TV News 6/15/09

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette Reynolds on True Blood

True Blood’s season 2 premiere was fantastic, and I’m going make your day after the premiere even more fantastic by linking you to an awesome interview done by Ausiello (man, he’s had a lot of good interviews lately. lol.) If you did not see the season 2 premiere last night, DO NOT READ!!! The interview is full of spoilers, so click at the risk of being spoiled. Ausiello

For more TV News, including Fox’s Fall premiere schedule, follow me!

Anxious to find out how House fairs in the loony bin? Can’t wait to see where Fringe take us next? Well, Fox has just announced it’s Fall schedule, and I am marking my calendar as I type this! Schedule an appearance with your inner high school self to watch the Fall premiere of Glee on September 16th. I am looking forward to this show as a comedic escape weekly. The following night we’ll be checking back in with Bones and Booth, to see how Booth handles remembering Brennan, but not being able to remember which Brennan she is… Bones or Booth’s club owner wife. Should be fun! For more on the schedule check it out with Kristin@EOnline.

Speaking of Glee, here’s a new promo clip I stumbled upon and I agree with the TV Addict’s assessment that “it never gets old.”

CBS has ordered three more installments of the hidden camera show I Get That A Lot. The show showcases celebrities in everyday jobs, tricking people into cases of “mistaken identity”, wondering if that really is Jeff Probst, or just some guy who looks exactly like him. lol. The names of the celebrities participating in the next round of shows has yet to be announced. I’ll fill you in as soon as I know 🙂 Full article here.

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  1. theTVaddict says:

    you know what also never gets old, hearing people agree with my assessment 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks. lol.