This Week on TV – 7/13/08-7/19/08

Welcome to a new week of TV! Another long week so it’s Friday as I write this. Nothing major happened this week. Just seemed to drag & fly by, all at the same time! lol TV this week was awesome. Burn Notice on Thursday was so fabulous! Let’s see what will keep us entertained this coming week, shall we? Jump with me to see this week’s schedule!


Sunday is the season finale of Your Place or Mine? on TLC at 12PM/11AMc, but due to the move of when it has been airing, I’d say it’s likely to be a series finale, not season. 😉

It’s also the season premiere of Big Brother on CBS at 8/7c. There is a wide age-range this season, according to the news release I saw the other day. Should be interesting for you fans to watch. 😉

Tonight is also part 1 of the 7 part mini-series on HBO called Generation Kill at 9/8c. It tells the intimate tale of young Marines whose unit is part of the first wave of the American military assault on Baghdad. The drama is based on the nonfiction book by Evan Wright, who serves as co-writer and consultant. It stars Billy Lush (The Black Donnellys) & Owain Yeoman (Kitchen Confidential & the upcoming The Mentalist) among others,

If you are an Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical & The Suite Life of Zach & Cody) fan, check out the ABC Family movie, Picture This at 8/7c. It is a coming-of-age comedy about an unpopular high school senior – with an overprotective father – who gets a date to the biggest party of the year with the school’s most sought after guy, only to find herself grounded on the appointed day. So, she enlists her friends and a video phone to outsmart her dad – as well as her date’s ex-girlfriend. Kevin Pollack stars as the father.

Finally, it’s the series premiere of Brooke Knows Best on VH1 at 10/9c. Brooke Hogan, the 19 year old aspiring pop star who wasn’t allowed to date or be alone with a boy due to her strict controlling dad Hulk, is embarking on a whole new world with no rules but her own. She’s moving out and renting an apartment in Miami. She’s beginning an adult life with many new responsibilities, temptations, and opportunities as she tries to build a career as singer.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Your Place or Mine? – TLC @ 12PM/11AMc (Likely Series Finale)
  • *Series Premiere*Brooke Knows Best – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Big Brother – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *Special*2008 Miss Universe Pageant – NBC @ 9/8c (2-Hour Special)
  • *Special*Generation Kill – HBO @ 9/8c (75-Minute Part 1 of 7-Part Mini-Series)
  • *Special*Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane – Style @ 8/7c (30-Minute Special)
  • *Special*Picture This – ABC Family @ 8/7c (2-Hour TV Movie)
  • *New*Army Wives – Lifetime @ 10/9c
  • *New*Denise Richards: It’s Complicated – E! @ 10/9c
  • *New*Design Star – HGTV @ 9/8c
  • *New*Gene Simmons Family Jewels – A&E @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*Ice Road Truckers – History @ 9/8c
  • *New*I Love Money – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*In Plain Sight – USA @ 10/9c
  • *New*Law & Order: Criminal Intent – USA @ 9/8c
  • *New*Living Lohan – E! @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*The Factory – Spike TV @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Next Food Network Star – Food Network @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Singing Office – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Two Coreys – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*Tougher in Alaska – History Channel @ 10/9c


Monday is the season premieres of 3 shows. First up is my personal favorite of the 3 and one of my all-time favorites, The Closer on TNT at 10/9c. Kyra Sedgewick is simply A-MA-ZING in this role of Brenda Lee Johnson. Following that is the season premiere of Saving Grace at 10/9c.

Also premiering tonight is Top Gear on BBC America at 8/7c. Tonight’s guest is James Nesbitt.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Premiere*Saving Grace – TNT @ 10/9
  • *Season Premiere*The Closer – TNT @ 9/8
  • *Season Premiere*Top Gear – BBC America @ 8/7c
  • *New*American Gladiators – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Charlie Jade – SciFi @ 3AM/2AMc (Monday night/Tuesday morning)
  • *New*Intervention – A&E @ 9/8c
  • *New*Jon & Kate Plus 8 – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Nashville Star – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*Secret Diary of a Call Girl – Showtime @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*The Middleman – ABC Family @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Mole – ABC @ 9/8c & 10/9c (1-Hour Special & 1-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Verminators – Discovery @ 10/9c
  • *New*Weeds – Showtime @ 10/9c


Tuesday is the series premiere of 4 shows. First up on A&E is The Cleaner at 10/9c. It follows Benjamin Bratt as William Banks, a recovering addict who helps others get clean by any means necessary as he struggles to maintain his own rocky personal life. William works with an eclectic team. Swenton is a wily smart aleck who is great undercover and always jealous of Akani, the beautiful, manipulative, and mysterious woman who always seems to get the best assignments and might just have a romantic past with William. Darnell is the newest member of William’s crew. Darnell is deeply indebted to William for helping his younger brother get clean, but he must balance his deep religious convictions with the kind of work required as part of William’s team. Together with this eclectic group, William works week-in and week-out to bring addicts of all kinds to the point where they are ready and willing to get help and begin the difficult process of getting clean. With every success and every failure, William wrestles with his own demons through an unusual relationship with God. He’s a man caught between an unwavering commitment to his work, deep love for his family, and the ghosts of his own addictions. Bad for his personal life, perhaps, but these are the tensions that make William the one you want helping a troubled loved one, the one you trust to do whatever is necessary, the man you want by your side in your darkest hour. In the face of tragedy and addiction, William Banks will risk everything to be The Cleaner.

Also tonight is the premiere of From G’s to Gents on MTV at 10/9c. Jamie Foxx heads to the hood to find 14 young G’s with gruff exteriors and unrelenting street swagger, and puts them to the ultimate challenge of their lives pull up their pants, check their egos and transform them into true gentlemen. It will feature author, recording artist and arbiter of good taste Fonzworth Bentley serving as mentor, life coach and confidante to these young men who all believe they have what it takes to shed their bad boy images and make life altering changes.

Finally, TLC has the series premiere of 2 shows & the season premiere of 1. First up is the season premiere of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC at 8/7c. Following that is the series premiere of Rock the Reception at 8:30/7:30c. It follows two engaged couples as they painstakingly and often clumsily – rehearse a professionally choreographed production number as their surprise first dance for their wedding reception. The happy couple is taught their mighty moves by veteran husband and wife choreography team Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo (So You Think You Can Dance), who have trained such superstars as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Celine Dion. But the fun of watching the couple’s surprise dance number come to fruition is nothing compared to the shock, screams and whistles from their stunned wedding guests.

Lastly is the series premiere of Must Love Kids at 9/8c. The dating world can be daunting for anyone looking for love, but for a single parent, trying to find the perfect balance between a relationship, a career, and raising young children can be extremely time-consuming and intimidating. Viewers will be enthralled as these three women step out of their comfort zone and give themselves the opportunity to meet someone specialpotentially, a life-long partner. With an estimated 10.4 million single mothers in the U.S., these three single moms will undoubtedly inspire others to take the initiative and focus on their own happiness, while still being able to balance the responsibilities of a single parent. Its a real-life journey of love and family in an original relationship series unlike any other.

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Premiere*From G’s to Gents – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *Series Premiere*Must Love Kids – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *Series Premiere*Rock the Reception – TLC @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *Series Premiere*The Cleaner – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Say Yes to the Dress – TLC @ 8/7c
  • *Sports*MLB All-Star Game 2008 – FOX @ 8/7c (3-Hour Special)
  • *New*America’s Got Talent – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Big Brother – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*Celebrity Family Feud – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Deadliest Catch – Discovery @ 9/8c & 10/9c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*Flipping Out – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*I Survived a Japanese Game Show – ABC @ 9:01/8:01c
  • *New*Rescue Me Minisodes – FX @ 10/9c (5-Minute Minisode)
  • *New*Street Patrol – My Network TV @ 8/7c & 8:30/7:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*The First 48 – A&E @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Secret Life of the American Teenager – ABC Family @ 8/7c
  • *New*Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood – Oxygen @ 10/9c
  • *New*Wipeout – ABC @ 8/7c


Wednesday is the series premiere of Family Foreman on TV Land at 10/9c. In this six episode series, TV Land gives viewers an intimate look at George Foreman, the former heavyweight boxing champ who reinvented himself as a successful businessman and pitchman. Viewers will get a rare glimpse into his home life as a minister and father to ten children, five of whom are also named George Edward Foreman.

It’s also the season finales of Celebrity Circus on NBC at 10/9c & Chopper Challenge on CMT at 8:30/7:30c.

Finally, it’s the season premieres of Project Runway on Bravo at 9/8c, Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E at 9/8c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 9:30/8:30c & Run’s House on MTV at 10/9c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 10:30/9:30c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Celebrity Circus – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *Season Finale*Chopper Challenge – CMT @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *Series Premiere*Family Foreman – TV Land @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Dog the Bounty Hunter – A&E @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes Including Season Premiere)
  • *Season Premiere*Project Runway – Bravo @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*Run’s House – MTV @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes Including Season Premiere)
  • *Special*Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight – History @ 9/8c (1-Hour Special)
  • *New*Big Brother – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*Black Gold – TruTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Ghost Hunters International – SciFi @ 9/8c
  • *New*Mind of Mencia – Comedy Central @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Scare Tactics – SciFi @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*Shear Genius – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*So You Think You Can Dance? – FOX @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*The Baby Borrowers – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Tyler Perry’s House of Payne – TBS @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes)


Thursday is the series premiere of The Gong Show with Dave Attell on Comedy Central at 10/9c. Dave Attell and Comedy Central are bringing back the original and best comedy variety show, The Gong Show! It will consist of eight to ten unusual, absurd, bizarre, twisted, unique and hilarious acts that will be judged by a panel of three revolving celebrity judge. Stars will be made. Feelings will be hurt.

Following that is the series premiere of Reality Bites Back on Comedy Central at 10:30/9:30c. If competitive reality television is your bag, you can’t miss this latest twist on the genre. Ten comedians enter, one comedian leaves with a fat cash prize to stave off their side gigs, if only for a little while. Michael Ian Black serves as ringmaster for this circus of the stand-ups with parodies of American Gladiators, The Amazing Race, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? and more of your elimination show favorites. Contestants on the show include a son of hippies, “Sheen” from Jimmy Neutron and “Ashy Larry.” Culled from the ranks of seasoned comedy veterans and up-and-comers across America, these stand-ups will do anything for cash and glory. No stunt or psychological game is too humiliating for these comic warriors. How much physical and mental abuse can they take beyond what it takes to make it as a stand-up comedian?

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Premiere*Reality Bites Back – Comedy Central @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *Series Premiere*The Gong Show with Dave Attell – Comedy Central @ 10/9c
  • *Special*Rock Honors: The Who – VH1 @ 9/8c (2-Hour Special)
  • *New*Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*Burn Notice – USA @ 10/9c
  • *New*Dragons’ Den – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*Fear Itself – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Greatest American Dog – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*Hopkins 24/7 – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Kathy Griffin: My Life On the D-List – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*Last Comic Standing – NBC @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*My Boys – TBS @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*Penn & Teller: Bullshit – Showtime @ 10/9c
  • *New*Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*So You Think You Can Dance – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*Swingtown – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Bill Engvall Show – TBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Works – History Channel @ 10/9c


Friday are the (long-awaited in my house!) season premieres of Monk & Psych on USA starting at 9/8c. Click here for some casting info on both shows! Hector Elizondo is joining the cast this season as Monk’s new shrink, since the untimely death of Stanley Kamel. Also, Brad Garrett is guesting on tonight’s episode. Meanwhile, on Psych, Cybill Shepherd is going to be playing Shawn’s mom!

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Premiere*Monk – USA @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*Psych – USA @ 10/9c
  • *New*Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust – TLC @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*Country Fried Home Videos – CMT @ 9/8c
  • *New*Degrassi: The Next Generation – The N @ 8/7c
  • *New*Doctor Who – SciFi @ 9/8c
  • *New*Duel – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Flashpoint – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *New*Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation – Animal Planet @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Stargate: Atlantis – SciFi @ 10/9c
  • *New*What Not To Wear – TLC @ 9/8c


Saturday doesn’t have anything special, other than the new eps below!

Also on tonight:

  • *New*Robin Hood – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Graham Norton Show – BBC America @ 10/9c

Have a great week everyone! See you back next week!

— Jenny

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2 Responses to This Week on TV – 7/13/08-7/19/08

  1. tedder says:

    busy week for new shows, considering it is summer!

    I’m looking forward to The Gong Show. Not sure if it’ll be any good, but it’s worth a watch.

  2. Jenny says:

    Yeah, def. busy week. And my husband is looking forward to it too. I have my doubts about it but I’ll probably watch anyway, cause I just can’t freakin help myself. haha