TV News – 8/4/09

Hello, Hello 🙂 How is everyone’s week so far? Sorry the news is so late, but my power has been going on and off all day due to the thunder and lightening storms here. I’m going to get a bit of news to you, and some links to live blogging from the press tour, hopefully all before my power decides it’s had enough of this weather and goes on vacation again. 😉

ABC is picking up the new Alyssa Milano comedy, Romantically Challenged, for airing midseason. The network has ordered 13 episodes and the show will launch with three new dramas, (The Deep End, Happy Town, and V), in the beginning of 2010. The premise of the show is a guy (the role is being recast) finds himself always in the middle of his new girlfriend (Alyssa Milano) and his clingy best friend (Kyle Bornheimer). Originally, Milano was supposed to be on the new show, Single with Parents, also on ABC, but the network chose not to go forward with that show. I do like Alyssa Milano, loved her on Charmed, and Who’s the Boss, so I really hope this comedy is a hit. Source

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Some of the guest judges on cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model have been announced, with people like Kim Kardashian (Keeping up with the Kardashians),and Lauren Conrad (The Hills). I’m not overly thrilled with this news, but I’m not a fan of the show. I just wanted to share in case some of you were 🙂 Here’s a full list of the guest judges here

Some Criminal Minds casting news, D.B. Sweeney (Jericho) has been cast for a six-episode arc playing a U.S. Marshal who is called in to help with a big case in the beginning of the season. Also on the Criminal Minds front, it is confirmed that Shemar Moore broke his leg when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. It’s a small injury, and he only has a walking cast, they aren’t even going to write it in the show. This is good news for me, I love Shemar, he’s a great actor and he is very nice to look at 😉 Although, on a not so nice note, Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Spencer Reid, had surgery on his knee after injuring it dancing, so he has to sit all the time, making it impossible for them not to write it in. We’ll see something occur in the very first episode that will help to write an injury in for Dr. Reid… I wonder what that means. I enjoy Dr. Reid almost as much as I enjoy Agent Morgan (Shemar Moore) so I really hope it turns out okay. Source

Some Press Tour live blogging for you! Here’s one from The TV Addict, about the CW’s new show, The Vampire Diaries. I’m not a huge fan of the CW as a network, or of Dawn Ostroff as the network president, but I am excited for this show. What can I say vampires make good TV. 🙂

Also from the Press Tour is a live blogging session with CW President Dawn Ostroff, who I have no love loss for, and I don’t believe she’s as talented as a network president as she thinks she is. On a personal note (i.e. rant), I miss Everwood, I’m going to miss Reaper, and for the love of God woman, why the hell didn’t you pick up Body Politic? *deep breath* For some insight into this (insert your own opinion here) woman, check out the live blog with The TV Addict HERE.

That’s it for tonight, I’ll be back tomorrow with my recap of Hell’s Kitchen, and more news. Have a good night!

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2 Responses to TV News – 8/4/09

  1. erica says:

    She didn’t pick up Body Politic because like you said she is not very good in her work.

  2. Megan says:

    I know, she’s terrible. *sigh*