So You Think You Can Dance – 8/5/09

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance was a competition for sure! I can’t believe it’s the finale already, and these four dancers ALL deserve to be here. This season has been home to many wonderfully talented young dancers, and I enjoyed this season and writing on this season very much. I’m going to put the rest of my recap after the jump to avoid spoilers, etc. 🙂

The top 4 dancers all brought it last night, but I’m sad to say that some brought it more than others. Let’s get to the replay of the show.

The night started off with a group performance by the top 4 choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson. It was a Hip Hop routine about two football jocks hitting on cheerleaders who are too much for them to handle. I was angry with the taping of the piece because we missed parts of the whole routine when the camera zoomed in on certain parts. Despite what others said, I thought that Evan and Brandon both did well, and that I was glad they appeared slightly different because they’re not the same person. Out of all the dancers Jeanine stood out the most for me, which was the start of a theme for the night.

We then moved onto Jeanine and Evan dancing a Jazz routine choreographed by the always intriguing Sonya Tayeh. The premise for this number was Evan was the boyfriend trying to hold onto the relationship that the girlfriend, Jeanine, was obviously so over. This routine did a few things for me: it showcased how strong Jeanine is, it reminded me why Evan is such a good partner, and it made me love both of these dancers even more than I already do. Jeanine was so strong while she tossed Evan around, and escaped him. Evan really is always there for his partner, he’s not always equally matched, but no one can ever fault him for his support and performance ability that he brings to the partnerships. All that being said, again, Jeanine stole the routine for me. With Sonya, each time the dancers freeze in a movement, she paints a picture, and when these two froze, the picture was clear and burnt into our memories. Well done Sonya, Evan and Jeanine.

Brandon bounded on the stage next with his solo, wearing an odd choice of striped board shorts, odd, but I did prefer them to his spank pants that left nothing to the imagination. His solo was strong, but it felt a little scattered and possibly frantic. It’s no secret that I’ve never liked Brandon’s personality or lack there of, but this solo was really decent, and I’ll give credit where credit is due. I also applaud him for mentioning how Janette brought out the best in him, while he did his interview with Cat.

Next Brandon and Kayla danced together, and I thought I was going to bored.. but I wasn’t. They danced a Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio, based on Bye Bye Love from All That Jazz. I always love Tyce and the risks he takes with his choreography, not to mention the fact that everything he does exudes a love of dance, and this routine was no different. Brandon was solid in this routine, as was Kayla. The best part was the synchronized hopping pirouettes, those were fierce.

Jeanine danced solo next, and what a solo it was! It was kind of a solo tango/samba type dances, what a risk and she nailed it! So amazing, especially that series of pirouettes, they were so fantastic! She got a standing ovation from the judges and most of the audience, it was touching. I loved her solo, she has taken this competition by storm and I would be shocked if she didn’t win! Another bright point was her interview with Cat when she revealed that her favorite dance was the routine choreographed by Travis Wall, danced with Jason, and that the steamy kiss at the end of that routine WASN’T choreographed.

Laurieann Gibson choreographed a pop/jazz routine for Brandon and Evan, about two guys competing to be number one, to Janet Jackson’s Nasty. It was good but I felt that it was a slight unfair advantage for Brandon because he is a little nastier than Evan. It’s really hard to see Evan as a nasty boy although Evan was looking kind of slick in his leather jacket and white t-shirt. I don’t feel like Brandon overshadowed Evan, I just feel like it was easier to see Brandon as a bad boy. That being said Evan really held his own, and he really is a very good dancer, but in this routine it was hard to see because of the lack of nasty. However, Mary did ask the nastiest thing he’s ever done, all he could say was that the “the list is so long.”

After the boys danced together, the girls took the stage with a contemporary number by the awesome Mia Michaels. The routine was a metaphor for the growth process through the competition and life, and it moved beautifully across the stage. The girls shed layers of clothing as they crossed the stage, and it was a difficult dance being that it was done in a 10-count instead of the usual 8 count. I really found myself drawn to watching Jeanine more than Kayla, although I did notice that towards the end Kayla seemed to be tiring out just a little. All that aside it was a wonderful number and had the judges raving. I am getting a little worried about Nigel and his dirty old man comments, he said he wished the routine could have gone on longer right after he commented on how he loved how they shed their clothes…eww. It was strongly insinuated that he wanted more clothes off. Nigel, careful how excited you get over these young girls because you may find yourself with another heart attack. 😉

I really love Evan’s personality, and I enjoy his classic, smooth, and charming solos. He danced to a Michael Buble’s song The Best Is Yet To Come, and this is true. Even if Evan doesn’t win the title, he’s proved himself and will have a great career ahead of him. I enjoyed his interview with Cat and way he got all choked up about his brother not going to the top 20 with him, it was sweet. That’s what Evan is, sweet. I know that the judges are leaning more towards Brandon or Jeanine, and I think that Jeanine is worthy, but I still love Evan. People love to root for the sweet guy, and sometimes when it’s backed with such charm and charisma you can’t help want him to succeed. Go get them Evan!

Speaking of Evan, he was up next partnered with Kayla, dancing a country western Jive choreographed by Tony and Melanie. It was a great jive, and I felt that both of these dancers showed a lot of character and personality… wait did I just say that Kayla showed personality? Yes, I did! Kayla finally showed me some of her character and that made all the difference in this routine. Evan was a strong partner for her and as always he was there supporting her for the lifts and feeding her the energy that he always does. Kayla was really strong as usual, but I was getting tired of the judges bathing her in constant praise, and kicking Evan while he was down. (And by judges I’m calling you out Mary Murphy and Nigel!) The audience seemed to feel Evan’s need for a boost and started chanting his name, which brought tears to his eyes and helped restore his boyish smile 🙂 It was a good routine and I’m proud of you both!

Kayla presented her solo next and it was just okay for me. She chose the song Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics and it was not a sweet dream for me. Jeanine’s solo was way stronger and I don’t agree with Adam who said she’s one of the best dancers this show has seen, grouping her with Danny, Travis and others. I love you Adam, but no.

Finally we had a sensational Paso Doble danced by Jeanine and Brandon and choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. This was unreal! So far this season the Paso Doble has not been spectacular, but last night it was insane! The music was awesome, and gave an impending feeling of doom, which was great. I always say that this dance requires passion, and emotions beyond usual and last night these two dancers delivered. Jeanine you are a champ, you have come so far and I hope you win. Brandon, you were a great partner to showcase the beauty that is Jeanine, and you did hold your own. Nigel wanted to be Brandon and do things to Jeanine? What the hell? He is one creepy old man sometimes.

Well there you have it guys, the finale, in extra detail this week. I loved it. Now my closing thoughts, which are entirely my opinion but please I’d love to hear your opinions to 🙂

Brandon is not my favorite now, and although no one can deny he is a great technical dancer I just don’t enjoy him. That being said he did have a few good moments tonight, and danced well.

Kayla is extremely beautiful and has wonderful lines. I am happy that she finally showed some personality but it’s a little too late for me. I wish her well but I hope that she doesn’t win.

Evan, sweet Evan. I love his classical style, and I love how much energy and personality he brings to the stage. He is a strong dancer in his style and has been solid throughout the competition. Is he the best technical dancer? No, but he always gives 110% to everything he does. I would be really happy if he won, and I do believe that he deserves it, despite what some feel. After all the nice guy doesn’t always have to finish last, does he?

Jeanine, what a star. She’s beautiful, talented, and kind. Her personality shines through in every routine and she always draws my attention. Her performances have been really great, from the chain hip-hop with Phillip, to that hot contemporary routine with Jason. I really think she may have done it, last night she may sealed her fate as the champion. I’m happy with that.

I guess we’ll find out tonight who wins, and I am excited! Watch the two hour finale tonight at 8 pm.

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  1. Jenny says:

    So sorry this is up late! I didn’t get any sleep last night, so when I fell asleep this morning, I slept ALL day. Ugh. lol

  2. Megan says:

    No worries Jenny, try to get some sleep tonight. 🙂

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