Week in Review – 7/19/09-7/26/09

Hello everyone, sorry my weekly review is so late but my daughter wasn’t feeling well this weekend, so Mommy duty came first 🙂 I am happy to get to it now while my husband is home and cuddling with her on the couch.

This week was as usual a good week in TV, I’m going to talk about the terrifically, naughty True Blood episode last Sunday, about how I’m starting to really love 10 Things I Hate About You, and discuss the craziness that is Big Brother! And a few things in between, so let’s get to it.

Last Sunday’s True Blood episode brought a lot of mixed feelings for me but as always I was riveted every minute. 🙂 I really do love Sookie and her bravery but sometimes I think she’s a little too excited to throw herself into danger’s path. She can read minds she’s not superwoman. That being said I do understand why she’s so intrigued to talk with Barry but chasing the poor boy down isn’t working as he’s terrified about what would happen if the hardcore Dallas vampires ever found out about his gift. Sookie pushes Barry so far that he ends up quitting his job and doing a disappearing act to evade her. Come on Sookie, give the poor guy a chance to process. He thought he was the only one who could read minds, but he’s not as excited as you are about it.. give him time 😉

All things considered, Sookie should really be more careful wandering around without Bill or someone to protect her. Reading minds is awesome but Vampires mean business, as does that crazy cult of a church. Which reminds me… what the hell was Sookie thinking when she volunteered to infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun in an attempt to figure out who kidnapped Godric? Of course Bill disagrees, he doesn’t like Sookie out of his sight let alone in a dangerous situation out of his sight, but ultimately we know Eric is going to win this argument, after all he is the boss. Although Eric’s reasons for finding Godric seem more personal than anything, seeing as we learnt in a flashback that Godric is Eric’s maker.

Speaking of makers, was that Bill’s maker wandering the halls while Bill and Sookie were having goodbye sex in the hotel room? I think so, and that means a whole world of trouble is coming Sookie’s way. I think that’s great. Bring on Sookie’s jealous side, why shouldn’t she get a turn lol.

Jealousy is a sin, but so is adultery, but according to Sarah, God wanted her to bring Jason joy. *giggle* That was a very amusing scene and not only because Jason looked hot as usual in the tub, but because even though I saw the whole Jason and the Reverend’s wife thing coming, I didn’t expect her to use her faith to coerce Jason into sexual naughtiness. 😉 In the end though we all knew that Jason wouldn’t be able to refuse her, after all some things never change.

Jason wasn’t the only one “finding joy”, Sam and Daphne had some fun after Sam learnt that Daphne was a shape shifter as well. The only thing I found really odd was that Sam is a dog shifter, and well Daphne is a deer, to me those don’t seem like to animals that would be naturally drawn to each other. I know in most stories, shifters are drawn to other shifters that are at least similar to them.. but this is True Blood and anything goes!

Maryann is about as kooky as they come isn’t she? It’s a great story line, although I’m a little weirded out by the fact that Mary Ann, Carl and Eggs have suddenly moved into Sookie’s house. At first Tara seems to disagree, it’s just plain disturbing but then she’s persuaded and they’re going to give this a chance. I find this storyline creepy and it makes me wonder, why Tara? Hmmm.

The one cute part in the midst of all the delicious debauchery, was the adorable phone conversation between Hoyt and Jessica. They are so cute together, and so innocent. Hoyt asking if Jessica wanted him to read his comic to her was so high school, and it was a nice. I would really like this couple to work things out because Jessica needs someone and deserves to experience love, but also because I have always loved Hoyt he’s just so darn likeable. lol.

I would say that this show is about to start getting crazier and crazier the next few weeks, and I’m excited. How about you?

Monday was a great new episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (from now on TSLOTAT, to shorten it, lol). We had a lot of growth from some characters and others just can’t seem to let go of their inner child.

Let’s talk about Amy’s ignorance of her responsibilities shall we? She can’t take John to Italy, and she can’t go without him… oh the dilemma. Wait, that’s parenthood. Amy wants a break, she wants to live her life. I sort of understand she’s only what 16? But she should of thought about that before she got pregnant.

Amy has it good, she has job that works around her school, Ricky helps out a lot more than most teenage dads do, and she has her family and friends supporting her. What more does she want? Most moms don’t have the support system she does, especially teenage moms. Her whiny attitude is getting very aggravating, she needs to let Ben go to Italy, and she needs to face up to the fact that she’s not just a teenager anymore, she’s a mother.

While we’re on the topic of mothers, Amy’s Mother, Ann, is also pregnant and although she thinks it’s her boyfriend’s baby the paternity is still in question. George (Amy’s dad), lied to Ann about getting a vasectomy, so now he thinks it might be his and he’s scared to tell Ann the truth. Isn’t it a little crazy that Ann is possibly marrying her boyfriend, David and the baby might not be his at all? I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but I think that George is probably the father and they’ll end up back together, I don’t really like David anyways.

He offered to move Ann into a house of their own, him, Ann and their baby… well what about Amy? David thinks Amy and John should start their own life or live in the guest house. Weird right? She’s only like 16, and not very mature. Ann didn’t give him an answer but she seemed a little shocked at the request.

Speaking of shock factor, I’m shocked at how much Ricky has started to grow up. He’s turning 17 this coming summer, and he knows that he’s going to be kicked out of the foster system, and doesn’t want to be a burden on his foster parents. He decides he’s going to move out on his own. He wants a place for himself, no other foster kids running around, a place where he can take John over for a bit, and obviously a place where he can have sex with Adrian. I know most people think he’s too young, but I think that because of all he went through as a child he’s very mature for his age. He’s proved it by stepping up to the plate for Amy and John, and working lots of hours.

On the subject of work, after Ricky went to Mr. Boykewich to ask him for more hours so he could earn enough for his own place, Mr. Boykewich gave him the keys to the apartment over the butcher shop. He only has to pitch in money towards the utilities, which works out great for him. I really admired Mr. Boykewich for recognizing the growth in Ricky and despite the fact that Ricky has a child with his son, Ben’s girlfriend, he’s been very supportive. I loved this story line.

I wonder what’s going to happen with the Ricky, Ben and Amy triangle, and I also wonder when Amy is going to grow up… hmm.. I guess we’ll find out if we watch Mondays at 8 pm on ABC Family.

Also on ABC Family is 10 Things I Hate About You, airing on Tuesdays at 8 pm and this show is really growing on me. At first I was so sceptical because I loved the original and honestly no one could ever take the place of Julia Stiles as ‘Kat’ or Heath Ledger as Patrick, but I realize that there is room in my heart for a new spin on the characters. I am also very impressed by the writers for really picking up the story line and making it hold my attention, My hats off to you Erin Ehrlich, Jon Ross, Barry Safchik and Michael Platt for this episode.

It’s so amusing how over protective, Walter Stratford (Larry Miller) is over Bianca, but not so much over Kat. He put Bianca through a breathalyser and a urine test just to make sure she was behaving herself after being a couple minutes past curfew. Walter take a chill pill, she’s only young once and a breathalyser? What’s next a drug dog? lol.

Bianca gets grounded which makes it difficult to go to the swim team party she heard about, but here’s the rub. She heard about it second hand, and doesn’t know where it is. Social disaster 😉 So poor Cameron, gets enlisted to help her find out the details of the party and then go with her. Cameron would do anything for Bianca because he’s so in love with her. In fact one of my favorite lines of the episode was when Cameron and Bianca were talking about him being a party virgin, he says “Take me, but please be gentle.” 😀 Very funny.

So Cameron hides in the dirty laundry hamper in the locker room, over hears guys talking and then figures out where the party is supposed to be by reading the name on the guy’s underwear. Odd? Yes. Amusing? Definitely! Cameron gives the details to Bianca and she plans her attack on Police Dad of the Year. Bianca is denied party access unless Kat takes her, but Kat can’t, she’s already got plans of her own. This doesn’t stop our social butterfly in the making, nope not Bianca. She sneaks out, leaving a Hello! Kitty doll with a blonde wig in her place… um yeah that’ll work. 😉

About those plans Kat had, her Dad believes she’s at a foreign film festival, when really she’s snuck into a club with a fake ID to meet Patrick to watch her favorite band. Wow, I’m impressed Daddy’s Cactus. That’s what she is to him, tough, hard, self sufficient. Bianca is a flower, and she’s a spiny plant. Poor Kat, she doesn’t want to be prickly.

Cue dilemma. Bianca forgets about the all important ‘decoy’ address that is given to throw off the unpopular people who are trying to crash the party, and her and Cameron get stranded. Cameron finally talks Bianca into calling Kat to come get them, and she does but not without lectures. Careful Pot, that kettle is black too! While Kat is lecturing, Bianca notices the “over 21” stamp on her hand and realizes that Kat is guilty too, and then tells Kat that she has to help her sneak back in. Kat, backed into a corner, agrees. I really enjoyed the scene with them bickering, I can relate to both sides, but I think it’s important for sisters to overlook that stuff and get along.

Bianca gets busted sneaking in, Kat doesn’t get involved, but Bianca surprisingly decides not to throw Kat under the bus and covers for her. Nice personality growth on Bianca’s part, Kat not so much. Guilted, and sad that her dad doesn’t see her as a beautiful flower, Kat shows her dad her fake ID and tells him the truth. When asked why she did it, she responds that she didn’t want to be a cactus anymore. It was a very touching scene between father and daughter and then he made Kat pee in a cup.

I loved how Kat confessing brought her and Bianca closer together and I think the writers did a great job of showing the vulnerability of Kat in this episode. I’m hooked, one of the best new shows this summer. 🙂

Wednesday was as usual my So You Think You Can Dance night, and what a night it was. Check out the full recap here.
I decided to include a clip from Wednesday’s episode, of the moving Tyce Diorio routine, danced by Ade and Melissa, because it was so moving and I wanted you all to witness the beauty of it. The routine was about a woman battling breast cancer, and the support she has from her partner. Simply breathtaking. Enjoy.

Finally, we have Big Brother which airs on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and what a week it was!

Sunday, the manipulative Ronnie had to work to cover his tracks, and had to nominate two people for eviction. Unfortunately for Ronnie, Laura is turning out to be more than a silly, swimsuit model, and she’s onto him. Laura dear don’t you know you don’t tease the animals? Why would you provoke the Head of Household? Silly move.

Before Ronnie has to do the nomination ceremony, they have a luxury competition. The prize is one girl and one guy get to have a private screening of Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler’s new movie, The Ugly Truth. The big twist is that BB10 winner, Dan is the host.

The houseguests then compete game show style, to guess things about their fellow houseguests. The best part is that the houseguest that the question was about had to model some ridiculous outfit. We even saw Ronnie in a space princess bikini, that is an image I could do without.

The winners in the end were Chima and Casey and they get to decide which clique has to be the have-nots. Casey wanted the athletes to be the have-nots, but Chima protests, and uses her clique-mate being HoH to tell Casey he should agree with her. So he does and the populars end up being have-nots. I really do not like that girl at all, I wish she would go home already!

As for the nominations, Jeff and Laura are nominated. I didn’t get the Jeff nomination, he’s kind of harmless, but the Laura nomination was smart and I’m okay with it, she aggravates me anyways. The only question on everyone’s mind was if Ronnie would backdoor Russell if he got the chance after the Power of Veto competition. I don’t think he will.

Tuesday brings on the Power of Veto competition and it’s a battle of coins. The houseguests have to collect as close to the dollar amount that Big Brother is asking for in the coins they ask for. The contestants competing are Ronnie, Russell, Natalie, Laura, Casey, and Jeff.

All of the contestants tried their best but Jeff just dominated, winning the PoV and taking himself off the block. After Jeff takes himself off, we all expect Ronnie to do the smart thing and put the meat head Russell up, but he doesn’t. He puts Jordan up instead. Why? What were you thinking?!?!? He was swayed by Jessie’s uncertainty of putting Russell up, which is purely selfish because Jessie wants Laura gone. Way to go Jessie you just help to aggravate all the viewers.

Finally, this brings us to Thursday and the eviction ceremony. What an episode. Ronnie, be careful how many lies you tell because the truth is sure to find you out. Laura heads up to the HoH suite to discuss things with Ronnie, she tells him that she’s a stronger ally than Jordan. That Jeff would be easier to persuade if Jordan wasn’t there. Of course, Laura then tells Ronnie that if he can help keep her she won’t put him up next week.. likely story. 😉

After he talks with Laura, Ronnie calls Kevin, Natalie, Chima and Lydia up to the HoH room to feel out their reactions to sending Jordan home and keeping Laura. They all disagree, but if that’s not enough Ronnie has to set Russell up as the bad guy. Ronnie lies about Russell, and then some of the bash him for not putting him up, however Natalie runs to Jessie what Ronnie said about Russell. They talk to Russell about it and he denies it and says that Ronnie is the rat.

The houseguests call everyone out and corner Ronnie, but he folds into himself and doesn’t deny or confirm anything, however his silence is enough for everyone. Russell freaks out on him, in a very bully manner, which only gets worse after the houseguest have all decided that Ronnie is a rat.

Ronnie holes himself up in his HoH, and refuses to come out until BB calls him out to the Diary Room. He checks the cameras, delays but he has to go. Sure enough Russell ambushes him, and picks on him the whole way to the Diary Room, then does the same when he’s leaving the diary room. It’s a bit ridiculous and Natalie says to Jessie that’s it’s just not right. Russell is an ass, he’s pushy and obnoxious. I’ll be pleased when he finally goes.

Did someone say going? Well, Laura got evicted. *tear* Not. I was happy, Jordan is harmless and amusing with Jeff, and Laura is loud and so annoying. Well done houseguests.

Finally, after the eviction Ronnie’s reign comes to an end and the new HoH is.. Jessie, again! Weird i wasn’t terribly upset because I figured he may save Ronnie and that’s great. Ronnie equals amusement in the house lol, and amusement is good.

Okay, that’s it for this week, but check back in tomorrow for some news! Thanks for reading!

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