So You Think You Can Dance – 7/1/09

Before we go into the recap of the show from last night, let’s talk about the announcement about the Dizzy Feet Foundation. This is a foundation that will help to provide scholarship opportunities for dancers who may not otherwise be able to afford the lessons. We also got official details on the Katie Holmes doing a SYTYCD appearance. Holmes will be dancing on the 100th episode of the show, which airs on July 23. She’ll be dancing a Tyce Diorio, jazz routine and donating all of the money earned by this performance to the foundation, for which she is involved in as well.

I think that the arts and music are all vital parts of a well rounded childhood, and that often their importance to our youth is overlooked. I am very happy that this foundation will help contribute to the bettering of our young people. The other thing that interests me is seeing Katie Holmes dancing. It’ll either be fantastic, or an amusing flop.

The recap after the jump.

So You Think You Can Dance was a little odd last night. Not odd in the something was missing sense, but odd in the “what were the choreographers smoking” odd. Some were oddly good, and some were just bad. Aliens impregnating humans, Romeo and Juliet and a museum all played a part in last night’s stranger than fiction show, but let me run down my favorites and my bottom three.

I loved watching Phillip and Jeanine really get their groove back with their chains that bind, hip-hop routine, choreographed by the always exciting Tabitha and Napolean. Phillip and Jeanine were literally chained together at the ankle. This was to illustrate how the dancers pick a partner from a hat, and then are committed to dance with them. So basically it’s a spin on the whole process of the show. Very smart idea and it was unreal. Both dancers stepped it up to the hundredth power this week, and I admire their ability to use the prop and not have the prop use them. That being said, who pissed in Mia’s cornflakes? Seriously though, was it just me or was she supremely hard on all the couples this week, especially for little things that were usually out of their own control. With Phillip and Jeanine, it was that she got caught up in the “chainography” of it. I loved this routine and thought that it was a solid performance.

“Romeo, Romeo, where forth art thou Romeo?” Forget Romeo! “Ade, Ade, where forth art thou Ade?” 🙂 Is there nothing he can’t do? Melissa and Ade danced a classical ballet, Pas de Deux, choreographed by Thordal Christensen. Melissa may be a naughty ballerina, but tonight she was in full prima ballerina mode. So beautiful, so elegant. Melissa’s dancing was superb. Although one would expect the ballerina to nail ballet right? But who would have expected Ade to be as fantastic as he was. Ade’s lifts as always were incredible, but the thing that got me was his raw strength. His leaps and jumps were so high that it looked as though he were floating through the air. Truly a magnificent routine. My only worry is that people will not appreciate it as much as some of the more mainstream routines.

The one that surprised me the most was the new coupling of Vitolio and Carla. I expected them to crash and burn after the eliminations of their partners last week. Then they pulled the Quick step and I even said out loud. “Goodbye you two.” After all, the Quick Step is usually a kiss of death for a couple, right? Not if Jean-Marc Généreux had a say in it. His routine set in a museum was a brilliantly inspired choice. Vitolio came out of his shell, and laid everything on the line. Carla’s wardrobe quick change was very cool, and her dancing was just as mesmerizing. Overall, I believe they just may have done enough to save themselves.

Now onto my bottom three. Each week it gets more and more difficult for me to choose three couples to be in the bottom as all of them are really inspiring dancers, with so much talent. I don’t remember a season before this one where the Top 14 were all so strong. That being said, some of last night’s routines were not very good. Some because of the dancers and others because of the coo-coo choreography.

It pains me to say this, but Randi and Evan are the first couple in my bottom three. I love them as a couple, I think they are wonderful dancers and they always make me smile with their genuine love of dance. Love isn’t going to save them for me this week though. Their Broadway routine wasn’t very good. Which shocked me seeing as Broadway is Evan’s niche. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a wow for me. The routine choreographed by Joey Dowling, was a throwback to the great Bob Fosse and it was a darker Broadway. This wasn’t bluebirds and bouncing like Tyce Diorio’s normal Broadway routines, this was seduction, anger and passion. At least it was supposed to be. I can’t pin point one thing about the routine that was overly bad, the whole thing just wasn’t good. Average maybe, but not up to par with the others of the night. Do I think Randi and Evan may be saved by their huge fan following? I hope so.

The second couple to make my personal bottom three this week is Jason and Caitlin. They danced a Brian Freedman Jazz routine that was about an alien coming to earth to impregnate a human… odd right? At first I thought that it might work out to be a great routine, and then it started. I have to agree with Nigel when he said that Caitlin’s costume looked like a “human condom”. It was a black vinyl suite that had foil wrapped around it, and the the hood of the suit had spikes along the head. It was creepy. The routine didn’t give Caitlin the chance to show us her awesome grace of movement but it did however showcase Jason’s ability to follow. I think that dancers both did the routine to the best of their abilities and wardrobe limitations, however the choreography itself caged them. It was said sometime during last night’s show that a choreographer can make you or break you, and I’m sorry Brian Freedman may just have broken these two.

Finally, we have Kayla and Kupono. It was a very hard choice because besides the aforementioned two couples, everyone was stellar last night. However, compared to the others Kayla and Kupono, just weren’t as great. They danced a Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine that was about vampires, and death and the struggle to avoid such. The routine was awesome, and the dancers were wonderful. I can only say that I still don’t feel a connection between the couple and that makes their routines sometimes appear more clinical and less magical. Did I like the routine? Yes, but someone has to be in the bottom and compared to their competition they just weren’t on the same level.

So that’s all for now, but be sure to tune in tonight for the results and then check back here tomorrow for my thoughts. Speaking of thoughts, I’d love to hear yours below!

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2 Responses to So You Think You Can Dance – 7/1/09

  1. j.maddocks says:

    i like seeing opinnions on shows hat coincide with mine,(because i am always right!)and i look forward to reading more from you in the future. i do however have on equestion for you meagan- was there any mention of katie using a couch during her routine to jump on?

  2. Megan says:

    If you agree with me then you probably are always right! As far as couch jumping I’m not sure but I’ll be sure to let you know lol. But I’m sure Tom has cornered the market on the furniture jumping 😉