TV News – 7/20/09

Hey everyone, happy Monday, well if there is such a thing 😉 I had a great weekend, my older sister took me to the rodeo to celebrate my birthday it was a blast. Those bull riders are either very brave or very stupid. lol. Anyways, let’s get to some news!

According to Ausiello, Brooke Burns (Miss Guided, Baywatch), will be joining the cast of Melrose Place for a least a few episodes. Burns is said to be playing Vanessa Mancini, that’s right.. Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro). They’ll have a son together named Noah. I think she’s very pretty, and is a decent actress so she’ll probably fit right in with the rest of the cast just fine 😉 What do you think? Will this former Baywatch beauty be great arm candy for Michael?
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Sara is coming back to CSI, for a few episodes this coming season. Jorja Fox, who plays long time CSI member Sara Sidle, will be appearing in five episodes next season including the season premiere. Yay! I always liked Sara and although there are no talks to bring Grissom (William Petersen) back for those episodes, one can always hope 🙂 It’s not that I don’t like Lawrence Fishburne on the show since Grissom left, it’s just that something is missing and although Sara will not fill the whole void maybe it gives us hope to a guest appearance by the wise Gil Grissom 🙂 Source

I reported a few weeks ago that Futurama was returning to TV next year on the Comedy Central, and as far as we know, it still is, but it may be without the original cast of voices! The long and the short of it is that the actors want more than the approximately $75,000 being offered per episode, so 20th Century Fox has put out a casting call. Does that mean the original actors won’t return? No, it’s still possible for them to return to the show if they accept that with bringing the show back from the dead it’s going to have a smaller budget and they’re going to have to settle for the measly $75,000 per episode. *eye rolling* For real? They want to be greedy when the show that fans love is being brought back and they are being offered a decent wage per episode, Most people don’t make that kind of money in a year! I do understand that they want the old deals, the old money, but realistically if they want the glory of coming back then they’ll have to suffer through the lower wage, which I would gladly suffer through any day of the year. 😉 All that aside it will be very difficult to love the show as much if our favorite characters don’t sound the same. What do you think? Source [Update: Sorry, this was read wrong. The old cast wants $75,000 per episode and the studio is not wanting to offer that much. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the mistake!]

A final bit of casting news for today. Erika Christensen (Six Degrees, Parenthood) is set to guest star on Fox’s Lie to Me as a law student suffering from multiple personality disorder. She’ll be playing four different people, Tricia, Sophie, Jessie and R.J. , sounds like a really good and challenging role for her and I hope it goes well. Christensen’s been able to fit this in to her busy schedule after the start date of the new NBC drama, Parenthood, got delayed by eight weeks to accommodate Maura Tierney’s health issues. (Which we again wish her the best for!) Source

ABC is premiering a new show tonight called Dating in the Dark, where six strangers head into a house where they date completely in the dark. It brings the age old question into the light of ‘do looks really matter?’ I’m sorry but it all seems a little crazy to me and a little like something that Fox would air. However, I didn’t say I wouldn’t tune in at least once to see how it is 😉 It airs tonight at 10 pm on ABC, tune in and let me know what you think 🙂 Here’s a promo clip for you.

That’s all for today! Enjoy the rest of your Monday:)

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2 Responses to TV News – 7/20/09

  1. Rose says:

    Your take on Futurama is completely backwards. All the reports say that the cast requested $75K/ep but Fox wanted something much lower. Nobody refused an offer for $75K/ep.

    Take back that eye roll!

  2. Megan says:

    My apologies one of my original sources had it printed that it was $75,000 being refused not asked. Thanks for your imput.