TV News – 7/9/09

Hello everyone! Enjoying summer tv so far? Get ready for the Big Brother season premiere tonight at 8 pm on CBS. Looks like it may be interesting as this season’s big twist is that they are breaking the houseguests up into “cliques” as in high school cliques. Does that mean you can never outrun your high school label… hmm, I hope you can. lol 🙂 Now onto some news.

Terry Kinney ( Oz, The Unusuals) will be playing Agent Sam Bosco this fall on The Mentalist. Bosco is a cop who plays strictly by the book, and this will drive our beloved Patrick Jane absolutely crazy. There will also be some secret shared between Lisbon and Bosco, something from their past, who knows what, but I’m looking forward to seeing Bosco paired up against Jane, should make for an interesting storyline. Any Thoughts? Check out the article with The Futon Critic

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Another bit of casting news is that Eric McCormack has signed a deal to guest star in next season’s second episode of Law & Order: SVU as a sexy sugar daddy. Looks like SVU is shaping up quite the guest star line up starting with Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) in the season premiere. Check it out here.

What’s yummier than double chocolate ice cream on a hot day? Okay nothing, but how about some almost as yummy spoilers from Ausiello? That’s pretty exciting right? Well, here’s a link to a spoiler chat with Ausiello, be sure to click the link attached to the one for True Blood, boy are those some HOT spoilers 🙂 All of that being said, please don’t go there if you don’t want to be SPOILED! But then again, who doesn’t like to be spoiled once in a while 😉

Okay, that’s it for news but be sure to check out Big Brother’s premiere on CBS tonight at 8 pm, as well as the SYTYCD results show at 9 pm on Fox. On the Big Brother note, what was your clique in high school? Talk about it below!

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