TV News – 8/6/09

It’s Thursday and I’m SO excited for the SYTYCD results show tonight 🙂 So I may be a little giddy about it… sorry 😉 I’m going to get you some news and some more links to blogging from the press tour so let’s get started.

This is still in the developing stage but E!Online has said that Paris Hilton will be guest starring on Supernatural this coming season, to which I’m unsure of how to react. Speaking of acting, I hope she’s playing herself because acting is not her strong suit 😉 I guess we’ll find out more about this role soon, in the meantime what are your thoughts?

More news after the jump!

Is it possible that Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) may not be back full time on CSI:Miami next season? Emily Procter, who plays Delko’s girlfriend, Calleigh Duquesne, has hinted at such to E!Online. Procter also talked about the fact that the season opener will contain a flashback. I don’t know how I feel about all this news. On one hand, Delko either needs to stop almost dying and have a decent story line, or just die already. However, on the other hand, I’ll miss watching Adam Rodriguez on my TV 😉 As far as the flashback goes, I just hope it isn’t super cheesy, because sometimes flashbacks do nothing but ruin a story. For the full article and some more information on Delko, and the season opener check it out here.

In the wake of Paula Abdul leaving American Idol, a few celebs will make their way behind the judging table. So far Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice from the Spice Girls) and Katy Perry (made popular by her I Kissed a Girl song) have been confirmed for guest judges so far. The execs say that “Between now and January we will come up with a more permanent solution…” I think the permanent solution should be going back to the 3 judge set up, and just keep Randy, Simon and Kara. I hated the 4 judge panel and I know I’m not alone on that. They should also do less talking with the judges and more singing and performances by the contestants. Anyways, for more on this and other information from the press tour panel with Fox entertainment execs Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice, head over here to Ausiello and check it out.

Some really great actors and actresses are making their way over to, The Simpsons, to offer their vocal talent. Such talent as Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Anne Hathaway, Neve Campbell and many more. In fact Seth Rogen actual co-wrote the season premiere entitled, Homer the Whopper. I’m really excited for these talents to come to the show, and am looking forward to the new season. For a longer list of the guest vocals, and a couple tidbits of information on the new season click the link and head over to The Futon Critic

Gordon Ramsay has found a nice home at Fox, where on top of the already ordered seventh season of Hell’s Kitchen, they’ve ordered an additional eighth season! What’s even more is that Ramsay will be coming to us live on December 15th, on an hour long special called, Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live, where Ramsay will give us all an hour long cooking lesson on how to cook a scrumptious three-course meal in only an hour. I’m excited for the live cooking show, and of course super excited for more Hell’s Kitchen, what can I say I enjoy Ramsay immensely and Hell’s Kitchen is always so amusing 🙂 Source

On the SYTYCD front, E!Online has a great recap of the press tour where Cat Deeley, Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe discussed season five and the upcoming season six with the press. So to read this short but interesting recap, that includes some information on who the judges think were the best dancers of the previous seasons and which dancers will appear in Adam Shankman’s new movie, Step Up 3-D, head over to here

That’s it for today, but tune in to Fox tonight at 8 pm to see season five’s winner crowned on So You Think You Can Dance, Who do you think is going to win? Also on tonight is Big Brother elimination night on CBS, I wonder if Ronnie is actually going home? Thoughts? Have a great day and check back tomorrow for my take on the results from SYTYCD.

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