TV News – 6/8/09

Fox will air the episode of Mental that guest stars David Carradine on Tuesday, despite the actor’s recent death. The guest spot has him playing a famous professor, Gideon Graham, who is catatonic and Dr. Gallagher has set his mind to bringing Graham back to reality. Article here: The Washington Post

Clip of the episode:

According to Ausiello, Dominic Monaghan isn’t getting Lost again, he’s going to be joining the cast of different ABC drama. Which one? Well, your guess is as good as mine because the network is keeping it under tight wraps at the moment. They want it to be a huge surprise. I have my theories, but only time will tell. Let me hear your ideas, or concerns, about this below.

News on TNT’s summer line up after the jump.

The Closer, which premieres tonight at 9 pm on TNT, is going to see a couple of changes this season. Some focused around Brenda’s (Kyra Sedgwick) new married life and others to do with the squad. Can Brenda find room in her life for children with her bleak opinion of the world today? Here’s an interview with Sedgwick courtesy of Kristin@E!Online.

TNT has a couple new shows premiering this summer, both are dramas and both look worthy of viewing.

The first is a new medical drama, Hawthorne, with the story from the view of a nurse. [NEWS FROM JENNY: Keep an eye out in a few days. I’m going to be speaking with Michael Vartan (Alias) today about his role in Hawthorne! I’ll write it up in a few days!] Sound familiar? Well, there are also two other new medical shows with nurses at the forefront coming to television soon. One is the dark comedy, Nurse Jackie, on Showtime, and the second is Mercy, which premieres in the fall on NBC.

The thing that makes TNT’s new drama so promising is the superb cast. Jada Pinkett Smith is playing the lead character, Christina Hawthorne, and from what I have seen she is fantastic. Nurse Hawthorne is the head nurse at Richmond Trinity Hospital and she’s a fighter. She fights for her patients no matter what the cost to herself. Among the rest of the great cast is Michael Vartan (Alias), who does a stellar job in his role as Dr. Wakefield, an oncologist and director of medicine at the hospital. Hawthorne premieres on June 16th at 9 pm. Don’t miss it!

Here’s a clip of Hawthorne

The second new show is a crime drama, Dark Blue, premiering on July 15th after Leverage. Dark Blue is about a unit of undercover police officers that are so secretive that most of their own department doesn’t even know about them. The leader of the unit is played by Dylan McDermott (Big Shots, The Practice), whose character, Carter Shaw, has a very unstable private life outside his job. Shaw is in charge of a group of undercovers who are all dealing with their own personal issues. Dark Blue will air Sundays starting July 15th, at 10pm. More info: The Futon Critic

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