TV News – 7/15/09

It’s Wednesday, halfway to Friday!! Yay! Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance, but what did everyone think of last night’s Big Brother? Natalie is a firecracker, lol. Alright on to some news.

TBS has ordered 10 episodes of a new sitcom, Are We There Yet?, based on the movie of the same name. It’s being produced by Ice Cube who starred in the movies. Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris) will be playing Ice Cube’s role in the show. The sitcom is set to premiere in June 2010, with options for the network to sign on for more episodes if it’s a hit. I don’t know about this. Terry Crews was great on Everybody Hates Chris, but the original movie of Are We There Yet? wasn’t that great in my opinion. It may be successful, but I’m not that hopeful, and probably won’t be watching. What do you think? Source

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Antonio Saboto Jr (General Hospital) is looking for love in a new VH1 reality show… too bad I’m already married 😉 lol. My Antonio (that’s the name of the show not my possessive term btw) will premiere on August 16, but you can check out your competition and their bios on the VH1 site as of July 13. There will be dramatic twists (this is a ‘reality’ show after all), such as Antonio’s ex-wife coming to fight for his love back and his mother coming to help decide which woman is the best choice for her baby boy! I don’t know, I do love to look at Antonio, but another star looking for another wife on another reality show seems… hmm… over done, silly, desperate? I have a novel idea why don’t these stars get roles in real shows and stop using reality TV to try to jump start their careers. 😉 Just a thought. What about you, any comments on this? Check out full details on this sure to be mesmerizing *eye rolling* show here

That’s all the real news I have for now, but I do have a little spoiler chat I found over at E!Online. It has some buzz on Gossip Girl, Glee , One Tree Hill and others. Remember, don’t click the link if you don’t want to be SPOILED!

That’s all folks! Check back tomorrow for my recap on SYTYCD, and more news.

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