which went live this morning – we are trying to raise awareness of the atrocities going down in Burma (70,000 child soldiers, 2x more villages burned than in Darfur, torture and massacre of monks, systematic rape – and that was before yesterday’s cyclone, which killed at least 10,000 ppl and yet the dictatorship is refusing to allow international aid in.) So we came up with the idea to get 30 celebrities to be in 30 short films rolling out over the month of May. In addition to Julie’s, also up are Jennifer Aniston & Woody Harrelson, Will Farrell, Sarah Silverman, and Jason Biggs (coming up this week are Eddie Izzard, Ellen Page, etc. – it is a really cool campaign.) Julie’s spot is a stop-motion piece that plays off the fact that Burma is the same size as Texas.”

The campaign site is BurmaItCantWait.org and the youtube channel, which has all of the videos but not the bonus footage, etc. is here. Show em some love, people!

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