TV News – 6/5/09

ABC house promo video features Patrick Dempsey, Courtney Cox, Ed O’Neil and Dominic Monaghan. Wait… Dominic Monaghan from Lost? Isn’t he dead? Hmmm.. nothing confirmed yet, but looks like Dominic Monaghan will possibly be making his way back to ABC. Is he going to get Lost again? Or will he be in a different show… Here’s the short article from Ausiello.

Check out the promo clip then share your speculations below!

Let’s take a look at some new shows and season premieres happening this summer after the jump.

Edie Falco is Nurse Jackie. Showtime is set to premiere the new series on June 8th. Nurse Jackie is a dark comedy about an ER nurse who is stubborn, mouthy, and addicted to pain killers. She has issues in both her professional and her personal life that allow for many entertaining moments on the show. Besides Falco, this show has some serious talent, including Peter Facinelli (Twilight), and Paul Schulze (24). I think Showtime has a hit on their hands. I’ve seen the first episode and it’s pretty awesome. Edie Falco is perfect in this role, and I really enjoyed the dark humour of the show.

Here’s a clip from the premiere episode:

ABC Family is definitely becoming a network to watch. After a successful first season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, the show is back with just as many teenage trials and tribulations. Will Amy stay with Ben? Or will she go with Ricky because he’s the father of her child? Watch Mondays at 8pm starting June 22nd and find out!

Here’s a sneak peek at Season 2.

Premiering after The Secret Life on June 22nd is the new show, Make It or Break It, about a group of teenage gymnasts. Basic premise is a team of young girls, whose whole lives are gymnastics, are joined by a new girl who was discovered on a playground. Now just imagine how catty those young girls become when trying to protect their spots on the team… ouch. It’s going to be teenage drama all over the place.

Take a glimpse at it.

Remember how you swooned over Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles in the now classic 10 Things I Hate About You? Well, it’s being remade for the next generation on ABC Family. That’s right, starting July 7th, you can watch your favourite teen movie become the new, popular teen show of the summer. Larry Miller, who played the father in the movie, will reprise his role in the TV series, but the ever moody Kat will be played by Lindsay Shaw (Aliens in America). The original movie is on my list of favourite movies of all time, so I sincerely hope that the writers of the series knock this one out of the park. I also hope that Shaw can channel at least half of the sarcastic anger that Stiles did, because Kat any other way wouldn’t be as loveable. That being said, on July 7th I will be watching.

Preview Clip:

Ellen DeGeneres will be coming to TBS on June 27th, with her Ellen’s Bigger Longer and Wider Show. Guests include Kanye West and David Blaine and it’s being taped in Chicago. Ellen is great on her daytime show and I’m thinking this may be one variety show I’ll actually check out. Read more with The Futon Critic.

NBC has a new eight-part drama called The Philanthropist, premiering June 24th. The show follows the story of a billionaire who has a change of heart and becomes a philanthropist, leaving his playboy ways behind him. The series has star credits such as Neve Campbell (Party of Five, Burn Up), Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) and James Purefoy (Rome) as the lead. For info on this and other summer series from NBC check in with The Futon Critic Here.

Below are some clips from the new shows.

The Listener

The Philanthropist



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