Hell’s Kitchen – 8/4/09

Last night was another great episode of Hell’s Kitchen, with a lot of the chefs having their moments of stupidity or temper tantrums, it was an interesting episode to say the least. I’m going to post the rest of my recap after the jump so I don’t accidentally spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched 🙂 Jump with me

At the end of last week’s episode, Chef Ramsay showed a side of him we’re not likely to see again soon, and that was his merciful side, when he let both Tennille and Lovely stay another week. Which brings us to this week, where I’m sure he’s really sorry he was showed mercy to Lovely.

For the challenge this week, each team was broken down into pairs, but not just any pairs, they were paired up with people they don’t usually get along with. For example, Van was paired with Andy, who he can’t stand, and know-it-all Suzanne was paired with Tennille who Suzanne finds useless. I thought this was an excellent idea, and it told a lot about the aspiring chefs. The challenge was all about making perfect sausages. The first team to bring Chef Ramsay six chains of six perfect sausages will be the winner.

I was surprised when the women won the challenge and I was impressed with Suzanne and Tennille for working together. The men just didn’t work together, especially Robert and Jim. Now this seems odd to some, but I don’t blame Robert, I blame Jim. Jim is SO slow, Robert’s very goal oriented and competitive, a really bad mix. Robert was doing his part pushing the sausage meat through, but Jim wasn’t grasping getting the sausage casing filled without tearing it. Overall, the men had a poor performance.

The women got to have their own private Oktoberfest-themed party while the men had to clean the dorms, which were really gross. During the punishment, Robert is having some temper issues. Kevin and Robert get into an argument about who’s to blame for the loss, and eventually after seeing who can beat on their chest the loudest, they agree that it was Jim that lost the competition. Good waste of energy you two nimrods! Those to are very hot headed and need to simmer down, especially Robert. I love Robert and I’m rooting for him, but he needs to start keeping his cool.

After the long day of partying for the women and cleaning for the men they all head to bed to rest for the next day, and surprisingly for Hell’s Kitchen, they get to sleep a whole night. lol.

During prep work the next day, Dave gets a phone call from the doctor about his wrist, the MRI came back showing that his wrist is injured badly enough to need a cast. Dave has to decide what to do and heads up to Ramsay’s office to discuss options. After weighing his options, Dave decides to stay in the competition but leave to get his arm casted. The men’s team is a little upset over being down another man during dinner service, but Dave is happy to be able to stay and compete for his dream.

There were lots of celebrity guests in the audience for dinner service last night including John O’Hurley, Tom Green, and Drew Lachey. Of course there were lots of video of them waiting for their dinners, and how they liked them as well. John O’Hurley actually sent his appetizer back to the red kitchen because it was too salty but they got him a new dish and he said it was perfect.

Both teams struggled last night, but they were neck and neck. I honestly thought that overall the women had a really good service with only a few little things holding them back. First Tek was having issues on the appetizers and then Lovely was messing up the garnishes, causing the red team to eventually lose to the blue team by seconds.

The blue team had its struggles, especially with Andy on the meat station. What is wrong with that guy, and why can’t he manage to cook the meat right without assistance? Unbelievable. Dave returned just in the nick of time and helped the men finish off the last 3 tickets, again only seconds before the women, making them the winning team.

One of the best moments of the episode when over confident, mouthy Suzanne actually had the nerve to question Chef Ramsay about the results by asking, “Can I get a play by play?” I was in shock, but Ramsay quickly put her in her place, even though he too looked shocked by the disrespect. Suzanne, not so smart.

Sabrina, the best of the worst, nominated Tek and Lovely for elimination. Both women made their pleas, but Lovely’s was hilarious. She essentially said that she was a super hero who was moving so fast that Chef Ramsay couldn’t see her moving. lol. That girl is bonkers, but I will agree that she is funny. Thankfully though, after asking the evil Suzanne (her face always looks like she’s angry), who she thought should go home, Chef agreed with her and sent Lovely home. No mercy this week.

My favorite line of the whole show was when Chef said about Lovely, “If people were named for their cooking… wouldn’t be Lovely she’d be Useless.” That was very funny and I agree. 🙂

That’s it for my recap but don’t forget to watch part one of the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance tonight on Fox at 9pm.

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