So You Think You Can Dance – 6/17/09

So You Think You Can Dance was hard for me to critique this week. I really enjoy the show, but some of my favourite couples just didn’t grab me like they usually do. That being said, there were a few surprises from some couples this week. If you haven’t watched it yet, my comments might spoil it for you. If you have already seen it, or simply don’t mind being spoiled, please jump with me!

I was amazed at how well Melissa and Ade performed their Jazz routine, choreographed by Sonya. It was my favourite of the night, and the fact that ballet dancer, Melissa, could get so down right raw and dirty was fantastic. She really embraced the choreography and I couldn’t stop watching her. That being said, Ade has this strength that’s so refined one moment and bursting at the seams the next, it’s enthralling. For Ade to be able to carry Melissa on his back while dancing and moving so gracefully was tremendous.

Another good surprise this week was Vitolio and Asuka’s Waltz, this routine was so emotional. Vitolio has a very sad story of his life, and the choreographer, Louis Van Amstel, worked that emotion into the dance. It was stunning. Both Vitolio and Asuka carried themselves beautifully and it pulled on my heartstrings. I’m glad that they didn’t go home after being in the bottom three last week.

Jonathan and Carla danced a contemporary routine, choreographed by SYTYCD Canada’s Stacey Tookey. This is Carla’s genre of dance, so I expected her to be as great as she was. What I didn’t expect was Jonathan to be as amazing as he was. I agree with Mary when she said to Jonathan “you danced this better than you do your own style”. He did, he was strong, yet so fluid in his movements, I was so pleasantly surprised.

Okay, so I’m going to give you my bottom three, I’m not sure if they’ll all actually be in the bottom 3 but these couples failed to entertain me, move me or simply interest me tonight. Their routines were forgettable.

First off, I think that Jason and Caitlin will be there. They performed a Shane Sparks Hip-Hop routine, and they did not do it justice. After last weeks stellar Bollywood performance I expected to see even more chemistry between the two dancers, but there wasn’t, there was actually less. It was awkward to watch, and they just didn’t deliver.

Second in my bottom three will be Ashley and Kupono. Last week, they were stupendous when they took on a routine by Wade Robson’s, but this week I was left feeling disappointed with their Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Shane Sparks. Shane did not have a good night with dancers living up to the potential his routines had. Ashley was decent, she had some good moments, but Kupono just didn’t do anything for me at all.

I don’t want to admit it but the final couple in my bottom three is Phillip and Jeanine. *ducking my head* 🙁 I know I love Phillip too, but be honest that Tango was hard to watch. Phillip has been a favourite of mine since his auditions in season 4 and he is very good at what he does, but he did not bring it tonight. The Tango beat him. Bad. I’ll give him slight credit for being an untrained dancer taking on one of the hardest ballroom dances, but I guess I just expected more. Jeanine was good, she didn’t amaze me but she wasn’t terrible. Phillip looked as if he was in pain, and considering his performance he most likely was. Do I think that his huge fan following will save him from elimination tomorrow? Possibly. Believe me, my fingers are crossed for that as well. 😉

There you have it, my rundown of So You Think You Can Dance. Do you agree with me? Hate my choices for the bottom three? Tell me, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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