TV News – 7/3/09

TGIF! (That makes me suddenly nostalgic for Urkel. lol) I want to start by wishing all of our American readers a very happy and safe Independence Day weekend! Enjoy your celebrations.

It’s been a slow news week overall, and today is no different, but I’ll get to a little news and the results of So You Think You Can Dance after the jump. If you haven’t watched SYTYCD and don’t want to be spoiled, see ya later 😉 If you’re ready then jump with me.

According to The TV Addict, Rumor Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore) has signed on to guest star on 90210 this season, as an outspoken, spunky lesbian named Gia. She’ll be working at the school paper with Navid, Adrianna and Silver. So far, it’s only confirmed for at least one episode. Do we like this casting? Hmm, at least she’s closer to the high school age as opposed to the recently cast Trevor Donovan. Can’t make the show any cornier than it already is can it?

ABC is in talks with Christian Slater (My Own Worst Enemy, My Name is Earl) to take over the leading role in The Forgotten. The role was originally played by Rupert Penry-Jones who departed the show just after it was picked up by ABC in May. The Forgotten is centered around an ex-cop working with a group of newbie detectives on cases involving nameless victims. I can see Slater in this role, how about you? If the deal goes through we’ll see him starting September 22nd on ABC. For the full article check in with Zap2It.

Alright, now getting to the SYTYCD dance result show recap. Only one of my bottom three were actually in the bottom three this week, and that was Kayla and Kupono. Obviously, Evan and Randi’s large fan following saved them, and for that I am happy. On another note, apparently there were tons of alien and science fiction lovers watching because Jason, Caitlin and their “human condom” of a wardrobe were safe. That shocked me. As did the other two couples in the bottom three. Phillip and Jeanine, along with Vitolio and Karla. Both couples were in my top performances of the evening but apparently America didn’t agree with me. lol.

The opening number was a tribute to the Cirque du Soleil, and it was very good. I didn’t find it as amazing as last week, but it was well done. Oh and Kelly Clarkson’s performance was outstanding, that girl is amazing. Her performance made the whole show last night better 🙂

As far as solos go here’s the good and the bad, starting with the guys.

Phillip was fantastic, the only good thing about him being in the bottom three was that we got to watch him dance. He always amazes me with his quirky movements and musicality. I have to say I was shocked to see him in the bottom considering his awesome routine the night before, but at least the judges were smart enough to save him.

Kupono’s solo was uneventful, although I loved the choice of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as the song choice. He barely danced, he just smiled and posed. Weird and that had him put on warning for next week after the judges saved him as well.

Vitolio, dear Vitolio. He has such a beautiful personality but his solos especially are not doing anything to promote his dancing. He was mediocre, even after his wonderful performance the night before. His luck of being saved week after week ran out this time and he was sent home. Farewell, perhaps him and Asuka could continue their partnership off-screen 😉

Now for the girls. We’ve had never seen Jeanine dance solo yet this season, and what a treat. It was flawless, and the beauty of her lines and movements were unmatched. Just like her partner, Phillip, her solo was a treat to watch. The judges sent her to safety because of this, smart judges, this week. Here’s a clip of her solo because I just loved it that much.

Next we have Kayla, she is gorgeous and the camera loves her, but her solo … frankly it was terrible. It was lacking of the passion that usually accompanies her dancing and that was almost a bad thing for her, but the judges saved her. She was warned to bring it up next week though.

Finally, Karla. Honestly I thought she was beautiful on performance night, but felt no connection with her last night. Had I been the judge last week (oh what fun that would be) I would have sent her home last week with her partner Jonathan. The judges saved her last week, but were out of bad choices this week and she went home.

Even though Vitolio and Karla were amongst my favorite performances this week, I can say I won’t really miss them. The other dancers in the bottom three would have been a terrible loss of talent and life to the competition. So bring on the Top 12!

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