So You Think You Can Dance – 7/8/09

What a full night on So You Think You Can Dance! Each couple had two routines, and we also found out that last night was the last night they’d be dancing with their current partners. 🙁 Some couples in the videos they show before the performances were more emotional than others but the basic vibe was that no one wanted to have their partnership broken up. Melissa and Ade were really choked up and it made my eyes water… what a softy I am. lol.

Okay on to my favorite routines of the night after the jump!

I loved Kayla and Kupono’s first routine, which was a Contemporary dance choreographed by Mia Michaels. It was a very moving performance. Kupono was supposed to be an addiction that Kayla couldn’t escape. Mia asked Kupono to be sinister and boy, was he ever. This was in the face of sadness for Kupono because he revealed that he’d had a friend go through an addiction and he didn’t want to relive that experience on stage, especially as the demon of addiction. He was brilliant, he had me drawn in with every move and despite his reservations, he pulled it off amazingly. Kayla was no different, she played the role of an addict with such raw emotion I was enthralled. The pain and weakness she was supposed to be feeling as this addict was evident. This is the first week I have felt truly connected to this couple and also the first week I truly enjoyed watching them. My only fear is that their second dance of the night, a Broadway routine, may land them in the bottom three. It wasn’t very good, but I am hoping that America will remember how amazing their first performance was.

Up next is Brandon and Janette, with their second routine of the night, which was a Jazz dance choreographed by Wade Robson. It was tremendous. They were totally in synch the whole time, and the movements were done so well. Wade outdid himself choreographing this one, so much fun to watch. Their first routine of a Argentine Tango was awesome as well, although I thought the judges went a little overboard with the compliments, but I did enjoy it.

Alright, onto my least favorites, which is getting harder and harder given the talent of all these dancers.

I didn’t really enjoy Phillip and Jeanine’s first routine which was a Russian folk dance choreographed by Youri Nelzine and Lilia Babenko. It was a little hokey, but it did have it’s good points. Phillips foot work as he tumbled across stage was really good, and Jeanine looked wonderful. I just think it was a little too boring and a little too different to get many votes. I did however enjoy their second routine which was a Jive and they did it beautifully. Unfortunately, someone has to be in the bottom and after the first routine I think they’ll be dancing for their lives.

It was a hard choice for a second couple in the bottom because I really, really loved Evan and Randi’s first routine which was a hip-hop choreographed by the superb duo of Tabitha and Napoleon. It was a sweet hip-hop about a couple finding out they were pregnant, it was romantic and touching. They danced it beautifully and it was a joy to watch, I even got teary eyed at the story behind it. However, their second routine was terrible. Completely awful. It was supposed to be a sexy Samba choreographed by Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis (dancers from season three). It was not sexy, Evan and Randi together are not sexy. Mary gave them credit for a “slow sizzle” which I wouldn’t have even given them. It was just plain and simply awful. *Sigh* I wish I could say they’d be safe, but I’m worried for them.

So that’s it for now, I’m only doing two favorites and two bottoms as I’m running out of couples 🙂 Tune in to Fox tonight at 9 pm to see the eliminations, and then check in tomorrow for my view on the dancers sent home.

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