TV News – 6/19/09

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂 I’m going to review some news then jump into the results from So You Think You Can Dance, so let’s get started.

According to EW News, Katherine Heigl will be returning to Grey’s Anatomy next season. It was rumored that Heigl would be leaving the show to focus on her big screen work, but in statements released to the public, she said she she still wanted to remain on the show. I’m glad, because she and Alex just got married, and we’re going to see the emotional rollercoaster of her losing her best friend, George, all the while battling her own sickness. Excited? I am. 🙂

More on Grey’s Anatomy and SYTYCD after the jump.

In other Grey’s news, T.R. Knight has released a statement about his departure. Check out the article with Ausiello.

I thought that I’d throw in a George and Izzie clip, in honor of Heigl staying and Knight leaving. I really will miss George and Izzie’s chemistry, but I wish T.R. Knight well in his future projects. This is the infamous elevator scene from season 3, enjoy.

So You Think You Can Dance elimination night was a story of triumph and failure. I called two of the bottom three couples. However, I was slightly surprised that Max and Kayla were in the bottom three. They were joined by Caitlin, Jason, Kupono, and Ashley.

The opening number choreographed by Mia Michaels was fierce. I absolutely loved how well the dancers performed it. They were all great tonight. Not one dancer stood out to me more than another, and that is the sign of talent, both from the dancers and from Mia. Well done!

The triumph part of last night was when Phillip and Jeanine were saved by their awesome fan following, although I wouldn’t have minded seeing their solos, simply because I love to watch Phillip’s unique take on dancing.

Speaking of solos, what was Ashley thinking? I agree with the judges she did look beautiful, but her solo lacked a lot. She really didn’t dance for her life. She sauntered, she posed, she did not, however, dance… at least not enough. Her solo combined with her performance last night was enough to have the judges sending her home. The judges said it was not an unanimous decision, however it should have been. Will I miss her… honestly no! Glad the other two are safe.

Now I’m torn with the guy that was eliminated. Max had what I thought was a very well done solo. I also thought that the routine choreographed by Brian Friedman last night was awesome. My only issue with Max is that his personality doesn’t always come through and I feel disconnected while watching him. It’s not like with Jason or Kupono, where I feel their love of dance come through in their performances. I find Max’s dancing hollow, and I believe in the end his lack of warmth did him in. I won’t miss him. That being said, I thought that Kupono’s solo was the weakest, and his performance last night was also the weakest, so technically speaking, I would have chosen to send Kupono home.

The new pairing of Kayla and Kupono should be terrific, because they both love dance and it shows in their performances. Kayla is once again the more talented dancer in her pairing, but hopefully with a scare of the bottom three fresh on them they’ll both rise to the occasion next week.

That’s all for now, but let me know your thoughts below. Did you agree with the eliminations? Who’s your favourite so far?

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  1. Meredith says:

    I have enjoyed reading your articles Megan! Reading your bio was like reading a little about my life and interests – family, entertainment (being tv and movies lol), and reading.

    Keep up the good work!!! I look forward to reading more of your articles as they come out 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my column. Let me say I look forward to you reading my articles as well 🙂