TV News – 6/2/09

A quick glimpse at news for today before I review what’s been going on with CBS and NBC.

All One Tree Hill fans have heard by now that Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Burton are not coming back next season, however here’s an interesting twist. Brian Austin Green may be joining the series as Nathan’s agent. This will help fill in the cast and although it’s not Chad, Green is easy on the eyes and will hopefully bring something to the show. Although, I am wondering if he might be more comfortable in a different CW zip code? Read more here

Is Lafayette going to be back this season to add some spice to our True Blood? Maybe it’s not “news” per say but here are some juicy tidbits on some of the summer’s hottest shows, courtesy of Kristin@EOnline!. Check it out here: EOnline!

What’s out and in for CBS and NBC after the jump.

CBS has cancelled seven shows, but has kept 21. Although previously thought to be on the chopping block, Flashpoint, has been picked up for a third season.

In addition to all of your favourites, CBS is also adding a few new shows including the Julianna Margulies drama, The Good Wife, and Three Rivers, starring former Moonlight hottie, Alex O’Loughlin. Read all about the schedule and the new shows:The Futon Critic

Sneak peeks at the new shows:

The Good Wife

Three Rivers

NCIS: Los Angeles

Miami Trauma

The Bridge

In the graveyard reserved for NBC shows, there are some new headstones recently added. Those shows are: My Name is Earl, Lipstick Jungle, Life, Kath & Kim, and Knight Rider. NBC may have tried to bury Medium, but CBS resurrected it and put it on their fall schedule. There are rumours that Fox or ABC may try to pick up My Name is Earl, but as of yet, no news on it being brought back to life for next season.

As for new shows, the network is adding a couple more medical dramas, Mercy and Trauma. Is it just me, or does it seem like every network has some new medical drama this coming season? I mean, I do like them but I’m starting to think it’s getting to the overdose level for Fall. Mercy does look decent, and it has Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy, Gossip Girl) which is a plus in my opinion.

A drama with creative input from Ron Howard called Parenthood, about four adult siblings sharing the ups and downs of parenting looks really promising. You’ll see a strong cast that includes, Maura Tierney(ER), Craig T. Nelson (Coach) and Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), making it one to watch this season.

NBC is also adding a couple comedies to the roster. First there’s 100 Questions, which looks amusing but reminds me a little of Friends. Then they have Community, which is a comedy about an odd group of people at community college, with a humour that is kind of the like The Office. I have to admit they both look interesting, but only time will tell if they are successful enough to stick around.

This just in, Jericho is returning… okay I lied, it’s actually a new drama called Day One, which reeks of another apocalyptic copy cat of Deep Impact or Armaggedon. Why couldn’t NBC just have picked up Jericho so a fan favourite could have stayed?

The new schedule and some info on the shows here: The Futon Critic and also Here.

Some previews of the new shows:



100 Questions



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3 Responses to TV News – 6/2/09

  1. Anonymous says:

    is it official that hilary and chad won’t be back?

  2. Samantha says:

    is it really official about chad and hilary?

  3. Megan says:

    Unfortunately, it is official. Whether it was the contract negotiations gone wrong, or the Chad and Hilarie choosing to leave after 6 years, they are officially not returning. I haven’t even heard any rumblings about them coming back for the first episode to tie up loose ends. In today’s TV News I’ll get you guys some links to articles/interviews about it 🙂