This Week on TV – 10/5/08-10/11/08

Welcome to a new week of TV! I don’t know about you, but DVR is about ready to smoke! I am loving having this much fabulous tv on each week! So let’s see what will be to make us happy this week, including the season premiere of CSI, a new episode of The Unit (which in my opinion was the best season premiere to date) and lots more! Jump with me to see this week’s schedule!


Sunday is the series premiere of 3 new shows on the CW. First up is the premiere of In Harm’s Way at 6/5c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 7/6c. Former Navy Fighter Pilot and Emmy award-winner Hunter Ellis hosts a new reality series about people who risk their lives everyday for the benefit of society. When an accident occurs in the ocean off the unforgiving Alaskan coastline, the US Coast Guard gets the first call to assist and rescue those in trouble executing as many as 200 rescues a year. With the full cooperation of the USCG, the series premiere takes an up-close look at one of these rescue units as its operatives go about their daily and often dangerous routines. Each week, the show will follow a different group of brave individuals who risk their lives in a multitude of life-threatening jobs.

Following that is the premiere of Valentine at 8/7c. Sent down from Mount Olympus to contemporary Los Angeles to bring soul mates together, the Valentine family uses a little old fashioned magic to ensure that true love blossoms on earth. Grace Valentine (Jaime Murray, Dexter), better known as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is concerned for the future of her family business, as well as for the family’s immortality. To bring a fresh perspective to the job of matchmaking, Grace enlists the help of romance novelist Kate Providence (Christine Lakin, Georgia Rule), much to the chagrin of her son Danny (Kristoffer Polaha, Mad Men), a.k.a. Eros, the God of Erotic Love. The Valentines attempt to spark romance between a pair of soul-mates who have been long-time best friends. Also starring Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) as Phoebe, a.k.a. the Goddess of the Oracle at Delphi, and Robert Baker (Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) as Leo, a.k.a. Hercules.

Finally, it’s the premiere of Easy Money at 9/8c. Led by business-savvy matriarch Bobette Buffkin (Laurie Metcalf), Prestige Payday Loans is a thriving quick-cash company in the Southwest. But trouble soon comes from thuggish new competitors, and it’s up to middle son Morgan (Jeff Hephner The O.C.) to quash any tension. Morgan, though, is having some tension of his own. Having always felt out of place in the Buffkin household, Morgan investigates a childhood secret with the help of beautiful grad student Julia Miller (Marsha Thomason Lost & Las Vegas) much to Bobette’s chagrin. Morgan has always been Prestige’s “heavy,” running down ne’er-do-wells and gambling addicts, but he’s ashamed to admit that fact to Julia. It doesn’t help that Morgan’s older, but less mature, brother Cooper (Jay Ferguson, Sleeper Cell) knocks heads with corrupt local Detective Yapp (Chris Browning, 3:10 to Yuma) who, in turn, blackmails Morgan. If Morgan can find a way to fend off the local yokels and unlock the secrets of his past, he just might be able to spend more time with Julia and find a better life for himself. Katie Lowes, Nick Searcy, Judge Reinhold, Joe Peracchio, Gary Farmer, Peter Navy Tuiasosopo, and Kimberly Estrada also star.

Also tonight is the season premieres of America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC at 7/6c and The Girls Next Door on E! at 10/9c.

Finally, tonight is also the season finales of I Love Money on VH1 at 9/8c and Brooke Knows Best on VH1 & Skins on BBC America, both at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Brooke Knows Best – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *Season Finale*I Love Money – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *Season Finale*Skins – BBC America @ 10/9c
  • *Series Premiere*Easy Money – CW @ 9/8c
  • *Series Premiere*In Harm’s Way – CW @ 6/5c & 7/6c (2 New Episodes Including Series Premiere)
  • *Series Premiere*Valentine – CW @ 8/7c
  • *Season Premiere*America’s Funniest Home Videos – ABC @ 7/6c
  • *Season Premiere*The Girls Next Door – E! @ 10/9c
  • *Sports*Football Night In America – NBC @ 7/6c
  • *Sports*Sunday Night Football: Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars – NBC @ 8:15/7:15c
  • *New*American Dad – FOX @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*Army Wives – Lifetime @ 10/9c
  • *New*Brothers & Sisters – ABC @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *New*Californication – Showtime @ 10/9c
  • *New*Cold Case – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*Desperate Housewives – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Dexter – Showtime @ 9/8c
  • *New*Entourage – HBO @ 10/9c
  • *New*Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Family Guy – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*King of the Hill – FOX @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Little Britain – HBO @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Mad Men – AMC @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Amazing Race – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Life & Times of Tim – HBO @ 11/10c
  • *New*The Simpsons – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Unit – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *New*True Blood – HBO @ 9/8c


Monday is the season finale of I Want to Work for Diddy on VH1 at 9/8c.

Tonight is also the season premiere of Celebrity Expose on My Network TV at 8/7c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*I Want to Work for Diddy – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*Celebrity Expose – My Network TV @ 8/7c
  • *Sports*Monday Night Football: Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints – ESPN @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Boston Legal – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Charlie Jade – SciFi @ 3AM/2AMc (Monday night/Tuesday morning)
  • *New*Chuck – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*CSI: Miami – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *New*Dancing With the Stars – ABC @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Heroes – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*How I Met Your Mother – CBS @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Jon & Kate Plus 8 – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Life – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled – MTV @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Prison Break – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*Raising the Bar – TNT @ 10/9c
  • *New*Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Big Bang Theory – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Hills – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Two and a Half Men – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*Worst Week – CBS @ 9:30/8:30c


Tuesday is the series premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo at 9/8c. The latest edition follows five women from Atlanta’s social elite from NBA and NFL wives to sassy single moms as they juggle their burgeoning careers and busy home lives with the whirl of the south’s hottest city. An up-close and personal look at life in Hotlanta, these driven and ambitious women prove that they’re not just “housewives,” but entrepreneurs, doting mothers and classy southern women. NeNe Leakes, DeShawn Snow, Sheree Whitfield, Lisa Wu Hartwell and Kim Zolciak show the world what it takes to live large in some of the hottest zip codes in the south.

Tonight is also the season premiere of Dirty Jobs on Discovery at 9/8c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Premiere*The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Bravo @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*Dirty Jobs – Discovery @ 9/8c
  • *Special*2008 Presidential Debate – ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC @ 9/8c
  • *Special*2008 Presidential Debate Analysis – ABC @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*90210 – CW @ 8/7c
  • *New*Dancing With the Stars – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Greek – ABC Family @ 9/8c
  • *New*Jail – My Network TV @ 9/8c
  • *New*Lincoln Heights – ABC Family @ 8/7c
  • *New*Making the Band – MTV @ 9/8c
  • *New*NCIS – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*Paris Hilton’s My New BFF – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Privileged – CW @ 9/8c
  • *New*Scare Tactics – SciFi @ 10/9c
  • *New*Street Patrol – My Network TV @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Biggest Loser – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Cleaner – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*The First 48 – A&E @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency – Oxygen @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Shield – FX @ 10/9c


Wednesday is the season premiere of South Park on Comedy Central at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Premiere*South Park – Comedy Central @ 10/9c
  • *New*America’s Next Top Model – CW @ 8/7c
  • *New*Bones – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*Criminal Minds – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*CSI: NY – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *New*Destination Truth – SciFi @ 10/9c
  • *New*Dirty Sexy Money – ABC @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *New*Dog the Bounty Hunter – A&E @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episode)
  • *New*Friday Night Lights – DirecTV @ 9/8c
  • *New*Gary Unmarried – CBS @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Ghost Hunters – SciFi @ 9/8c
  • *New*Jurassic Fight Club – History Channel @ 10/9c
  • *New*Knight Rider – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Lipstick Jungle – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Mythbusters – Discovery @ 9/8c
  • *New*Private Practice – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Project Runway – Bravo @ 9/8c
  • *New*Pushing Daisies – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Sons of Anarchy – FX @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Biggest Loser – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*The New Adventures of Old Christine – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Real World/Road Rules Challenge – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Sarah Silverman Program – Comedy Central @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Top Design – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*Til Death – FOX @ 9:01/8:01c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes)


Thursday is the series premiere of Kath & Kim on NBC at 8:30/7:30c. They’re the most dysfunctional duo in suburbia. Kath Day (Molly Shannon, NBC’s Saturday Night Live) is the mom, a foxy, 40-something divorcée who finally has time for herself and her valiant search for love. Kim Day (Selma Blair, Hellboy, Hellboy II) is the daughter, a self-absorbed princess recently separated from her husband who finds consolation in stuffing her face. When Kim decides to move back home, Kath reluctantly agrees — but to Kim’s chagrin, Kath is not about to cater to her every whim as she has in the past.

Tonight is also the series premiere of Eleventh Hour on CBS at 10/9c. It follows Dr. Jacob Hood, a brilliant biophysicist and special science advisor to the government, as he investigates scientific crises and oddities. His jurisdiction is absolute and Hood is dogged in his pursuit of those who would abuse and misuse scientific discoveries and breakthroughs for their own gain. His passion and crusade is to protect the substance of science from those with nefarious motives. He is called in at the eleventh hour and he represents the last line of defense. Special Agent Rachel Young is the decorated FBI protection officer assigned to watch Hood’s back.

Next is the series premiere of Life on Mars on ABC at 10:01/9:01c. NYPD Detective Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) finds himself in the cultural hotbed of New York City in the tumultuous times of the Vietnam War, Watergate, women’s lib and the civil and gay rights movements – without a cell phone, computer, PDA or MP3 player — suddenly hurtled back in time when he’s ripped from 2008 after being hit by a car while chasing down a criminal. He’s trying mightily to understand what has just happened to him and how he can get back “home.”

Finally, tonight is the series premiere of Testees on FX at 10:30/9:30c. It stars Canadian newcomers Steve Markle as “Peter” and Jeff Kassel as “Ron,” and two best friends and roommates in their early 30s who work as test subjects for “TESTICO,” a less-than-normal product testing facility. In each episode, Peter and Ron are given a new product, experimental medication or treatment to test. The side effects from these are usually ridiculous and almost always negative. The roommates just try to live their lives while waiting for the side effects from these untested products to wear off.

Tonight is also the season premieres of CSI on CBS at 9/8c and LA Ink on TLC at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*Tabatha’s Salon Takeover – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *Series Premiere*Eleventh Hour – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *Series Premiere*Kath & Kim – NBC @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *Series Premiere*Life on Mars – ABC @ 10:01/9:01c
  • *Series Premiere*Testees – FX @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *Season Premiere*CSI – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*LA Ink – TLC @ 10/9c
  • *Sports*Major League Baseball – NLCS Game #1 – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *Special*SNL Weekend Update Thursday #1 – NBC @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*Destroyed in Seconds – Discovery @ 9/8c
  • *New*Dragons’ Den – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*ER – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Glam God with Vivica A. Fox – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *New*Grey’s Anatomy – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – FX @ 10/9c
  • *New*Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*My Name is Earl – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Smallville – CW @ 8/7c
  • *New*Supernatural – CW @ 9/8c
  • *New*Survivor – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Office – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Sarah Silverman Program – Comedy Central @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style – Bravo @ 11/10c
  • *New*Top Pop Group – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Ugly Betty – ABC @ 8/7c


Friday is the 2-hour season premiere of The Starter Wife on USA at 9/8c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Premiere*The Starter Wife – USA @ 9/8c (2-Hour Season Premiere)
  • *New*America’s Toughest Jobs – NBC @ 8/7c
  • *New*Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*Deal or No Deal – NBC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Don’t Forget the Lyrics! – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *New*Everybody Hates Chris – CW @ 8/7c
  • *New*Gangland – History Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*Ghost Whisperer – CBS @ 8/7c
  • *New*Life – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Numb3rs – CBS @ 10/9c
  • *New*Real Time with Bill Maher – HBO @ 11/10c
  • *New*Sanctuary – SciFi @ 10/9c
  • *New*Say Yes to the Dress – TLC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Cartoon Network @ 9/8c
  • *New*Stargate Atlantis – SciFi @ 9/8c
  • *New*Supernanny – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Ex List – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*The Game – CW @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*The Soup – E! @ 10/9c
  • *New*What Not to Wear – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Wife Swap – ABC @ 8/7c


Saturday is the season premiere of The Graham Norton Show on BBC America at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Premiere*The Graham Norton Show – BBC America @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team – CMT @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*My Big Redneck Wedding – CMT @ 9/8c
  • *New*Primeval – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*Trading Spaces – TLC @ 10/9c

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy all the new shows!

— Jenny

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  1. Cyndy says:

    So much good TV makes me happy. Also what makes me happy is that I am getting a new laptop with a TV tuner — one extra program I can DVR now. Hehe!