TV News – 7/7/09

It’s a big day for series premieres today. Tonight we’ve got three!

First up there is 10 Things I Hate About You on ABC Family at 8 pm. The show, based on the iconic 90’s movie, will be centered on the Stratford sisters, and the many ups and downs of high school. Obviously, it’s going to be hard for some of us who loved the original movie to see anyone else besides Julia Stiles playing Kat, or more importantly anyone but the sexy Heath Ledger playing Patrick. I do, however, think that given the success of the ABC Family network and it’s teenage dramas up until now, it may just be a hit. Not mention the fact that Larry Miller, will be reprising his role as the father and his comedic presence alone is enough to make me tune in. How about you? Below is a clip to get you interested for tonight’s premiere.

More news and clips after the jump

One of the other shows to premiere tonight is Warehouse 13 on SciFi at 9 pm with a 2-hr episode. The series will focus on two Secret Service agents who find themselves suddenly transferred to a top-secret storage facility in South Dakota. The storage facility is the home to a load of artefacts, relics and supernatural objects that have been collected by the US government. Eddie McClintock ( My Boys, Roommates ) and Joanne Kelly (Vanished) are in charge of following all leads and reports of strange and supernatural activity, to help capture more artefacts and relics to store at the Warehouse. They will also be expected to help control the Warehouse, and given what is stored there it won’t be an easy task. I think this sounds like a decent show to help fill in the Summer TV schedule, if nothing else it’s a novel idea. Check out the clip below.

The final show premiering tonight is NBC’s The Great American Road Trip, which will be on at 8 pm. This is a new reality show focused on seven families from different backgrounds all on a journey of a lifetime. The families will compete in a bunch of amusing challenges which in the end will leave one family winning it all. The show will visit such places as: the Grand Canyon, and the Washington Monument as well as crazy landmarks like the World’s Largest Chair. This will definitely be funny, because who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of families hate( I meant love ;)), each other while in a confined moving vehicle across America right? Hmm.. I’ll be watching if only for the hope that these families will make me feel better about my family road trips. You guessed it, you can check out a clip below 🙂

Alright, on to some news.

Fox’s new hit drama, Lie To Me, has made Mekhi Phifer (ER) a regular for next season. Phifer will continue his role as FBI Agent Ben Reynolds, a role which I believe he was perfect in. The show has also confirmed that it will be keeping Jennifer Beals to continue her recurring role as Zoe Landau, Cal’s (Tim Roth) ex-wife. Lie To Me was a refreshing hit for Fox that actually had some substance and the ability to capture the audience’s attention. I love the show and am looking forward to the next season which starts on September 28th. For more on this news head over to Zap2It

According to The TV Addict, Gregory Smith will be returning to TV in the new drama Copper. A couple weeks ago I reported that Missy Pergrym ( Reaper) would be starring in this drama, that critics are calling Grey’s Anatomy for cops. The show is a collaboration between ABC and Canadian broadcast company GLOBAL TV, and no airdate has been officially set yet, but look for it sometime in 2010. I was a huge Everwood fan and am excited for Smith to get back to TV, although I am worried that to so many of us he’ll always just be the adorable, Ephram Brown.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a link to a spoiler chat over at E!Online. Topics include how Grey’s Anatomy is going to work around Ellen Pompeo’s maternity leave, some juicy details on the ever hot and sinful True Blood, as well as some delicious spoiler-esque news on the CW’s Supernatural. That being said you all know the drill, if you hate spoilers don’t click the link! However, if you are like me and you live for news on your favorite shows and stars, then follow the link and enjoy! Warning SPOILERS ahead.

[Note from Jenny: Sorry! This should have been up a LONG time ago today but I slept all day cause I had gotten no sleep the night before. Anyway, my apologies!]

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2 Responses to TV News – 7/7/09

  1. Samantha says:

    I did not like 10 things I hate about you tonight. I was looking forward to it though so I’m disappointed 🙁

  2. Megan says:

    No worries Jenny. I hope you got caught up on your sleep that’s important 🙂

    Samantha I’m sorry you didn’t like 10 Things tonight. .I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet but I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks for reading the column 🙂