SYTYCD Finale – 8/6/09

Okay, so I was going to wait until tomorrow to talk about the results of the So You Think You Can Dance finale.. but I can’t!! If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t jump ahead yet or you’ll spoil it 🙂 If you’re ready, jump with me.

WOW! What a night! So many great routines and so many touching moments. I loved seeing some of the routines again, and I really enjoyed watching such a deserving person win the title 🙂

Jeanine and Jason performed their contemporary routine, choreographed by Travis Wall again, and it was just as moving, sexy and touching as the first time. Another un-choreographed kiss at the end, and it was intense. I swear those two need to be dating in real life because the chemistry between them is unreal. Unlike the kiss between Caitlin and Jason, which seemed forced chemistry. The chemistry between Jeanine and Jason is so hot you could roast marshmallows on it.

I really loved seeing Evan and Randi perform the Mia Michaels routine about the butt again 😉 It was well done and as always Evan stole my heart.

When Melissa and Ade performed their Tyce Diorio routine about breast cancer tonight, I cried all over again. So emotional, and I love these two dancers. Well done you two, and congrats to Tyce’s friend, who is now cancer free. 🙂

Finally, I really enjoyed the hip-hop routine choreographed by Nappy Tabs and danced by Phillip and Jeanine. It was fierce, and so good. Those two are great together, not as much chemistry as Jason and Jeanine, but really great support for each other.

Alright without furthur adieu, I’m going to announce the results in order from 4th to 1st…ready?? Here goes:

In fourth place, we have Kayla, aka White Lightening. Well done Kayla, you just didn’t have the personality it took to be America’s favorite dancer but you’re a beautiful dancer.

Evan came in third, which is okay. He really proved himself and as long as he keeps dancing, I’m happy. Evan, you’re adorable and you stole my heart.

I am happy to say that Brandon came in….second! Yay, America! I think you’re a talented dancer but Brandon you didn’t deserve the title as much as the girl who won it.

That means that Jeanine won it all! I am so pleased! She has been one of my favorite females from the beginning. Jeanine you bring such beauty, such emotion and such talent to the stage when you dance that you inspire all of us to love dance as much as you do. Congratulations you deserve it!

That’s it for So You Think You Can Dance for now. If you can get it where you live then check out SYTYCD: Canada starting on August 11th. If you can’t watch that, then tune in to Fox in September for the sixth season of So You Think You Can Dance. Goodnight all!

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