TV News – 6/12/09

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Love the Winchester brothers from Supernatural? Who doesn’t right? Well, here’s an interview for you to read, courtesy of Kristin@EOnline. Her team caught up with Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) and got some details on season 5 and the possibility of a season 6. Check it out here.

For those who follow So You Think You Can Dance, you probably know that the Top 20 is amazing this year. The judges really have a hard job when it comes to sending someone home each week, but that being said, if the dancers don’t bring it 110% each week, then they better prepare to dance for their lives. I do watch SYTYCD and although I am always sad to see anyone go, I couldn’t agree more with this week’s elimination.

For more TV News and to see who was eliminated jump with me!

Paris Torres, a contemporary dancer, who recovered from a bad car accident to do what she loves, and Hip-hop cutie Tony Bellissimo, who relied more on his charm than his talent, were the first two to be eliminated. Their hip-hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, just wasn’t good enough to compete against all the other amazing performances. Simply stated, they didn’t bring it. Then to add insult to injury, neither Tony nor Paris really showed the judges why they were special when they danced for their lives. The other 4 dancers in the bottom six ( Asuka Kondoh, Vitolio Jeune, Jonathan Platero, and Karla Garcia ) danced their solos for the judges like they should be done, as if they would die if they failed. So farewell to Tony and Paris, bring on the top 18!

The CW just released a longer preview clip of the new Melrose Place, and although I personally think it’ll be one of my new guilty pleasures, here’s the new clip to help you decide if you’re going to tune in come Fall.

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