TV News – 6/22/09

Are you wondering how Scrubs is going to go on without J.D. ( Zach Braff ) ? Well, looks like they’re going to go to medical school. The next season will be set in the classroom with Turk ( Donald Faison ) and Dr. Cox ( John C. McGinley ) as professors. Don’t fret though, Sacred Heart isn’t disappearing altogether. The students will be doing rotations through the hospital. Some of our old favorites like Sarah Chalke (Elliott), Judy Reyes (Carla) and Ken Jenkins (the old chief) will be making guest appearances. Although Scrubs was perfect before, with the change in it’s cast, etc this may be the change they need to keep it fresh. Check out the full article with Ausiello

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Do you love Friday Night Lights? Well, Connie Britton from the popular show dropped by to see Ausiello and did a great interview filled with spoilers and hints. So if you want to know details on your favorite show, click the link. Don’t like spoilers, don’t click… but you’ll miss a great interview 🙂 Interview here.

Tonight is the series premiere of Make It Or Break It on ABC Family, and can you guess which former child star is going to be a series regular? DJ Tanner … I mean Candace Cameron Bure! Okay, call me a geek, but I think it’s great that after taking some time off from acting to raise her 3 children, she’s coming back to TV! She’ll be playing Summer, a girlfriend to one of the gymnast’s dad. The daughter, Lauren, makes it very clear that Summer isn’t welcome in their family. After all, teenage girls live for drama right? lol. What’s even better then Candace’s return to TV is that The TV Addict had a chance to chat with her. Oh, how envious am I? *laughs* Here’s the interview so we can all be jealous together 🙂 The TV Addict

What better to get you ready for the premiere tonight at 9pm than to give you a longer preview clip? The show looks promising, especially with all our favorite drama filled shows on hiatus. It’ll give us something to obsess about 😉

One last piece of news… Bryan Fuller, brilliant mind behind Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me, was co-exec producer of Heroes in the first season then left to start Pushing Daisies. When that was cancelled, he came back to Heroes. The news is that he has now left Heroes, again, to concentrate on developing new projects on his own. More here at Korby at Zap2It.

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2 Responses to TV News – 6/22/09

  1. tedder says:

    Wait.. why isn’t Braff on Scrubs? He didn’t renew his contract, or something else?

    We gave up halfway through last season. We should haven’t even started that season- they ended it well in Season 6, and everything after then has just been well over the shark.

  2. Jenny says:

    heh Yeah, didn’t renew his contract. Old news. 😛