Week in Review – 7/12/09 – 7/18/09

It’s time for me to tell you about my week of television viewing. Some was really good, some was okay, and some was surprising. I’ve watched everything from True Blood and the new Lifetime program, Drop Dead Diva, on Sunday to Big Brother on Thursday this week and I’ll run you through it after the jump. So Ready…Set… Jump!

Sunday was an eventful night with the premiere of the new Lifetime Dramedy, Drop Dead Diva. I don’t know if it’s actually classified as a drama or a comedy so I’m going with Dramedy. It was sad, and it was funny… really funny. The episode started off with this overworked, chubby female lawyer named Jane (Brooke Elliot), being woken up after falling asleep in her office again. We then get a glimpse into how hard she works and how her co-workers do not appreciate or support her. Especially the witchy lawyer Kim (Kate Levering), who wants nothing more than to steal all of Jane’s cases and be the top lawyer.

Then we flash to this very blonde, beautiful model, Deb (Brooke D’Orsay), who is preparing for her audition for The Price is Right, to which I was very amused, because she was discussing which walk to use, and explaining the job as though it was the hardest thing any woman could ever do. Her very supportive boyfriend, Grayson (Jackson Hurst), comes in and we actually see some real love between them, and he adores her quirky, slightly airhead ways. It was actually really sweet and it made me want to overlook the absurdity of Deb’s whole obsession with the booty bounce walk.

Cue disaster. Deb while driving, talking on her bluetooth, and trying to apply lipstick runs into the side of a truck carrying grapefruits, which is ironic because we had just had a scene about her only ever eating grapefruit for breakfast. Needless to say she dies, and gets sent to processing for Heaven, where she meets Fred, her gatekeeper. Fred tells Deb some frightening news, she’s a self-centered zero, meaning she’s never done anything really bad, or really good, therefore she’s shallow. Deb is horrified, I mean really upset, so upset she decides to hit the return key which apparently sends her back to earth. Hmm.. if only it was that easy.

Meanwhile, all the time Deb is dying and getting sent back, our frumpy Jane has been shot by an angry man who was after her boss for sleeping with his wife, what did I tell you.. Drama! Jane is coding on the table at the hospital, then suddenly she is not.

Turns out Deb has inhabitated Jane’s plump body, because only the soul gets sent back not the body and Jane’s body was vacant at the time. Deb wakes up in Jane’s not so model body and has a fit. The rest of the episode follows Deb as she learns to become Jane, and we see how she learns how to use the Jane’s wonderful brain.

I really enjoyed watching Deb struggle with her self image, and Jane’s wardrobe. I cheered for her when she won a case with her new found brain, and I teared up when she attended her own funeral where she saw her fabulous boyfriend Grayson so distraught.

Oh and speaking of Grayson, earlier in the episode we hear about Grayson interviewing for a job at a new firm, well surprise (or in the world of TV expected) the new law firm is none other than the one Jane works at. So while coming to terms with being Jane, Deb must also watch from a far while the catty Kim, tries to move in on Grayson, with gestures of ‘support’ and ‘friendship’. I’m sure she just wants to be this hot, now single guy’s friend.. *sigh*. I felt really bad for Deb as she watches the man she loves from a far in a body that she isn’t comfortable in, and pines for him. It’s really actually quite sad.

Overall, I really enjoyed this pilot and will be tuning in again. It’s quirky, comical and a great twist on the classic battle of brains over beauty. Catch it Sundays at 9pm on Lifetime.

Also on Sunday night, was a new episode of the always tantalizing True Blood. When we left our favorite vampires and residents of Bon Temps last time, we had Jason at The Light of Day Bible camp, Jess and Hoyt being caught by Bill while making out, and Sookie agreeing to Eric’s request for a trip to Dallas to investigate the disappearance of the Texas Vampire Sheriff, Godric not to mention the whole crazy situation that is Maryann.

The opening scene when Jason heads into the dorm and his fellow bunk mates have decided to pretend they were all dead and attacked by vampires. Once Jason realizes it’s a joke, he gets really angry and rants about how vampires are not a joke. lol. Jason cracks me up. Later in the episode, Jason yells at Luke that “Evil is the premedicated choice to be a dick!” 🙂 That is so Jason, he actually said premedicated lol. Plus for the record, Luke is a real tool.

After all this Jason gets asked by the Reverend and his wife to join the ‘Soldiers of the Son’ which sounds to me like a whole load of crazy vampire haters with souped up weapons but hey it’ll make for great TV. They also ask Jason to move into the house with them, which in my opinion is going to turn out BAD. Jason has already been hallucinating about the pastor’s hot wife, so I can only imagine how much worse it’s going to get before the season is over.

Bill catches Hoyt and Jessica making out and tells Hoyt to leave before he throws him through a window “that is closed” 🙂 Ah, Bill cool your temper old man lol. I feel for Jessica, she’s this young girl who suddenly gets wisked away from her family, in the prime of her teenage years, turned into a vampire and has never even kissed a boy until Hoyt. Have some compassion Bill! In the end he does, after Sookie convinces him to bring Jessica with them to Dallas so they can bond.

Dallas is a whole other ball game, they get ambushed at the airport which is only avoided by Sookie’s ability to read minds. Bill and later Jessica glamour the man where they learn that he was sent by The Fellowship of the Son.(Crazy vampire hating cult) Drama, Drama , Drama, I love it 🙂

Disaster avoided for the time being but in the meantime Sookie finds something amazing at the hotel… Another person who can read minds. Barry. We’ll have to wait until this week to find out where that little storyline goes though.

As for Eric, besides being especially hot in that black tank top this week, Eric shows up at Layfayette’s to “help” him by letting Layfayette drink his blood. Our always amusing Layfayette isn’t fooled he knows that Eric only wants him to drink his blood so he can track him, to which Eric admits finding anything Sookie loves interesting. Funniest thing in this episode was Lafayette dancing around after drinking Eric’s blood, he was going crazy, but Eric was so solemn and seemed so bored with him. It was so funny. I love where this story line is going!!

Finally we got a scene that confirmed my suspicions that psycho Maryann is in fact the beast.. well didn’t you see that coming? That woman is so disturbing!

This show always keeps you on the edge of your seat, with a few laughs to ease the tension. I still can’t believe it didn’t get any Emmy nominations for acting! *sigh*

Moving on to Monday, I watched a couple shows, but let me catch you up on Make It or Break It because I actually enjoyed this episode more than the other shows this week.

Last week we discussed how the girls went to a kegger to blow off steam, and how Lauren slept with Kaylie’s boyfriend, Carter. Well, this episode started off with Lauren in church feeling very guilty and then a few shots of Carter in the shower seeming really depressed. Which they both should be feeling guilty and sad they broke their friend’s trust and will eventually break her heart. Shame on them and their hormones. 😉

The big drama that starts out is that the new hardcore coach, Sasha, calls the girls in for “practice”. Only Kaylie, Lauren, Emily and Payson are called in, they are all wondering why when Sasha walks in with a paper bag, which contains cans of beer that he starts handing out to the girls and says “cheers”. The girls are stunned, which I was too… how did he find out? Sasha then gives them a speech about responsibility and work ethic which has the ever hard working Payson panicking, and the others exasperated. As if his work out wasn’t punishment enough he gets the girls to write their secret grudges down on paper which he says he’s going to burn to clear the air. Can you guess what happens?

That’s right Sasha reads the letters out loud, outing all of them against each other. The only one who didn’t really have anything bad to say was Emily, who only stated that she resented that she wasn’t made to feel welcome. I think this was a smart move on Sasha’s part because the girls were finally starting to see past themselves and to their team mates.

After a long day of working out and emotional discoveries, Sasha tells them that they all have to stay and clean the mats. Emily is flipping out because she has to get to work, her job that pays the bills. Emily finally spills her secret to the other girls, who are shocked that she works and does gymnastics. Really? They thought money grows on trees for everyone? I will say I was proud at how the girls banded together to help Emily escape to go to work, and continued to cover for her with Sasha.

I feel that this episode was the turn around for the team and they might actually be able to win if they can work together and train like a team.

As far as the Carter thing goes, he was frantic to get to Kaylie and tell her before Lauren did, however once he got there the girls had already all made up and Lauren hushed him. We all know this won’t last, secrets have a way of being found out.

All in all this was a very good episode and I really do recommend this show to all of you. You can watch it Monday nights at 9 pm on ABC Family.

Also on ABC Family is 10 Things I Hate About You , which airs Tuesdays at 8 pm. This show is based on the 1999 movie with the same title, and although the pilot was a little weak, I found myself really getting into it this week’s episode.

Bianca is getting walked all over at school by Chastity, who is upset that her boyfriend Joey is enjoying watching Bianca do the cheer routines more than he does her. Well, who wouldn’t? Chastity is a nasty, mean girl who’s personality is terrible, the only reason that girl has friends is because she’s scary and no one wants to cross her. Ever the optimist Bianca wants to try to help the cheer squad raise money for the really expensive pom-poms Chastity insists they have, so she comes up with the idea to have a fundraiser.

After having the idea of a car wash vetoed by her father due to the lack of clothing, Bianca has the idea to sell flowers. Red for love and yellow for friendship, and everyone jumps on this idea. Cameron buys a red flower for Bianca and Joey buys her a yellow one, but the evil Chastity steals the notes and never gives the flowers to Bianca. So poor Bianca thinks that no one has given her flowers. 🙁

Meanwhile the usually emotionally independent Kat finds herself thinking about whether or not Patrick likes her, which scares her. She doesn’t want to care, and this part of the character is right on with the movie. Kat is so guarded, and she wants to be different and on the outside because it’s safer not because it makes her happy.

On flower giving day, Bianca gets none, but Kat gets one. First she thinks it’s from Patrick, but then she learns it’s from this creepy stalkerish boy who has been spying on girls in the girls bathroom. She’s really upset, and gives the flower to a girl who didn’t have one. Odd thing happens to that stalker boy, he shows up the next day with a black eye. Kat immediately assumes it’s from Patrick , and that makes her happy (on the inside) and outwardly angry, which causes her to irrationnally confront Patrick, who says he had nothing to do with it. Weird, until we see her friend, Mandella, icing her knuckles on the way to detention. Hmm… do we have a crush in the making?

Bianca learns that Cameron had sent her a flower, which leads her to believe that Chastity had hidden it from her, she gets all worked up like she’s going to confront her, but doesn’t. Instead she throws another girl under the bus for saying that Chastity is too fat to be on the top of the pyramid. Chastity obviously goes crazy and storms off, I guess that’s one way to cause Chastity to fall from her pedastool, at the expense of others. I found this to be a true Bianca act, selfish so she can further her popularity. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy Bianca but I find her character a little one dimensional and I feel like the writers need to step it up with her character or the viewers are going to lose interest fast.

I do still really enjoy the show but I feel like it needs more time for growth.

Again, Wednesday the only show I watched was So You Think You Can Dance, the review of which you can check out here.

The final show I’m going to review this week is Big Brother 11. It airs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on CBS check the weekly schedule here for times.

This week was a very eventful first week in the house. Starting with Sunday and the nominations, which were seemingly controlled by Natalie and Russell, Jessie puts Chima (supposed to be a pawn) and Lydia up on the block. I was honestly ticked at Lydia being put up because I love her character, I really do. Chima, can go home for all I care she has very little depth, and is aggravating to no end.

Anyways, Lydia is devastated by the nominations and Chima feels scared because everyone is comforting Lydia and no one is comforting her. Surprise Chima, you’re aggravating and no one really likes you! Ronnie is trying to assure Chima that she’s not going home because he’s got Jessie under his persuasion, and she’s only a pawn.

Meanwhile behind closed doors Ronnie admits to us that he knows the pawn usually goes home which is why he refused to be used as a pawn. He’s so odd, and not in an endearing way. I feel like Ronnie is really trying to hard to fit in, all the while playing the other side behind everyone’s back. It’s all going to blow up in his face, sooner rather than later I’m sure.

Bring on the Veto! Russell wins the Power of veto competition and decides after much thought and deliberation, mostly in the form of massages and flirting, to take Lydia off the block. This means Jessie has to put someone in her place.. hmm.. let’s put up surfer dude Braden. Where did he get this idea? Well from Lydia of course! Lydia decided to throw her friend to the wolves to save her skin, I didn’t like that.

Let’s discuss the mess that is Braden though shall we? After being nominated he confronts Lydia, and tries to play it down. She denies everything, umm, of course! Why would you fess up to stabbing someone in the back to save yourself, that would be stupid. Then Braden goes all crazy and says a lot of derogatory things that were mostly blipped out, but whatever was said towards Lydia and Kevin had their backs so far up Lydia was demanding people choose sides. Can’t we all just get along?

Moving on to evictions did anyone else think Chima was a bit of a wench for bringing up Braden’s already apologized for fight? Her dramatic speech, ” A vote for Braden is a vote for a bigot.”, Wow Chima tell us how you really feel. lol. That woman’s voice and laugh makes my skin crawl. ugh.

Braden went the traditional, safe route by apologizing for all that was done and thanking everyone for a fun week.

The voting begins, and here’s how it went down: Russell, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia and Ronnie voted for Braden. (Note Ronnie voted against his own clique and with the most of the athletes.. maybe that is his stronger alliance.

Then we had Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Michele, and Casey who all voted for Chima. Oh No, it’s a tie. Jessie has to vote, and he votes for … Braden!

That’s it Braden is toast and we are stuck with Chiapet (Chima) for another week. *sigh*

Finally we move onto the HOH competition, where it’s the houseguests answering questions on what clique america picked for certain things. (i.e.. Which clique would skip school for a zit? answer populars) The final one left standing would be HOH and all in their clique would be safe.

Now I identify with the Brains clique, but I don’t like anyone in that clique except for Michele so I was really hoping that they didnt’ win, so that Chiapet wouldn’t be safe. I guess we dont’ always get what we want.. Ronnie won HOH. As if.

That scheming little rat won the HOH, meaning that Ronnie, Michele and Chima are all safe for another week, damn it all anyways! *grr*

So there you have it, The first full week of Big Brother 11 and Braden is evicted after having a very naughty outburst, Chiapet (Chima) is saved for at least another week, and the nerd who thinks he’s really cool, is now the one everyone needs to kiss up to. My how the world turns.

As for Friday and Saturday I didn’t do much TV watching but I will be catching up on some shows I DVR’d sometime this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be back Monday with more news and Tuesday is the season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen, which I will be covering weekly like I do So You Think You Can Dance. Let me know if there are any shows you think I need to watch and review and I’ll try to add them next week 🙂

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