Week in Review – 7/26/09 – 8/01/09

Hello everyone!! What a week it has been for me, and for TV. I’ve watched an edge of your seat episode of True Blood, a group of teenage gymnasts fight for their dreams on Make It or Break It, and Kat try to figure out Patrick on 10 Things I Hate About You. I’ve also watched the Big Brother house turn upside down and all around. Overall, I’ve loved this week on TV and I am excited to share it all with you, so without further adieu, jump with me to read it. Beware of spoilers if you haven’t watched these shows yet 🙂

Last Sunday’s episode of True Blood was terrific to say the least. The plot had been slowly building, but boy did it ever hit the fan during last episode. There were a lot of shocking scenes and a couple really sweet ones as well. What an episode!

In the beginning of the episode we see Eric feeding off of one of the hotel’s working girls, who is really trying to be what Eric wants, he’s just not enjoying it. Then enters Lorena, Bill’s maker, and we find out that Eric summoned her to keep Bill busy so he can get what he wants from Sookie. Hmm… I wasn’t overly thrilled with this direction, but we did get to see a very disturbing flashback from when Bill and Lorena were together like 80 years ago. Was it just me or was that scene with them having sex on the blood covered bed while the lady that was killed lay next to them really creepy, yet informative? It’s like showing a person who keeps a tiger as a pet that wild animals are not really pets: i.e. Vampires are not pets. Our TruBlood drinking Bill wasn’t just a bad boy. He was a dirty, nasty one. 😉

Sookie is still set on going undercover into the Fellowship of the Sun’s church, but one of the Dallas vamps, Isabel, sends her human lover, Hugo, with Sookie to help with that cover. While getting to know each other, we learn that Hugo desperately wants to be changed so he can be with Isabel forever, and Sookie looks shocked and admits she’s never entertained that thought before. Really? You’re dating a vampire who lives forever and you’ve never once contemplated becoming a vampire to be with him forever? Odd, but I’m sure the story will get to that point eventually.

Anyways, Sookie and Hugo go on their undercover project posing as an engaged couple looking for a church. They get to the church and start a tour. All is going well until Sookie delves into the minds of the Reverend and his wife, Sarah, and realizes that they know who Sookie is! Ack! The Reverend tries to unconvincingly get them into the basement but Sookie refuses, so the Reverend and his back up drag them down themselves. Sookie screams, and Bill wakes up wanting to get to her but gets stopped by Lorena swooping into his room and holding him down. I can only hope that Jason will be the one to save his little sister, and soon.

Speaking of Jason, while this ‘tour’ has been going on, he and Luke have been building a platform for some ‘Meet the Sun’ ceremony, which is really a ‘Let’s Burn the Vampire on a Platform’ ceremony… I wonder if Dairy Queen makes a cake for that. 😉 During this building of the platform scene, Jason and Luke discuss sexuality and how Luke is abstinent. So Jason really thinks about giving up sex for God, but we all know that won’t last long at all.

Well, Jason’s celibacy didn’t last more than another paragraph. 😀 After her husband took Sookie and Hugo into the basement, Sarah was very angry and felt betrayed. Like she didn’t know the man she married. So when Jason finds her crying in the church balcony area, she pounces on him, telling him that God told her she was supposed to be with him, not the Reverend. Wow, that woman is spun… God gave her orders to cheat on her husband in the church? Hmm… Liberal God to say the least. Although, I admit that I am glad she ambushed him, and I’m equally happy that Jason is still the old dog we love, because he gives in right there in the church! lol. Good to have you back Jason. 😉

While all this captive taking and adultery is going on in the church, Lafayette is having his own issues back at Merlotte’s. First with Andy questioning him until he’s shaking with memories of being locked up, and then Pam showing up to inform him that Eric is demanding that he sell V again. Very interesting… Eric, what do you have planned in that twisted mind of yours?

Speaking of twisted minds, Maryann is having a gigantic orgy in Sookie’s backyard. Tara and Eggs come back from an informative road trip and follow a trail of clothes. The trail leads them to a big bonfire sex party, where everyone, including Arlene and Terry, are having sex out in the yard, while Maryann stands in the middle vibrating like a coo-coo nut. Of course, Maryann uses her powers and Tara and Eggs can’t help but join in. This scene was shocking, and it’s a terribly disgusting thing when Maryann is essentially using her powers to rape people, I didn’t enjoy this at all. However it wouldn’t be True Blood without some nutty thing making us go ‘ugh’.

The final story that got a boost in pace was the one with Sam, Daphne and Maryann. We see Daphne and Sam running and playing shape shifter in the woods, where Daphne shifts into a familiar pig. Wait, pig? Isn’t she a deer? After a hilarious scene of Andy chasing pig Daphne yelling, “Pig!”, Sam questions her as to why Andy knows her as a pig and what happened to the doe. Daphne uses her sexual charms to distract Sam, she leads him to the edge of the group orgy, and Maryann’s crazy lackeys drag him to the center. Maryann puts on the bull’s head and starts that creepy chanting again, the episode fades out with Sam’s screaming. Okay so… What the HELL?

First Sam, you are an idiot. If it looks like deer, then it looks like a pig, something is messed up. Why are men so easily distracted by sex, not very self-survivalist of them. lol I guess we’ll see some more craziness with Sam and Maryann this Sunday. I can hardly wait 🙂

On a nicer note, I loved how Hoyt stood up to his mother about Jessica, after she cut his cell service so he couldn’t talk to her. I enjoyed it immensely when he told her Jessica was a vampire. Hoyt’s mom’s face was priceless. lol Then it was so sweet how Jessica was all mad at Hoyt for not calling (typical teenage girl) and then he showed up at her hotel room door. That was so sweet and reminded me that it’s nice to have a sweet love story going on to give us a slight break to catch our breath after the other craziness that happens. 🙂

I don’t know about you but I CANNOT wait for this Sunday’s episode. I hope that Jason saves his sister and I hope that we see some really great vampire fighting scenes to help rescue Sookie and Hugo.

Let’s take a break from the sexy and crazy and move onto the dramatic world of competitive gymnastics, on Make It or Break It. This episode was intense, and I really enjoy watching the girls all deal with the stress of nationals in a different way.

It opens with the girls all in the gym training. Payson is focused and fierce as usual, with Emily trying to up the difficulty of her routines, Lauren is hitting it hard and Kayla is beautiful as usual. These four gymnasts couldn’t be more different, making for a very dynamic team.

The girls all freak out when their old coach, Marty, returns to the gym, after Sasha invited him for a meeting. Turns out Sasha thinks they should have an invitational meet against the Denver club before nationals, just to boost their confidence. However they find out that Denver has Kelly Parker, the number one gymnast in the country, which suddenly stresses out all the girls, especially Payson, although she doesn’t show it.

Payson’s new focus becomes beating Kelly Parker, and she’s willing to risk everything, including her health to do it. She aggravates an injury in her back while doing the vault, and her mom and Sasha worry that maybe she should sit the invitational meet out to stay fit for nationals. She plays it down and begs her mom to just let her take another dose of Cortisone. Her mom is just trying to do what’s right for her, and not allow her to take to many doses, because it can have long term side effects. Although I can understand Payson’s view on this, too. Her whole career as a gymnast is hanging on these nationals, and she wants to be top form.

In the end, Payson’s mom gives in and lets her take the Cortisone shot, which pays off and she’s able to go on to beat Kelly Parker at the invitational in the overall personal standing. That was a great moment for her, and I was really happy for her.

Emily is a different story. She feels like the Sasha doesn’t recognize her talent, and she doesn’t trust him. Sasha wants Emily to stick to an easy dismount for the bars, but she wants to up the difficulty to blow people out of the water at the invitational. Emily thinks she can do it, Sasha said she shouldn’t do something until it feels easy and you can make it look easy. She still disagrees. I really think Emily needs to trust Sasha on this. He is a former Olympic gymnast after all. He probably knows best, but she doesn’t. In fact, she blatantly disobeys him at the invitational and ends up losing the competition for the Rock (the gym they train at). Afterwards, Emily tries to apologize to Sasha but he tells her she’s not going to Nationals. Wow, that was harsh, and I’m sure he’ll re-think it, but right now, Emily is heartbroken.

On the topic of hearts, Kaylie and Carter need to cool it. Kaylie wants to be with him forever, and he wants her as well and gives her a necklace that used to belong to his mother, saying that it’s forever. Okay, she’s only 16, and she doesn’t even know that he slept with her best friend, so I highly doubt forever is really on the table.

Also talking about broken hearts, Kaylie finds out that her mom had an affair with Marty. This really upsets Kaylie, but she says she won’t tell her dad because her mom knows about her and Carter and threatens to tell Kaylie’s dad. Come on Mom, you shouldn’t threaten your children, yet I wouldn’t expect much more from her. She’s kind of shallow and self indulgent.

Lauren is having issues with her parent as well, her father to be specific. She doesn’t want her dad dating Summer (Candace Cameron Bure), and tells him that she doesn’t want him to marry her. After her father promises not to marry Summer, Lauren, being the meddler that she is, tells Summer that her Dad agreed to this. Summer is furious, and confronts Lauren’s dad at dinner. He admits it was true, but then changes his mind and proposes to Summer. She accepts… uh-oh.

The next day, Summer feels the need to share the news with Lauren before the invitational, and Lauren is really angry. I feel like that was a low point for Summer’s character because Lauren’s essentially just a kid, so she’s going to act out when given bad news. She does act out, by throwing the competition and losing it for the team.

Both Lauren and Emily’s selfish behaviour cost the Rock the invitational. I hope that if Sasha insists on punishing Emily, he punishes Lauren for her obvious throw as well. I guess we’ll see Monday at 9 pm on ABC Family.

Also on ABC Family is 10 Things I Hate About You, which airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm, and this week’s episode was entitled Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation. Well, that’s not true. Bianca cares a lot! She wants to be anything but the goody two shoes.

Bianca decides to concoct a rumour about dating an older guy to giver herself some street cred. This does not bode well, after Chastity sees her with the hot math teacher, she spreads the rumour of Bianca dating the math teacher. Of course, this makes it worse. Bianca gets pulled into the principal’s office, where she speaks with the school psychologist and principal, admitting it’s all just a big rumour. I find it hard to believe that any teenage girl would want to be known for being a teacher’s girlfriend. It seems a little odd, but who knows, times have changed.

We then see the police carting away the math teacher, Mr. Ross, and Bianca was going to confess to defend him, but it turns out he was seeing another student. So in a moment of quick thinking, Bianca yells at him for cheating on her, which scores her major popularity points with Chastity. I hated this part, and loved it at the same time. I can’t believe that Bianca would allow the lie to continue, but she doesn’t just let it continue, she fuels it. Silly girl.

All the while Bianca is in teenage drama world, Kat is making progress with Patrick. Well, sort of. Patrick littered, Kat went crazy and kicked a garbage can of recycling on him, somehow Patrick ended up being the only one with detention. However, Kat being the crusader she is, decides to confess to the principal what she did, and gets detention as well. Why? I know you like him and all, but volunteering for detention seems kind of silly, but that’s just me.

In between the garbage incident and detention, Kat and Mandella look in Patrick’s backpack that he left in the principal’s office, and after discovering nothing, Kat gives it back. Patrick says she’s obsessed with him and I’m not so sure she isn’t lol.

During the detention of picking up trash, Kat gets angry about something, loses concentration and accidentally stabs Patrick in the foot with the garbage picker thing. Wow, Kat has some serious anger issues sometimes. lol.

Patrick gets it looked at, but notices something important missing from his bag, causing Kat to panic and go look for this something on the bathroom floor where she originally looked in the bag. She finds a keychain with a picture of a young Patrick and his dad. Aww, the bad boy has a soft side. Kat finds Patrick and gives back the keychain, feeling guilty, but nothing is said by Patrick at all as he takes it and drives off. I really hope these two can stop pissing each other off long enough to realize they’re attracted to each other.

Overall, it was a great episode and I really admire the writers for doing their best to write complex yet amusing characters. So far the show is just getting better and better, keep it up!

Wednesday is my usual So You Think You Can Dance recap, which you can read here

Finally we have Big Brother, airing on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. What a week it was for that show. We go from everyone hating Ronnie with a plan to back door him to everyone being friends with Ronnie and him not even on the block.

Sunday, Jessie has a lot to get done as Head of Household, well I should say there is a lot that people want him to get done. Most want Ronnie nominated and out of the house, but I believe that Jessie wants what’s best for him. What’s best for Jessie is people he can trust and although Ronnie has been a bit of a rat to others, he’s always kept his word to Jessie, that’s got to count for something.

Natalie encourages Ronnie to spend time with the rest of the house, implying that he’s safe. Ronnie hopes to believe this and wants to give it a shot. Ronnie then makes the rounds trying to apologize to everyone he’s lied to, but not everyone is buying it. Casey and Michele still want Ronnie gone.

In the end, as Ronnie put it, ‘Governor Jessie’ pardoned him at the last minute, putting Michele and Jordan up for eliminations. I like that, Ronnie is amusing, Michele is aggravating and I hope Jordan stays she’s bubbly and daft which makes for funny conversations.

Tuesday, is the power of Veto competition. Everyone is hoping that once someone wins and takes either Michele or Jordan off the block then Jessie is going to backdoor Ronnie. People it’s not going to happen, I guarantee 😉 that boy is going to put up Casey.

They play a dirty muddy piggy game, and surprisingly Michele wins. She swings in not so gracefully to accept her POV, and is ecstatic. That was actual quite shocking because Michele isn’t a real competitor up until now at least.

Obviously, Michele takes herself off the block, and Jessie puts the big banana, Casey up for nomination in her place. Called it! Did anyone else have a hard time listening to Casey talk while he was wearing that ridiculous banana suit?

The dreaded elimination Thursday brought tension, creepy stalkers and a couple laughs. Casey is flipping his lid because he’s on the block and not Ronnie. He’s telling everyone that Ronnie has nine lives, yada yada yada, I still can’t take him seriously, he’s a talking banana for crying out loud!

Lydia is kind of creepy when she sneaks into the HOH room while Jessie is sleeping and admits to thinking “it would be nice if he was dreaming about me.” Then she says she hopes he doesn’t make her mad because she could get revenge while he sleeps. Now Lydia, I like you and all, but really? You’re on national TV as a crazy, stalkerish girl right now, tone it down a little!

Other non-essential things happened, but the big stuff was the pleads by Jordan and Casey to stay in the house. Jordan did the usual, please keep me I love you all stuff but Casey went for the jugular. Casey calls Ronnie a “manipulative dork-a-pottamus” and tells Jessie he has the “collective IQ of, ironically, a banana.” He then uses the ‘Your all sheep for following’ speech to persuade them to vote and not do what they are told to do. It was a very tense yet amusing moment. Casey is hoot sometimes!

Everyone votes, and it’s final Casey is evicted. Not quietly though, on his way out he reams Jessie again, and is definitely bitter.

After all the eviction craziness has settled down, Julie announces to the house that the game is getting shaken up. There are no more cliques, so everyone is now playing for themselves. Julie also tells them that there is a new mystery power that will be chosen by America. The audience finds out that it’s “coup d’etat” meaning that one house guest will get the power to overthrow the HOH and to replace one or both of the nominees, putting up two new house guests for eviction. The big catch is that the house guest chosen by America must keep it a secret until it’s used. Wow, that’s a huge twist. I hope that someone decent gets it, like Kevin.

We end the episode watching the competition for the next HOH, where we left the house guests on a graduation cap swing and go around and around. They are getting hit by a diploma, and rained on, but there isn’t enough time to watch, so we’ll see who won HOH tonight at 8 pm on CBS.

That is all for this week, I’m really looking forward to True Blood and Big Brother tonight. Check back on Wednesday and Thursday when I’ll be recapping the SYTYCD Top 4 and the finale! Have a great week!

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