TV News – 7/6/09

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I did, except for my stupidity of forgetting to put sunscreen on… oops and ouch. I have quite a burn. lol. Anybody else miffed last night when True Blood was not a new episode? I was very upset with HBO decision to put a rerun on for the long weekend. 🙁 [Note from Jenny: I showed in my schedule that it wasn’t a new ep. 😛 So ya should have been prepared. 😉 ]

Okay onto some news! Well, the most news I can find for this summer day. 🙂

According to Ausiello, Chandra Wilson (Bailey on Grey’s) will be directing an episode of Grey’s Anatomy next season! This is exciting, I love Chandra and think that she will be brilliant as a director.

Another piece of news from Ausiello today is that Cyndi Lauper will be guest starring in the season premiere of Bones as Angela’s psychic, and even ends up as a suspect. I think this is a great casting choice, as Lauper is slightly out there already. She’ll make an excellent eccentric psychic type. For this news and more head to Ausiello, and you can even watch a small clip of Ausiello TV.

For more news jump ahead!

Okay, so because I’m not the only one disappointed by the True Blood rerun last night, Korbi at Zap2It is handing out a few spoilers on things such as Layfayette’s fate, Jason’s possible love interest, and Jessica and Hoyt’s future. If you want to know, or need to know ( like I do.) then click the link, but be warned SPOILERS ahead! 🙂

Just in case you were dying to know, the CW will be airing the episodes left of Easy Money starting Sunday, July 26th at 7pm. The drama, which premiered last September, only lasted until November and then was cancelled. I didn’t enjoy this show at all, and won’t be tuning in, but I do like it when a network finishes airing all the episodes already taped when a show is cancelled, it’s only fair to those who did like it.

Piper Perabo ( Coyote Ugly, Because I said So ), has been cast to play the lead in the USA network’s new pilot, Covert Affairs. According to Zap2It, Perabo will be playing a CIA agent in training, who is multi-talented. The show is yet to be officially picked up. I loved her in Coyote Ugly, and I loved her guest appearance on House. I’m hoping the show is picked up, because I think she’ll be a great addition to the TV universe.

That’s all for now, but be sure to catch a new episode of Nurse Jackie on HBO tonight. 🙂

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2 Responses to TV News – 7/6/09

  1. Megan says:

    Very funny Jenny. I was prepared, I was till miffed! lol. :p

  2. j.maddocks says:

    i love you! it’s great to have someone funny, informed and burnt! keep up the good work and stay out of the sun!