This Week on TV – 5/24/09-5/30/09

Welcome to a new week of TV! This is a much slower week than the last few, but there are still some big things happening, so let’s get to it! Jump with me to see this week’s schedule!


Sunday is the season finale of The Tudors at 9/8c and State of the Union at 10/9c, both on Showtime.

Tonight is also the 2-hour part 1 of the mini-series, Diamonds on ABC at 9/8c. It stars James Purefoy, Joanne Kelly, Judy Davis, Louise Rose and Sir Derek Jacobi. When the daughter of U.S. Senator Joan Cameron (Davis) is killed in a massacre at an African diamond mine, a chain of events begin that uncovers the darkest secrets of the international diamond trade. Shot on location in South Africa and Canada, this four-hour limited series provides a look inside one of the world’s most glamorous yet mysterious industries. Diamonds dramatically weaves together five storylines to portray the personal and political effects of the blood diamond trade on a global scale. From prospectors scouring the northern barrens, to the dazzling estates of the diamond lords of Cape Town; from the diamond fashion shows in London, to the war ravaged villages of Sierra Leone, this epic thriller follows the trail of greed and obsession that brings to the world its most dazzling gems.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Finale*State of the Union (#207) – Showtime @ 10/9c
  • *Season Finale*The Tudors (#308) – Showtime @ 9/8c
  • *Special*Diamonds – ABC @ 9/8c (2-Hour Part 1 of 2 Mini-Series)
  • *New*Breaking Bad (#212) – AMC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Daisy of Love (#105-60) – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*In Treatment (#74/231 & 75/232) – HBO @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes)


Monday is the series premiere of Cake Boss on TLC at 10/9c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 10:30/9:30c. The show focuses on master baker Buddy Valastro as he struggles to make his bakery in Hoboken, NJ a household name. Can his big Italian family help the celebrated cake-maker turn his father’s dream into a reality?

Tonight is also the series premiere of Obsessed on A&E at 10/9c. The show explores two individual cases where the subjects face debilitating extreme anxiety disorders, their struggle and the process of rehabilitation. Whether it is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder or a variety of phobias, the unscripted series gives viewers a chance to see first-hand how an obsession can radically affects a person’s life. It not only captures the particulars of the condition but sees the subject through the incredible emotion of one-on-one therapy sessions. By using cognitive behavioral therapy, each subject is taught how to understand their thought process which contributes to symptoms and how to change thought patterns, manage their anxiety and avoid the debilitating compulsions. The series then revisits each subject after several weeks of treatment to see if the obsession lingers.

Finally, tonight is the season premiere of 3 shows. First up is Intervention on A&E and Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC, both at 9/8c. Finally, at 10/9c on ABC is the season premiere of Here Comes the Newlyweds.

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Premiere*Cake Boss (#101/102) – TLC @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes Including Series Premiere)
  • *Series Premiere*Obsessed (#00) – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Here Come the Newlyweds (#201) – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *Season Premiere*Intervention (#87) – A&E @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*Jon & Kate Plus 8 (#501-60) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*4th & Long (#102) – Spike TV @ 10/9c
  • *New*Charm School (#303-60) – VH1 @ 9/8c
  • *New*Greek (#219) – ABC Family @ 8/7c
  • *New*Gotti’s Way (#204-30) – VH1 @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*In Treatment (#76/233, 77/234 & 78/235) – HBO @ 9/8c, 9:30/8:30c & 10/9c (3 New Episodes)
  • *New*Medium (#518) – NBC @ 10/9c
  • *New*New York Goes To Work (#104-30) – VH1 @ 10/9c
  • *New*Pros vs. Joes (#405) – Spike TV @ 11/10c
  • *New*The Bachelorette (#502-120) – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Hills (#509-30) – MTV @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes)


Tuesday is the season finale of My Boys on TBS at 10:30/9:30c and the season premiere of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen at 10/9c. It’s also the series finale of Reaper on the CW at 8/7c

Following that is the series premiere of Hitched or Ditched at 9/8c. This one-hour reality show focusing on couples who are in long-term relationships but have not yet taken that big leap into marriage. Nominated by a friend who believes it’s either time for the couple to tie to the knot or break up, each episode features a different couple who accept their friend’s proposition to set a wedding date in one week’s time. Throughout the week leading up to the big day, the couple is put through a series of personalized exercises that test their relationship, all while planning their dream wedding. They may have to confront their problems ranging from mending relationships with future in-laws to dealing with jealousy issues. When the wedding day arrives, the couple will make the final decision: will they tie the knot or call the whole thing off? Viewers will witness every emotional milestone as the couple decides if it’s time to get ‘hitched or ditched’. The series is hosted by Tanya McQueen (Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition).

Tonight is also the series premiere of Mental on FOX at 9/8c. This one-hour medica-mystery drama stars Chris Vance (Prison Break) and Annabella Sciorra (The Sopranos), Derek Webster, Edwin Hodge, Jacqueline McKenzie, Marisa Ramirez & Nicholas Gonzalez. The show features Dr. Jack Gallagher, a radically unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes Director of Mental Health Services at a Los Angeles hospital where he takes on patients battling unknown, misunderstood and often misdiagnosed psychiatric conditions. Gallagher delves inside their minds to gain a true understanding of who his patients are, allowing him to uncover what might be the key to their long-term recovery. As seen through the eyes of doctors and patients who, as Jack points out, have more in common then they’re willing to admit, MENTAL also tracks the romantic and personal relationships of the team of doctors and hospital staff who work closely together as they delve into the mysteries, oddities and wonders of the human brain.

Finally, tonight is the series premiere of The Little Couple on TLC at 10/9c. The show follows newlyweds Bill Klein and Jen Arnold. Picking up where the successful special, Little People Just Married left off, Bill, a successful businessman, and Jen, a pediatrician, who are both under four feet tall, will share their unique perspectives on life, love and marriage.

There are 2 specials tonight. First up is the 2-hour special on NBC at 8/7c, TV’s 50 Funniest Phrases. Also tonight is the 2-hour part 2 of the mini-series, Diamonds on ABC at 9/8c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Finale*Reaper (#214) – CW @ 8/7c
  • *Season Finale*My Boys (#309) – TBS @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *Series Premiere*Hitched or Ditched (#103) – CW @ 9/8c
  • *Series Premiere*Mental (#MEN-101) – FOX @ 9/8c
  • *Series Premiere*The Little Couple (#101/102) – TLC @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes Including Series Premiere)
  • *Season Premiere*Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood – Oxygen @ 10/9c
  • *Special*Diamonds – ABC @ 9/8c (2-Hour Part 2 of 2 Mini-Series)
  • *Special*TV’s 50 Funniest Phrases – NBC @ 8/7c (2-Hour Special)
  • *New*18 Kids & Counting (#209-30) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*According To Jim (#815) – ABC @ 8/7c & 8:30/7:30c (2 New Episodes)
  • *New*Apprentice UK (#105) – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*Deadliest Catch (#507) – Discovery Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*Rescue Me (#508) – FX @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Alaska Experiment (#207) – Discovery Channel @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Real Housewives of New Jersey (#103) – Bravo @ 10/9c


Wednesday is the series premiere of The Goode Family on ABC at 9/8c. This new animated series features the voices of Brian Doyle Murray, Dave Herman, Linda Cardellini, Mike Judge & Nancy Carell. With standards always changing, no matter how hard you try to be good, it’s virtually impossible these days . . . especially for the Goode family. Meet Gerald and Helen Goode, a couple who live by the motto WWAGD (“What Would Al Gore Do?”). Gerald, a college administrator, and Helen, a community activist, are determined to obliterate their carbon footprint on the planet: They’re zealous vegans, drive a hybrid, and recycle everything possible. Even the family dog, Che, is vegan. In the words of Helen, all the Goodes want to do is buy organic apples and call minorities by their right names. But despite their best efforts, something always goes haywire with their politically correct plans.

Tonight is also the series premiere of Your Worst Animal Nightmares on Animal Planet at 9/8c. Not much info about this that I could find, but basically it’s people facing dangerous animals such as sharks, crocodiles, deadly spiders, etc. More info at the link.

Also tonight is the series premiere of Tattoo Highway on A&E at 10/9c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 10:30/9:30c. The show follows the cross-country travels of master tattoo artist Thomas Pendelton. Pendelton and his business partner and wife Monica have transformed a 1970s tour bus into a tattoo parlor on wheels, featuring a swanky interior and top-of-the-line tattooing equipment. It’s a tattoo shop that can tattoo anyone, anywhere.

Tonight’s season premieres are Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E at 9/8c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 9:30/8:30c, Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns on TBS at 10/9c, followed by a 2nd new episode at 10:30:9:30c, and Wipeout on ABC at 8/7c.

Finally, tonight is a 2-hour special on CBS at 8/7c, George Strait: ACM Artist of the Decade All Star Concert.

Also on tonight:

  • *Series Premiere*Tattoo Highway (#01/02) – A&E @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes Including Series Premiere)
  • *Series Premiere*The Goode Family (#101) – ABC @ 9/8c
  • *Series Premiere*Your Worst Animal Nightmares (#101/102) – Animal Planet @ 9/8c
  • *Season Premiere*Dog the Bounty Hunter (#125) – A&E @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes Including Season Premiere)
  • *Season Premiere*Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (#201/202) – TBS @ 10/9c & 10:30/9:30c (2 New Episodes Including Season Premiere)
  • *Season Premiere*Wipeout (#210) – ABC @ 8/7c
  • *Special*George Strait: ACM Artist of the Decade All Star Concert – CBS @ 8/7c (2-Hour Special)
  • *New*Make Me a Supermodel (#212) – Bravo @ 10/9c
  • *New*Mythbusters (#122/708) – Discovery Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*Night (#115/116) – Animal Planet @ 10/9c
  • *New*Pitchmen (#107) – Discovery Channel @ 10/9c
  • *New*Reno 911 (#613) – Comedy Central @ 10:30/9:30c
  • *New*So You Think You Can Dance (#DAN-503/504) – FOX @ 8/7c (2-Hour New Episode)
  • *New*Surviving Suburbia (#1??) – ABC @ 9:30/8:30c
  • *New*The Cougar (#107) – TV Land @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Real World/Road Rules Challenge (#1708-60) – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Ultimate Fighter (#909) – Spike TV @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Unusuals (#107) – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*Time Warp (#208-60) – Discovery Channel @ 8/7c
  • *New*Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (#323/324) – TBS @ 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c (2 New Episodes)


Thursday is the 2-hour special, The 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee on ABC at 8/7c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Special*The 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee – ABC @ 8/7c (2-Hour Special)
  • *New*American Chopper (#141/608) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Crime 360 (#12/202) – A&E @ 10/9c
  • *New*Escape to Chimp Eden (#217/218) – Animal Planet @ 10/9c
  • *New*My First Place (#HMFP-1013) – HGTV @ 8/7c
  • *New*So You Think You Can Dance (#DAN-505/506) – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*The Fashion Show (#104) – Bravo @ 10/9c


Friday is the season premiere of What Not To Wear on TLC at 9/8c.

Also on tonight:

  • *Season Premiere*What Not To Wear (#701) – TLC @ 9/8c
  • *New*Don’t Forget the Lyrics! (#LYR-212) – FOX @ 8/7c
  • *New*Myles of Style (#HMOFS-3??) – HGTV @ 8:30/7:30c
  • *New*Patton 360 (#107) – History Channel @ 9/8c
  • *New*Real Time with Bill Maher (#714) – HBO @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Phone (#106-60) – MTV @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Soup – E! @ 10/9c


Saturday is the return of Pushing Daisies on ABC at 10/9c. I believe this is the first of 3 final episodes, so if you are a fan, don’t miss it!

Also on tonight:

  • *New*Beverly Hills Groomer (#105/106) – Animal Planet @ 10/9c
  • *New*Groomer Has It (#208) – Animal Planet @ 9/8c
  • *New*Harper’s Island (#107) – CBS @ 9/8c
  • *New*Nanny 911 (#407-60) – CMT @ 8/7c
  • *New*Primeval (#303) – BBC America @ 9/8c
  • *New*Pushing Daisies (#211) – ABC @ 10/9c
  • *New*The Graham Norton Show (#511) – BBC America @ 10/9c
  • *New*World’s Strictest Parents (#107-60) – CMT @ 9/8c

That’s it! Hope you all have a great week!

— Jenny

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