TV Clips – First Look at NBC’s Crusoe

Here is the first 1 1/2 minute preview clip for NBC’s new show, Crusoe. Looks good but VERY different from anything else I’ve seen on TV… So don’t know how well that will go over with viewers. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to TV Clips – First Look at NBC’s Crusoe

  1. tedder says:

    Looks (a) like NBC is trying to capitalize on Pirates of the Caribbean, and (b) too much drama/”chick flick” for me.

    -ted, currently motorcycling/tent camping in South Dakota

  2. Jenny says:

    Yeah, I got a very big POTC vibe from it. I’m not seeing much “chick flick” really, except for a tiny bit. But… it almost feels more movie-ish, and not sure how it’ll translate into a series.

    Hope your vacation has gone well so far this week! 🙂