So You Think You Can Dance – 6/24/09

As usual, I really enjoyed So You Think You Can Dance last night, but again there were some couples who disappointed and some who surprised. It always amazes me how one week the dancers can be so right on, and the next week so off. I can agree when the judges point out that every week the dancers are pushed more and more to their limits, some of them could possibly be reaching their breaking points. Let’s get into it shall we? My favorites and my take on the bottom three after the jump, as always if you didn’t watch it yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, consider yourself warned 🙂

I was so pleased with Randi and Evan this week, they were really great last night. I have always enjoyed Evan’s personality and really think they are a great couple but last night I was very impressed at their routine. They danced a contemporary routine choreographed by the marvellous Mia Michaels. It was a strange concept for a routine, being that it was centered on Randi’s backside…which all stemmed from Mia’s thought about a poodle’s behind. Yes, I am serious. The simplicity of the dance was sublime, making it hard not to watch. Randi looked amazing last night, and she floored us all with her confidence. She would have to be confident to have her butt be the centre of the routine. Evan danced it wonderfully, and really stuck to his character, but that being said, he had good motivation. What guy wouldn’t want permission to openly stare at a girl’s bottom?

The couple who are quickly becoming the couple to beat is Melissa and Ade. Last night they performed a very sexy Rumba choreographed by Tony Meredith. The choice of Emotion by Destiny’s Child as the song was an inspired choice because this dance brought all sorts of emotions out in all of us. Melissa’s dress was astounding. I applaud any woman who can pull off a dress with so little fabric and still look sexy as opposed to sleezy. Her naughty ballerina status is climbing, because that girl was just oozing sexuality and I think any man in that theatre would have gladly followed her to the ends of the earth. Besides looking sexy, her movements were so fluent and she did a wonderful job of getting across the seductive attitude behind the rumba. All this combined with Ade’s strength, his superb lifts and technique gave me goosebumps. Ade is a fantastic dancer and is doing an astonishing job of adapting to all the new styles thrown at them weekly. They are definently becoming one of my favorite couples.

The only routine I disagreed with the judges about was their take on Phillip and Jeanine’s Broadway routine. The routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. The judges were quick to say that Phillip needed to do more, where as I thought both Jeanine and Phillip did wonderfully. The routine was fun and thoroughly entertaining. Let’s give Phillip some credit… he jumped over a couch, didn’t land on his partner while doing it, but did however split his pants. lol They stayed in sync almost the whole routine and it was a great job by Tyce to use the routine to showcase both of their quirky personalities.

I was also really pleased with Vitolio and Asuka as a couple. They have come a long way and they are really showing a great unity as a couple. The clip before the routine where Asuka, while crying said to Vitolio, “I don’t want to disappoint you.” was so touching. Especially when Vitolio just hugged and comforted her. Their Jazz routine was good, but their partnership was awesome.

Okay, my bottom three couples. They may differ from the judges or yours but again, these couples didn’t catch me tonight.

First, I believe that Carla and Jonathan will be in the bottom this week. Last week they were fantastic with their contemporary routine, but this week they were terrible with their Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Dave Scott. It was supposed to be a Bonny and Clyde-esque gangster routine, and they just didn’t hit it hard enough. They weren’t synchronized, and they stumbled through the moves with the hats as props. The only good thing about the routine was the tumbling by Jonathan, but it wasn’t enough to save it for me.

The next couple in my bottom three is Kupono and Kayla. It was a hard choice but their Viennese waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux, just didn’t do much for me. Was Kayla beautiful like always? Yes, she was. Did her lines go on forever? Don’t they always. I just didn’t love it, it was forgettable and I found my mind wandering while watching it. I do however hope they get another chance at their new coupling next week.

My final couple in the bottom three is Jason and Caitlin, with their Paso Doble choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. The costumes were a little crazy, and looked like they were difficult to dance in. Just like last week, I didn’t feel any real connection between the two dancers and it I didn’t enjoy watching it. Usually the Paso Doble is brought across with such passion, whether it’s sexual passion or angry passion. Tonight Jean-Marc wanted angry passion and we didn’t get it. The only high point to the routine was the opening lift, it was fierce. Fierce enough to save them? I don’t know.

There’s my opinion on SYTYCD this week, check back tomorrow for my take on the eliminations!

[Note from Jenny – Sorry this is up so late!]

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