MORE TV News – 6/26/09

Mark Pellegrino is Lucifer

I just had to post this tonight! Supernatural has just cast Mark Pellegrino ( Lost, Dexter ) as Lucifer. In the season finale, the Devil was released from hell. We never actually saw Lucifer’s face, so that will be remedied in the season premiere on September 10th. I think that Pellegrino is a great choice. He is definitely the bad guy type in my mind. So YAY! Great job Supernatural! Check out the full article with Ausiello.

A few other news tidbits after the jump

In other CW news, the network is burning off the rest of the Valentine episodes. The show, which wasn’t all bad, only lasted a few episodes before the powers that be pulled the plug. I didn’t love the show but I didn’t think it was terrible either. The new episodes will start this Sunday at 7 pm.

Finally, don’t forget that tonight is the premiere of Virtuality, originally meant to be a pilot, but made into a TV movie when it didn’t get picked up. All hope is not lost yet, if it does well it may still be picked up, maybe even by a different network. Tune in to Fox tonight at 8 pm, and give it a chance. Here’s a clip to get you interested 🙂

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