TV News – 7/10/09

Let me start by saying, YAY it’s Friday!!!! Although the news today is scarce, I have managed to dig up some gorgeous Glee spoilers, a few bloody fangtastic (sorry, couldn’t resist. lol) True Blood interviews, and of course, my weekly recap on the results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Ready? Let’s get started.

According to Zap2It, Parenthood, a new drama that was set to premiere on NBC in the fall, has been pushed to midseason to work around Maura Tierney’s ( ER ) illness. The details on the actress’ condition is not being released, and the comments are generally concentrating on giving privacy to Tierney and her family. I’m sad for this news, as I was really looking forward to this show. It’s based on the old Steve Martin movie with the same title, and it’s all about four siblings, their families and their struggles and triumphs with parenting. In the place of this, the medical drama, Mercy, that focuses on the world of medicine from the nurses perspective (yes, another one), will be moved up for a fall premiere. I hope that Tierney recovers quickly, and that she is still able to be on the show, as I enjoy her acting tremendously.

More news and reviews after the jump.

A very lucky group of entertainment journalists got to screen the first two episodes of Glee’s next season, and unfortunately my dreams did not come true 🙁 lol. I didn’t get to see them. However, I will survive by living vicariously through Korbi at Zap2It, and her small spoilers on the episodes. Let me just say that I think that Glee is one of the best things to happen to Fox in a very long time. It’s inspiring and so very comical. I have watched the pilot a couple times ( I will not embarrass myself by saying how many 😉 ) That being said, do NOT go to the article if you do not like SPOILERS. I have also included a small clip, a preview for next season for those that don’t want to read the spoilers but don’t mind seeing a short trailer :). Enjoy.

It’s obvious that I love True Blood, and if you haven’t seen it, you are in need of reprogramming. Sit. Watch. Fall in love with the hard core world of Southern vampires. If you don’t already know, True Blood isn’t for the faint of heart. We aren’t talking mild vampiric action, but it is worth sitting through the more graphic scenes to get to the amazingly intricate storylines. That being said, Jennifer at E!Online has done a few interviews, one with the creator of True Blood as well as with Jessica, the new vamp, and Sam, the lovable canine hero. If you love True Blood these interviews (which warning may contain mild spoilers!) will help tide you over until Sunday. Check it out here.

Alright, onto the results show for So You Think You Can Dance. The opening number was an awesome hip-hop routine choreographed by the always interesting Tabitha and Napoleon, to the song Seven Nation Army by White Stripes. Let me just say, it was freaking fantastic! The dancers are so outstanding this year, which makes it harder and harder to watch eliminations, but it is a competition, so someone has to be in the bottom and someone must go home.

Tonight’s bottom three couples were, Jason and Caitlin, Jeanine and Phillip and the surprising one Melissa and Ade. I was in utter shock when Melissa and Ade were in the bottom three, although I knew that the judges would have had to be off their rockers to send them home. So who did go home?

Well, first we have the girls. All three girls danced wonderful and beautiful solos, not a single one of them put anything but their best out there tonight in their solos. The issue with this season is that the dancers are all so talented, and that means that with the competition you have to give 150% every time or you’re in danger. This week it was Caitlin. Am I surprised? No. She had some good performances but when paired against Jeanine and Melissa, she just wasn’t good enough.

Okay the boys, their solos were all awesome. The most fantastic solo of the season goes to Ade. As if a human being should be able to jump that high without a trampoline, wow. He was challenged before the solos by Tyce Diorio to bring it, and he answered that challenge, it was brought. A serious wake up call to us all, he is ferocious! Jason was good, I don’t love him. I don’t even like to watch him but he was good. Phillip was unique, and sweet but that wasn’t enough this week. Phillip was sent packing. Oh, the sadness. Especially when he gave his parting speech on how grateful he was to be given this opportunity because guys like him, with backgrounds like his, don’t get many chances. *sigh* *sob*

The good news? Caitlin and Phillip will both be joining the tour this fall! That is great, I must get tickets! On another note, Jason was crying harder than anyone I’ve seen this season yet when saying goodbye to Caitlin.. possible showmance? Hmm.. thoughts ?

Next week will be even more emotional as the couples are put into new pairings, but the Top 10 is fabulous and I am so very excited to see what’s in store!

That is it for today but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will be back Monday, hopefully with a lot more news 🙂

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