Hell’s Kitchen – 7/28/09

Hell’s Kitchen last night was fiery to say the least. Two eliminations, multiple injuries, and some really hot firemen. 😉 Overall, a pretty decent episode, and who didn’t love Chef Ramsay’s sense of humour? Say what you want, but he’s a funny guy. As usual, if you haven’t watched and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t take the jump but please come back once you’ve watched 🙂

Last night’s episode picked up where last week’s left off, with the grand showdown between the ever unravelling nutter Joseph, and the sincerely confused Chef Ramsay. How hard is it to answer, “First nominee and why?” Apparently when you’re Joseph, the challenge is insurmountable. Luckily Ramsay has security, which really a man like Ramsay who likes to yell obscenities at contestants should always be prepared for a showdown, in fact I’m shocked this hasn’t happened before. Although come to think of it, I doubt anyone as unbalanced as Joseph has passed the psych evaluation before, lol. Is there a psych evaluation? Anyone know?

After security stepped in, Chef Ramsay told Joseph that he had, “No Respect, now get out!”. So Joseph went home, and his exit kind of reminded me of how an angry contestant leaves an American Idol audition where they’ve been turned down. He cursed, and ranted around outside while telling everyone how big he’d be when he got home.. perhaps in your own imagination.

Moving on, Chef Ramsay still expected nominees, so the two ladies, Lovely and Tennille (who really resembles Whoopi) and the two guys, Tony and Andy stepped down to plead their case. Everyone but Tony was pretty convincing in their last minute, please let me stay speeches, but Tony seemed like even he doubted his ability right now. Frankly Tony, awesome palate or not, you are simply not Hell’s Kitchen material, you get flustered to easily. So Farewell Tony.

After Tony was eliminated Robert was sent back to the Blue team to even things out. I have such hope for Robert, but the boys this season are only going to bring him down, and frankly he needs to step it up. Robert’s no where near the Chef he was last season, and that makes me sad. Please step it up Robert, Chef Ramsay and a lot us believe in you.

Both teams head up to the dorms to get some rest after taking some time to of course discuss Joseph’s crazy blow out, but then the fire alarm sounds. The contestants are rushed outside, where instead of an emergency they find a group of firefighters with their fire trucks waiting for them, with Chef Ramsay. It’s a challenge, of course!

The challenge: Each team must feed all the firefighters on their side of the dining room, but in order to win they must be the first team to do so. They have to serve garlic bread and pasta.

What got me really confused was the difficulty the teams were having with the garlic bread… um hello, any idiot can make garlic bread. Lovely and Andy both seem to struggle with the simple task, this does not bode well for their futures in Hell’s Kitchen. Finally they both get their groove and the bread starts leaving the kitchen, then the pasta race is on.

The Red team was well in advance until a spaghetti and meatball dish was sent back with undercooked meat. This mistake almost lost them the challenge, but for the first time since coming to Hell’s Kitchen, the women really worked as a team, being rewarded by beating the men by only seconds. Great Job Ladies! I hope you enjoyed your prize of going to a spa for the day, you earned it.

The men lost and their punishment was intense. They had to clean the fire trucks, the fire hoses, the equipment, and then the dining room. The thing that was really crazy during the punishment was that two of the men injured themselves.

Dave got his hand caught in part of the truck and while pulling it out injured his wrist, then Kevin rolls BOTH of his ankles at the top of the stairs, ouch. So both men are sent to the hospital, and return to Hell’s Kitchen in casts. Of course being ‘men’, they put on brave faces, but in behind the scenes interviews while away from their team, they both admit to being scared their injuries will get the best of them. That would really suck to lose your chance at a Head chef’s job by some silly klutzy accident.

On to dinner service, it was decent from both kitchens and they both completed a service which is a first this season. Dave volunteered when Chef Ramsay asked someone to go out to wait tables, and then Chef chose Lovely from the women’s side. Dave did this job fairly well with one hand, Lovely had two hands and was slow as molasses. Lovely needs to go home, she’s in WAY over her head. Go back to cooking for the children at camp, and leave the big jobs to the big time chefs. No offense, but first garlic bread then she can’t manage waiting tables, she needs to go.

Tennille wasn’t having any luck cooking the scallops especially with Suzanne criticizing her every move. I’ll grant it Tennille needed a little direction, but Suzanne is one obnoxious lady, she too needs to go too because I can’t stand her.

Amanda can’t seem to get it together on meat either, and she obviously wasn’t a math geek in school. When asked what 3 x 3 was she said 6. Hmm.. last time I checked it was 9.

Thankfully, Ariel stepped up to plate and got the kitchen under control, and helped the ladies complete the dinner service before the men, unfortunately the comment cards from the customers will decide the winner. The results were close, but the men win with 83% to the ladies 81%, for Amanda that’s a 2% difference 😉

Chef Ramsay recognized Ariel’s excellent performance and team leadership tonight so he rewarded her with the task of picking the two nominees. I don’t know if I’d want that reward, but at least she doesn’t have to nominate herself, lol.

Ariel nominated Tennille and Lovely. Tennille for her inability to cook scallops, and Lovely because she’s inexperienced (in other words, Lovely, you suck.). It’s amazing how easy Ariel found it to answer the question, “nominees and why?”. 😀

After already having 2 eliminations earlier, Chef Ramsay decided to give everyone another chance, with a warning for them all to pull it together. Then he jokingly added one last warning, “I’m nobody’s bitch.” lol.

I always love this show, Chef Ramsay is amusing and he is a great Chef. I do however wish that Lovely would have gone home, she’s just not up to par with the other chefs, and her excuses are getting annoying. *sigh*

That’s all for Hell’s Kitchen today, but check back tomorrow for my review on SYTYCD.

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One Response to Hell’s Kitchen – 7/28/09

  1. j.maddocks says:

    I’m very excited for Hell’s Kitchen to be back on television as it’s always fantastic to watch an hour of people being treated worse than a pms-ing teen treats her parents! I think that idiot who “ain’t no bitch!” cannot have possibly come on the show to win, I think he decided he would come just to say he yelled at the top yeller on tv, and maybe he hoped gordon would lose his temper and hit him so that he could sue and buy his own restaurant instead of having to win the competition. I agree on everything you have said except-give Lovely a chance! I don’t think she stands a chance in hell(lol!) of winning but I do think she has potential for improvement, and she’s funny shit! good-bye for now!