TV News – 7/30/09

It’s been a long day, I took my daughter to Marineland today and it was great, but very exhausting. She had fun, my sister had fun, and I had fun, but my body is on strike and is telling me to go to bed. 🙂 So tonight I’m going to keep the news short and I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I’m not as exhausted 🙂

Some very happy news is that HBO has just renewed True Blood, and Hung. Also confirmed was that Curb Your Enthusiasm will return on September 20th for it’s 7th season. Hung is an okay show, but I am over the moon that True Blood was renewed, not that I doubted it, but confirmation is always nice 🙂 Source

A little more news after the jump.

Amy Poehler, known for her comedic antics on Saturday Night Live, will be returning to co-anchor the first two editions of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday. She’ll first appear on September 17th, right before the season premiere of her show, Parks and Recreation. She is still only coming back for two episodes, and that is not enough. I’ve always loved her on SNL, and am looking forward to these guest spots. Source

Besides being on Flash Forward, Dominic Monaghan IS returning to Lost this season, for at least 3 episodes!!!! According to Jennifer at E!Online, sources have confirmed that Monaghan will reprise some form of his role in 3 episodes. We don’t know if he’s alive or what, but all I care about is that I love him and am looking forward for him to being on Lost. 🙂 Any thoughts?

Finally, in a peace offering because I’m not giving you much today, I’m linking you up to an interview done by Ausiello with the cast of The Big Bang Theory. It’s not a great interview but they are amusing, and I love them all. Enjoy!

I’ll be back tomorrow with as much new stuff as I can dig up, along with my review on the SYTYCD results show.

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