So You Think You Can Dance – 7/22/09

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance was excellent. Ellen Degeneres was the perfect mix of funny and sincere as a guest judge, and I loved her moment with Evan. Each dancer danced four times tonight, once in the group performance, two couple’s routines and one solo. It was great. There were excellent routines and there were mediocre routines, but overall it was a night of stars. If you haven’t watched it yet, please don’t read (YET 😉 ) because I don’t want to spoil the magic of a certain routine for anyone, but if you’re ready then jump ahead with me and let’s get to discussing.

The show opened with a group performance choreographed by Travis Wall, and it was really good. It was supposed to appear to be set in the year 2300 or so, and have a very futuristic vibe to it, and it did. I loved the costumes and I really enjoyed the dancing. No one overly stood out over anyone else and that is a very important part of a group routine. It’s amazing how far Travis has come and that he’s all grown up and choreographing with the best of them. Well done, Top 8 and well done, Travis!

The dancers were put into new pairings again by the boys drawing names out of a hat, the pairings were as follows: Evan and Janette, Brandon and Jeanine, Melissa and Ade and finally Jason and Kayla. I was excited to see how all the new pairs worked together and even more excited to see my favorite couple, Melissa and Ade get another chance to dance together. Let’s get to talking about my favorites.

My favorite routine of the night by far was Melissa and Ade’s contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Wow. It was a story about a woman struggling with breast cancer, and how her mate supports her. Melissa was the perfect dancer to play this role because she has a maturity that the others do not. Her ability to show weakness, yet dance with strength was so amazing. Speaking of strength, Ade. Simply astounding. He was the picture of strength and support for Melissa. Every time her character wanted to give up, he was there picking her up, and holding her, helping her continue. The lifts and moves in this routine could only have been performed by a couple who had danced together because they required such trust, especially when Melissa had to run and jump in the air knowing Ade would catch her, a couple who’d only just started dancing together could not have pulled that off. Tyce is a genius. It was superb and I was in awe of it, it moved me to tears.

I just hope America loved it as much as I did because their first routine of a Cha-Cha choreographed by Tony and Melanie was good, but not amazing. However both of their solos were well done so I think that they’ll be safe. I hope. 🙂

My second favorite routine of the night was Evan and Janette’s Rumba choreographed by Tony and Melanie. This surprised me, I was thinking I was going to hate it, after all Evan’s last attempt at a sexy ballroom dance was disastrous and he isn’t normally very sexy. Well, hold on to your women, because Evan was sexy tonight. Not sexy in the Ade or Jason sort of way, but sexy in a purely Evan sort of way. I was so impressed with Janette’s ability to bring out Evan’s inner sexy, ballroom dancer and even more impressed with her trust of him with those lifts. Evan was very good with in this routine and I loved the judges interactions with him. Both Ellen and Mia told Evan he was special dancer and his face was uniquely Evan, and I loved how touched he was by their praise. He even laughed when Mia told him that sometimes when he’s trying to be sexy he makes a face like Zoolander, I was giggling at that as well. I also loved the choice of music for the routine, Heartless – Kris Allen version, it was perfect!

This couple had a good night with their Rumba, and their jazz routine choreographed by Sonya was very well performed. Both Evan and Janette had strong solos so I think they might just be safe… well I hope at least 🙂

I also really enjoyed Jason and Kayla tonight first with their Tyce Diorio, Broadway routine that was danced well, but I really enjoyed their Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Shane Sparks. They both danced the Hip-Hop routine extremely well, and it was very hard hitting. I was pleasantly surprised, I think Jason is really coming into his own. My only worry is their solos were just okay, maybe not enough to save them.

The routine I liked the least was Brandon and Jeanine’s waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson. The first problem was the music, it was too lullaby like, and although under normal circumstances I love that song, it just didn’t work for this dance. I really did expect more from both of them, and they didn’t deliver. Were the lifts great as usual? Yes, but it wasn’t enough for me tonight. Brandon just wasn’t as strong as usual, and Jeanine was missing something.

However, they did really bring it with their second routine, a pop/jazz routine choreographed by Laurieann Gibson. It was danced beautifully but it wasn’t enough to make me love them both tonight. Out of the two Jeanine’s solo was very strong, Brandon’s was the same old stuff, kind of boring. I think they may be in trouble, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow night’s show will be jam packed with lots of great stuff. Katie Holmes is dancing a Tyce Diorio routine, some of our favorite dances from the other seasons are being danced by the original couples, and obviously we have the results. So don’t miss So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night at 9 pm on Fox, when they celebrate their 100th episode!

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