TV News – 7/17/09

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂 Not a whole lot of news today, just a few tidbits and I’ll recap SYTYCD results show. So let’s get started.

In some casting news, John Goodman (Roseanne), has been cast to be in the new comedy pilot, The Station, produced by Ben Stiller. Goodman will be playing a CIA agent who is a mentor to a younger agent, Eric (Justin Bartha). I really like Goodman and hope that this series pans out better than his other attempts with, Normal, Ohio or Center of the Universe. Source

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According to Korbi at Zap2It, NBC has decided to drop The Listener, as of July 30th. Apparently the show isn’t pulling in the necessary ratings so the network will replace the show with reruns of Law & Order. I actually only watched this show twice. I didn’t love it or hate it. I was indifferent. Although if you are Canadian, CTV will continue to air the episodes.

Another bit of NBC news is that they have picked up Persons Unknown, staring Jason Wiles (Bosco on Third Watch) and Daisy Betts (Out of the Blue) . The show is about a group of strangers that have to work as a team to escape a deserted town. Sounds okay, I guess. I did love Wiles in Third Watch so I may tune in just to give him a chance.

More casting news, Sarah Carter (Shark) has been chosen for the new series regular role on CSI: NY. Carter will be the new clean-up tech who dreams of working in the crime lab some day, but she, like every other character these days, has some secret.. who knows what. I do enjoy CSI: NY, so I guess I’ll check it out to see how she fits in the cast. What do you think? Source

Alright, on to the recap of SYTYCD results show. What a night it was! The opening number choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson was pretty cool. It was an oriental inspired routine with a very strong performance by resident ballerina Melissa. I enjoyed it a lot.

When they started announcing the bottom two girls, I wasn’t surprised at all with Randi being in the bottom two. She was just plain awful in her Paso Doble the night before, even if her solo was beautiful. I was however, slightly surprised with Melissa being in the bottom two girls. I know that her performance the night before with Brandon was just mediocre and her solo which I loved was more of a testament to her technique and less of a demonstration of her fiery talent, but I still thought her fan base would save her. I didn’t overly disagree with the two girls being there, I just didn’t expect Melissa. In the end, it was the adorable Randi that was eliminated and sent home to her husband. She had a pretty good run on the show and I have to admit that although I love her bubbly personality, I think she just isn’t growing enough to meet the intense needs of the next few weeks.

As for the guys, I was in shock when Ade was in the bottom! I mean come on America, he’s brilliant. His solo may not have been everyone’s favorite, but I loved it. His performance in the hip-hop routine the night before was spot on.

I did agree with Kupono being in the bottom two, he just had to go. It’s been weeks of him not being as good as the others, and it was time to cut the dead weight, even if he is very sweet and amusing. I’m glad it was Kupono who went home and not Ade. I would have been very upset with that.

I loved all the announcements for next week’s shows. First, we’ve got Ellen Degeneres joining the judging panel next Wednesday, which I am VERY excited about! Then on Thursday, we will be seeing a few of our favorite dances from across the seasons including Mia Michael’s Bench routine and after that we’ll see Katie Holmes do her dance routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. All of which will be exciting, I’m sure.

So there you have the recap and the news. Hope you all have a great weekend be sure to check back sometime this weekend for a week in review!

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