Week in Review – 9/21/08 – 9/27/08

Not really site news. I’ve been watching the premieres & new episodes and had a couple of thoughts. In case anyone hasn’t watched Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Dexter, The Mentalist, NCIS or Lipstick Jungle, I’m going to put the rest of the post past the jump. That way no one can accuse me of spoiling. 😉

When I started writing this post, I was watching the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and I have to comment about a couple of things. First off, Rose is psycho. The “joke” she played on Derek was ridiculous. But damn, Derek looks fine. Also, I feel bad for Alex & Izzie both. And the poor woman who CRS. (If you aren’t familiar with that, comment and I’ll explain. 😉 ) Good for Bailey at the end. Reminds me why I love her so much. And OMG. Kevin McKidd is freakin HOT in this episode. And the chemistry between him & Christina! OMG. Loved it. Am seriously hoping he sticks around for a loooong time. Oh holy crap! I didn’t see that coming but I seriously got chills.

Ok, next show: Criminal Minds. I loved the wrap up of the storyline. But the main reason I’m writing about it is because the Morgan/Garcia moment at the end. “You are my God-given solace.” I bawled. I am so using (& quoting, of course) that in one of my fanfics. lol I am a huge M/G lover and think they have undeniable chemistry. I was really hoping for a moment between them when Morgan got back to where Garcia was. They would hug without talking or something. ANYTHING. And got nothing. I was very sad. *sigh*

Another one that I loved and was shocked at: Dexter. I swear that the new guy KNEW that Dex had killed his brother. But by the end, I figured he didn’t. Then the biggest shocker: Rita is PREGNANT! What the heck! That’s fantastic! lol Good luck with that!

One of my favorite new series is The Mentalist. I LOVE Simon Baker. And he is absolutely terrific in this role. There is chemistry between him & the ex-PB lady, whatever the heck her name is. lol Robin Tunney. I’m extremely interested in where they will go with that relationship. THe show was a lot of fun too, so I hope it sticks around for awhile.

One of my husband’s & my favorite shows is NCIS. Just a couple of things. I loved how Abby told Gibbs he needed to get the team back together. I loved the process of getting them back. And I really hope Tony makes it back ok. (I know he will but still. 🙂 ) Also, I REALLY hoped that it would turn out to be the geeky/McGee clone guy that was the bad guy. *sigh* Oh well.

Finally, Lipstick Jungle. This was one of my favorites last season. I am SOOO hoping the couples get back together eventually. Niko/Kirby, Victory/Joe. *sigh* I like the tension between V/J and the hand touch between Niko/Kirby was great. And the picture? HOT. But WOW! The pregnant mistress! OMG!

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