TV News 6/18/09

Maggie Grace ( Shannon ) could be returning to Lost. In a recent interview with EOnline, Maggie stated “I’m looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon…I don’t know why…” She was vague about why she was heading there but given the fact that Lost seems to be rallying the troops for the final season ( whether or not they’ve been dead for a while. lol) it seems likely she’ll be gracing us with her presence on this coming season.

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Curious where House is going with the whole crazy, institutionalized thing? Well, the cast of the show were very loose-lipped when interviewed by a member of the EOnline staff. If you don’t mind some mild spoilers, and innuendos of things to come next season, check the article out here.

Shantel VanSanten has been cast to play Haley’s older sister, Quinn, on One Tree Hill this coming season. I am still sad that Peyton-Lucas are officially gone, but who knows… all these new cast members might make it interesting as well. Only Fall will tell. Check out the article with Ausiello.

ABC added another premiere date to it’s schedule. Private Practice will return Thursday, October 1st. I’m anxious to see what happens to Violet, after the cliff-hanger left her in a less than great situation. ( I won’t say what in case you still haven’t seen it… if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for ? )

Heroes is in works to add another person the cast, Rick Worthy ( Battlestar Galactica ). Worthy would be a veteran L.A. police officer who is partnered with Parkman ( Greg Grunberg ).This would be the fifth newcomer added to the cast for season 4. More with Zap2It.

Speaking of casting news, NCIS: Los Angeles has added oscar winner Linda Hunt ( The Year of Living Dangerously). Hunt is set to play a strong-willed woman who oversees the “backroom” staff. These are the people who get the agents all their neat gadgets. 🙂 I think she’ll be great in the role, she is one fierce lady, and I really enjoy watching her on-screen. Great addition! Check out the article with Ausiello.

Remember how I’ve reported that Brian Austin Green was in talks for joining One Tree Hill, then he wasn’t. Then after his pilot, Body Politic, was not added to the CW’s Fall schedule, we wondered about him. Okay, maybe we didn’t wonder but we are slightly curious what David Silver is up to, right? Well, Brian Austin Green has officially signed on for a guest role on Smallville as cyborg Metallo. I’m just baffled. Honestly, why would he pass up a regular role on One Tree Hill for a guest role on Smallville, a show that, although fantastic, has been banished to Friday nights… Silly move Silver, very silly move. Article here with Kristin@EOnline. [Note from Jenny: Maybe he’s hearing the same rumors about a possible spinoff for Smallville, and he’s hoping maybe his role will transfer to the spinoff into a permanent spot? *laughs* No clue.]

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3 Responses to TV News 6/18/09

  1. Jenny says:

    Be sure and check out my comment at the end, Megan & anyone else interested in BAG or Smallville. heh

  2. Megan says:

    Rumors are one thing, but the OTH deal paid nicely and it was a decent role, or perhaps I’m just upset I won’t be watching him weekly anymore lol.
    *shrugs* Let’s hope he does make the spinoff… if there is

  3. elsa says:

    Simply he can do better than OTH, he knows it and his agent know it too.